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Seasonal Deck Guide: Imposter Double Masquerade Ball

This article has been written by Sawyer1888, and edited by Babyjosus.


First of all, playing seasonal is not something everyone enjoys. It’s like Arena or Unranked, an area where you can test out stuff, take a break from grinding the ladder or just meme around. Mostly it is used to grind achievements or like stuff in the reward tree.              
Anyway, in order to do so, it can be helpful to have a deck which works, to make it more efficient, whatever you want to achieve in seasonal.

Season of Griffin

In the season of the Griffin, every unit’s power is set up to its provision cost, which means like Damien comes down as an 11p strong unit, while for example Joachim comes down as a 10p spy. Our goal is to slam points, to get great value from our cards and be able to deal with whatever the opponent throws at us.

Reasoning Behind the Card Set

Oneiromancy – Great Consistency, to get the units or even the ball, if need be.

Vattier – Together with Imposter it’s a strong combo, because of the high power of every unit. You want to throw it on the board pretty late, to make sure it sticks and doesn’t get interrupted by locks or other great removal cards. Because of the seasonal ability, it comes down as an 11p strong unit, which makes it almost unstoppable.          

Roach – Just for the tempo or, in some cases if you are not able to play your 2nd ball, you can do the old school Assire combo.             

Avallac’h – Great tutor in seasonal for our 2nd Ball, because we don’t want to use Roderick as a spy or Matta.

Leo Bonhart/Shilard – While Leo can get insane value, playing at least for 19p. Shilard can also trigger our Ball and downgrade one strong key unit of our opponent, which makes him favorably played in Round 3, so our opponent can’t mulligan the targeted card.

Spotter – Always play for 9p minimum, gives you insight of your opponents’ deck and are good proactive plays.

Toussaint KnightErrant – Arguably the weakest cards in our deck but can be used to take a round and play for 6-8p.    

Juggler – Decent value in this seasonal mode, which also can trigger our dames twice.

The Game Plan

The general idea of this deck is to control your opponents’ site of the board, like you always do with your scenario. Therefore, we need additional poison cards and some efficient other removals. While in the normal ladder Rot Tossers can get a bit clunky, in seasonal almost every card guarantees us a big target, so the chances to get a valuable poison are high. Cobras play for 5 strength with poison ability, the only downside maybe is, that your fangs stay pretty much the same as in normal.

Tips & tricks

Well, you try to get the first round with one Ball and have to decide if you can push round 2 or not. Obviously, cards like heatwave can hurt us, but therefor is roach as a backup plan. You don’t want to use Avalac’h in round 1 and prefer to get your first ball out from hand or with Oneiromancy. Use your poisons on tall units and be aware of your number of backup poisons and your Rot Tosser placements. It’s better for us to get the first round, so that we can decide how far we want to push round 2 but losing round 1 without using our ball is acceptable. Lose cons can be a Heatwave, a strong swarm push from Lippy decks, using the Witcher Trio and other stuff, or a bad placement of our dames and other units, so we run into an Igni. 

Feel free to maybe adjust cards like Shilard for Ffion var Gaernal or maybe change Cupbearer for a Treason.

Oh and by the way, if you accidentally queue into ranked… don’t worry 😉


Final Note

Thanks for reading our deck guide! If you have any feedback or additions/changes you would like to us to make to the deck, feel free to let us know in the comments down below!

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