Deck Guide: SK Control – Demolish your opponents


Cheers guys, Sawyer here with another deck guide, more ladder oriented then memewise. 

You might already saw this one on Playgwent alone, now it just got a nicer look with some updated explanations. 

As I find it pretty annoying that my opponents keep swarming me with engines and points, doesn’t matter if NR Witchers, ST Movement, MO Thrive or Viy…or some other piles like Lippy, I wanted to create something which just controls my opponents board. Therefore, Skellige is always a decent and strong choice to do so. 

Key Cards, Tech Choices and Playstyle

The reason to take Skellige is that their removal cards play for a decent amount of points, while also being very flexible. Thats why we don’t go for cards like Totem here, cause Totem doesn’t do damage…well, at least not towards our opponent.

I decided to also get rid of the Hjalmar and Greatsword combo, cause GS plays often into tall removal and everyone expects this on ladder anway.

Therefore we have cards like Gerd, to set up some Bloodthirst and also get row punishment against Lippy or other swarm decks, while cards like Lugos, Skjordal and Donar are for single engine removal. We also play with 2 Stunning Blows and 2 Gutting Slashs, to absolutely control all these 4-5 engines you see on ladder right now.

Decent techs are a Bear Witcher Mentor for some points, but also the Brokvar Hunters and the Marauder. They help to set up some Bloodthirst as well, which guarantees as the max value out of our removal cards, while they also can bait removal from our opponent, so the Longships and Raiders stick.

Work around with your Bloodthirst engines, think about your removal potential and value your opponents engines. Cards like An Craite Longship can just hardcounter Kolgrim, while we also never fear to get a card down against Lippy, if this will get us to a longer Round 3. For Viy we have some tall removals, while also being able to remove their consume engines. 

Weak spots might be MO Frost Devotion, cause their engines are not worthy to remove and they also do much damage with their frost. On the other hand Elves can be a threatining match up as well, if our hand gets to awkward, but at least we have some row punishment. 

Hope you enjoy and happy Skomegalol!

The deck in action

Team Bandit Gangs Enz0plays crumbled some hopes with this deck:

Also Team Kreve’s beefox3 and me had a good time with it, while going to Pro and started climbing in a 12 games winning streak: 

3 thoughts on “Deck Guide: SK Control – Demolish your opponents”

  1. I have tried this deck it performs well overall but against viy you cannot win. You only have 2 tall punish morkwarg and champions charge and opponent will force you to use 1 of them in round 1 or else lose on even or get smorced in r2 if youre on red. Thus you end up with 1 tall punish in r3 which is not enough. Also your hemdall or harald will be pulled out in r1 by ihuaquax.

    1. Hey mate, Sawyer here. I agree, sometimes Viy can be a tough matchup. The trick might be to kill as many consume units you can, to force him to use leader. It’s not working everytime, but it helped me to often win against Viy. On bluecoin it can be tough, true, but its doable. Sometimes it might even be worth it to consider an early leader. Hope I could help! 🙂

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