Guide – Banished

This article is part of a Bandit Gang series, covering the many different seasonal modes with brief descriptions, strategies, and deck ideas. Not every deck will be up to date, given the weekly rotation. Instead, we will display the date of creation, so that you can retrace what may have changed in the game since then. Feel free to adjust the decks with new cards or old cards that you like better and have fun! – MAIN PAGE

After the mulligan phase, banish both players’ decks. Whenever a card appears in any deck, banish it.

The Banished seasonal mode came to the game as the second mode in the Season of the Bear. It somewhat throws you back to open beta, where you were able to just drypass in round one without any severe penalty. But while the banished deck allows you to pass anytime you want, you also rely solely on the cards that you draw in round one.

To assist with this, you need to cut all the tutors that usually give your deck the desired consistency and instead make sure that you can somehow utilize all the cards on their own. That means a relatively even distribution of provisions among all units is recommended, unless you are particularly lucky. Thus, I would say that decks built around Ciri: Nova should be pretty okay here in general, especially since carryover is more powerful in short rounds. And the last round can be really short, because of no redraws.

As we know, there’s one faction in particular that has a lot of deck interaction, and that is Nilfgaard. While some cards like Kolgrim or all kinds of Viper Witchers would be fairly pointless, there are some cards that lose their drawback entirely, such as Tibor Eggebracht, Vilgefortz, or Imperial Golem. This alone makes Nilfgaard a very popular faction in this seasonal mode. I built a deck that reflects many aspects of this mode and also targets the mirror match pretty hard, so it’s a good one to start with. I’m not yet sure if other factions can keep up with Nilfgaard here, but let’s see… maybe there’s more to come.