Renfri Needs a Gwent Card #6

After reading The Last Wish, I was impressed by the character Renfri and realized that this unique and interesting character was entirely absent from the game of Gwent. What a travesty! I decided to remedy this situation by posting a custom card every day until Renfri is added to Gwent. The custom cards from the last week appear below.

King Demavend

I played through the Thronebreaker game recently. (Not gonna lie, I only did it for the animated Kelltullis and Dagur Two-Blades.) I remember King Demavend being such a chill dude, a true ally of Meve and an all around bro. Now, I usually do a bit of research on a character before making a card out of them because I want to the card ability to match their personality. So when I started reading about King Demavend I was massively surprised to learn that he’d imprisoned and tortured quite a few people and also was responsible for numerous pogroms against the Scoia’tael. Holy shit, dude. Not cool.

Anyway, my idea for this card was to have a unit that produces unique effects based on what targets he boosts. In this case, he synergizes with mages, soldiers, and siege engines all in unique ways. With this design, he synergizes with both Uprising and Vysogota of Corvo. My intention was to reward boosting units in such a way that doesn’t play into Geralt: Yrden and also allows flexibility of gameplan. For example, in round 1 you might play him between two mages in order to build up some sweet carryover. On the other hand, in a long round 3, you can play him to the ranged row to protect siege units while also pining down the enemy for some brutal attrition.


CDPR is clearly taking the Scoia’tael “spellatael” archetype in a very different direction from what I would have. Their version focuses on elves and Spells, while I would have envisioned an archetype focusing more heavily on Nature cards and the Symbiosis mechanic. Personally, I like to build upon and add nuance to existing archetypes before creating wholly new ones. Yet, now that part two of the Price of Power has been released, I think I see their logic more clearly. Other than a few cards that miss the mark entirely (particularly Saov Ainmhi’dh), Spelltael seems quite powerful.

In this card, I envision a pointslammy bronze card that adds to Symbiosis and Harald Gord value while also introducing a minor threat to the board. Though fairly easy to remove, the Alseid with trade up versus most removal cards, making it an extremely strong bronze in nature decks.

Original art source is here.

Lyrian Officer

Northern Realms competes with Monsters for the most greedy engine heavy decks in the game. Currently Monsters has them beat just a bit due to cards like Selfeater and The Bloody Mistress, but Northern Realms has some impressive bronze engines such as Reinforced Ballista and Cintrian Artificer that truly give Monsters a run for their money. I’d like to see Northern realms get some stronger bronze engines that synergize heavily with their other engines, allowing them to snowball if left unchecked. In that spirit, I present you Lyrian Officer, who acts as a payoff card for engine heavy decks. Particularly in a long round, this card can reach an extremely high potential value.

Original art source is here.

Alsana Gwyn Crevan

The powerful eleven sorceress hovers in the air, her eyes narrowing as she judges the distance and angle to her target. She takes aim and utters the magic word as the flames well up in her hands. The bolt of flame connects with an arrow midair, converting it to harmless ash before it connects with its intended target. Moments later, a great explosion marks the grave of her human adversary.

She lands lightly on the ground, glancing around quickly. When she is sure that her last foe is vanquished, she breathes a sigh of relief. Her power drains her, but she never lets it show. “Why, oh why, must the humans fight us so?” she wonders, asking a question that will never truly be answered.

From a gameplay perspective, Alsana is a powerful engine with a very high floor. Yet her self-damaging behavior, absence of veil, and tall body mean that she is often an ideal target for Korathi Heatwave. To derive value from her, you’re going to want to either bleed heatwave from your opponent, or queue into a very greedy matchup.

Original art source is here.

Zovik the Mad

There’s a fine line between bravery and madness, between courage and stupidity. Skelligers have never truly found that mark, always erring so far into foolhardiness that one can only gaze in awe at the sheer pluck. Truly, their philosophy showcases the difference between fighting to live and living to fight. For if the violence and chaos of battle are what one lives for, then is it foolish to avoid battle? Even if there were a definitive answer to that question, do you think the Skelligers would care? No! They just fight because they love the clash of steel and smell of blood!


Original art source is here.

King Radovid V

King Radovid V is truly an excellent villain, as he portrays everything we love to hate. Cold, arrogant, cruel, vindictive, and borderline insane. And most importantly, defeated in the end by our favorite white-haired witcher.

When Radovid returns to Gwent, I’d like to see him at the forefront of the brutal onslaught presented by the Mobilization Revenants archetype. In this card, we see him taking the role as a brutal damage dealer as well as a lock. Since the deck is highly dependent on deathblows, they’ll get a lot of value out of the weakened and muzzled enemies who will become fodder for their endless army of Kadwaeni Revenants. Fight! Maim! Kill!

Svivi Folskar

So, I got in an argument with someone the other day over whether Skellige or Nilfgaard has more tall punish. Of course, Skellige only has a couple tall punish cards (Champion’s Charge, Morkvarg, Hjalmar An Craite) while Nilfgaard has more than they ever need (Vincent Van Moorlehgem, Yennefer’s Invocation, Vilgefortz, Peter Saar, Vanhemar, Poison, Ivar Evil-Eye, Leo Bonhart) so I thought it would be a short argument. After my opponent started claiming that 4 provision raids were a form of tall punish, I stopped tearing out my hair and calmly threw my computer out the window instead. Gotta love Reddit!

Anyway, given SK’s surprising lack of tall punish, I decided to create something that would count as true tall punish while feeling very much like a Skellige card. Behold, I give you Svivi Folskar. Svivi synergizes excellently with Armor Up and Bear Witchers, as well as Patricidal Fury. Patricidal Fury basically enables this as a kill-anything card.

Oh, and Svivi can be tutored by Blood Eagle, replacing the role old Morkvarg: Heart of Terror used to serve before he lost his Warrior tag.

Original art source is here.

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