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This article is part of a Bandit Gang series, covering the many different seasonal modes with brief descriptions, strategies, and deck ideas. Not every deck will always be up to date, given the weekly rotation. Instead, we display the date of creation, so that you can retrace what may have changed in the game since then. Feel free to adjust the decks with new cards or old cards that you like better and have fun! – MAIN PAGE

On the end of the player’s turn, damage player’s odd power units by 1. Boost player’s even power units by 1.

The Seesaw seasonal mode was introduced in the season of the dryad and it rewards proper alignment of unit strength by the end of each round. It’s self-explanatory that you want to aim for as many boosts and as little damage as possible, but there can be many end-of-round effects, so first let’s talk about the sequencing.

The seasonal boost or damage is what is coming first, all the other effects will follow. So if we take the example of a common boost-self-by-1-engine on even power, it will first gain one point for the even power, then one point from its engine ability, effectively boosting it by two. However, if the unit has an odd power, it will first lose one power due to that, before gaining that one power back, leading to stagnation. For all units that are not engines, the mechanics of vitality and bleed work in the very same way. Shields and armor will be affected by this as well, but they only serve as a delay for the remaining damage that’s coming in on uneven power, unless the shields or armor are part of an engine mechanic.

So with this in mind, your first objective is to get your units on even power and the opponent’s units on odd power as efficiently as you can. Your main weapon are all abilities that should boost or damage by an uneven amount, otherwise you wouldn’t change the alignment. Northern Realms has a lot of engines that can serve you well here, while Skellige offers rainy weather and some more types of small damage pings. Scoia’tael has a lot of vitality to use and Monsters can bring bleeding, however the latter is easier to deny. Syndicate of course has its spenders and Nilfgaard may also find a way, even if it’s just its assimilate cards. There are many options, give them a try!

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