Deck Guide: Arachas Swarm Glusty


While the meta remains dominated by Gerni decks with Mammuna and Koshchey, Arachas Swarm Glusty is a nice change of pace with a lot of potential to outperform both Gerni and Koshchey decks as well as certain equally popular Scoia’tael decks.


Requires a bit of thinking about removal targets.

Game Plan

Mulligan: Main goal is to keep at least 1 Griffin and Megascope in hand and as many Crones as possible so we can advance their abilities early in round 1.

Do not keep both Griffins because they will brick your Mammuna. Try to also hold on to as many removals as possible such as Red Haze, Natural Selection and Parasite.

Round 1: Our main goal in this round is to get ahead and pass before our Sunset Wanderers comes out or to use Sunset Wanderers to secure the round. Both options can be okay depending on matchups.

Playing one Griffin and then targeting it with Megascope are the ideal opening plays. After that, develop your Crone combo with Brewess and Weavess to cultivate your Whispess, and use any removal as needed. 

Round 2: Even if we lose round 1, we can defend the bleed almost always with Sunset Wanderers, and if we are defending the bleed we can play cards such as Crimson Curse, Korathi Heatwave, Glustyworp and every other removal we can. The main focus should be saving Mammuna for as long as possible.

If we win round 1, our goal should be the same but in this case you can use Mammuna to bleed and even 2-0 your opponent. If you are not confident about getting a 2-0, try to save your Mammuna for round 3.

The Deck

Round 3: In case you defended the bleed in round 2 and have successfully made it to round 3 with your Mammuna, you can go ahead and play it with Griffin to get a whopping 20 points. Even if you Bled the opponent in round 2, you can do the same with Mammuna and then go on to win the round.

Pros and Cons


-Generates a lot of tempo

-Offers a lot of Control and removal

-Good in both long and short rounds


-Lack of tutors can cause us to miss crucial cards like  Glustyworp and Korathi Heatwave.

-Can be bad against greed punish cards like Yrden, Igni, and Scorch.


Although the deck is performing very well right now and I wouldn’t go out of my way to change anything, one small thing I would change is replacing Kikimore Worker with ElderBear, who is not vulnerable to 4-point removal like the Kikimore Worker is.


Sunset Wanderers will almost always be used to defend the bleed or to help bleed the opponent in round 2. Otherwise, you can use it to win round 1.

Griffin will always be used on an insectoid token from your leader in round 1, giving you 9 points at the cost of 1 leader charge.

Megascope will almost always be used on your Griffin in round1 to gain an easy 9 points of tempo.

Crimson Curse is an ability that gives you not only fast tempo but slow point generation as well with the bleeding. You would usually play this in round 2 either to defend the bleed or when you are bleeding the opponent yourself.

Parasite should be used on Selfeater or Koshchey when playing against Monsters and in general can be used to kill the engines that would normally be outside of the range of your Natural Selection.

Mammuna gives you insane amount of tempo and 2 bodies on the board with Griffin. She will usually be played when you want to win the round in round 2 or 3, and in some rare cases when you cannot defend the bleed with Sunset Wanderers or your other cards. In this case, you can use her to catch up quite efficiently.

GlustyWorp to everybody’s surprise actually gains a lot of value in this deck from both your leader charges as well as the insectoid tokens spawned by your organic specials. Depending on how many you spawn, this can be a very useful win condition.


I have not had time to check the performance of this deck in pro ladder, but I have been playing this deck in my climb from rank 3 to pro and I have encountered the same Gerni/Koshchey deck as well as some Scoia’tael decks that you would likely find in pro ladder, as well. (Thanks to Ithlinne Magi for the deck). From these games, I lost just 1, which is pretty good to me. This deck was also tested and played by the pro players from our team such as (wickedsyam, JSN and SuperSpock). It is a nice change of pace from other decks and I would highly encourage you to try this deck out for yourself and share your thoughts on it.

Thanks for reading, and happy Gwenting!