Seasonal Mode

Welcome to our Seasonal Mode page! If you’ve been around our team for a while, you may recall that we used to publish a seasonal mode guide each month in the past. However, the rotation of different modes got sped up from monthly to weekly periods, which made it very difficult for us to keep up the pace. Thank you for understanding.

What can you find here?
With the intention of keeping this type of content alive, we have decided to take a more general approach to each of the modes, presenting the mechanics and strategies that have worked particularly well in the past. If this helps you with building successful decks for the current seasonal mode, then we’re more than happy for you.

What will change for the deck guides?
Of course, we will also have some decklists here, but they may have been built at different times in different metas. Sometimes that doesn’t matter as the decks remained strong as the weeks or months passed. Other times, they got powercrept or crucial cards were reworked so they don’t work that well anymore. So take them more as an inspiration instead of a perfectly optimized lists. We are putting the publication date of the deck guides on display and plan to add comments in the guide on what to consider when updating a deck.

Have any questions left?
We are here to answer them! Do not hesitate to leave a comment or join  our discord. Thank you for reading, and we hope you will have fun playing!

*The “Momentum” seasonal mode is likely out of rotation.