Deck Guide: Vysogota on STEROIDS!!!

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This article has been edited by Babyjosus and Weevil89


Hello wonderful people! Looking for a horrible deck that will make your opponent break their keyboard? Look no further! Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the most irritating Northern Realms deck of all time – Vysogota on STEROIDS!!!

''OMG OMG OMG! tell me more...''
A random fan

Basics of the Deck

Well, first of all let’s explain why this is such an irritating deck to play against – the heart of the deck consists of two units: Vysogota of Corvo and Ciri: Dash. Ciri is there to ensure winning the first round in order to get that sweet round control. What do you do with round control once you got it? You pass (most of the time). Simple enough, right? After that yo-

''Hah! ''eNsUrE''?! winning round 1 is easier said than done mate, what if they kill Ciri? Also, Vysogota is so risky man... Unconvincing so far, Bribery.''
A random fan

Don’t interrupt me please. Where was I…Oh yes! As I was saying, Ciri makes the job of winning round 1 much easier most of the time. If you go second and therefore don’t have the luxury of veiling Ciri with the stratagem, you can always use a leader charge to protect her. If the opponent plays a control heavy deck, you might even consider defending Ciri with Donimir of Troy, and this is where it gets interesting…

Renew – This deck runs Renew. Why? Well, Ciri is only good if she sticks, so you might need to play defender in round 1. Vysogota’s also only good if he sticks. If only we could play Defender in 2 different roun… Oh wait! This is where Renew comes in… 


I’ve got you covered, mate. There are a couple of tutors in this deck that will make it much easier for you to find what you need:

The Deck

John Natalis – This dude is good because he can get you the even better thing right below.

Amphibious Assault – No explanation needed.

Geralt: Quen – He can get you Ciri, Keldar, Berengar, or some bronze witcher. A must in this list.

Also, to put the icing on the cake, I added Yrden too just because I can.


On a shorter, more serious note:

The idea of making this deck came from a previous idea of making a strong deck with Ciri: Dash that isn’t Kelly. I thought she’d be very hard to remove with Shieldwall charges and to make it even harder I added defender and since I had defender, I obviously added Vysogota. The original deck contained Madoc instead of Renew and a few bombs here and there, but the current version just makes much more sense, since there are so many good renewable targets.


  1. Easy to win round 1 with Ciri: Dash and most times you’ll win it on even (regardless of the coin). You have plenty of ways to protect Ciri and it’s also fairly easy to get her on the battlefield, as well.
  2. Unbeatable in a long round 3 against a control-lacking deck and still very much favored even against a control heavy deck (in a scenario where you play Donimir, Vysogota, and Keldar, your opponent might be able to deal with one or two things, but almost never with all of them. Unlike your average Vysogota deck, this one doesn’t suffer as much from him dying because your opponent will still need to deal with other threats.) 
  3. Griffin Witcher Adept + Keldar + King Roegner combo is a monument of points


  1. Awful matchups against Super-Duper-Mega Control lists (thankfully they aren’t too popular at the moment)
  2. Not having access to Ciri in round 1.
  4. Ciri dying in round 1.
  5. Ciri being locked in round 1.
  6. Ciri being dealt with in any way, shape or form in round 1.
  7. I can’t stress myself enough to tell you just how important it is to protect Ciri in round 1. WHY? because:
  8. If your opponent wins round 1 and bleeds round 2, you’re fucked 😀

Final words

There you have it, boys! (and girls) I hope this deck will serve you well (unless you’re facing me) and just a friendly reminder – please consider upvoting if you like it. Bye!

Deck Guide: Make Shieldwall Great Again!

This Deck Guide has been written by briberyplayer and edited by Babyjosus.

Tired of playing the same old two or three boring net decks that are dominating the meta, but still wanting to try out something fresh that’s worthy and more than capable of win streaks? Well, you’ve come to the right place.


The leader we’ll be using here doesn’t need any introduction, but just for the Gwent babies out there who started playing recently: There isn’t a single player who didn’t shiver when they saw the Shieldwall, one of the most oppressing leader abilities in the history of the card game. Shieldwall lost popularity in the past few months due to unwinnable match-ups against Lockdown, which was overplayed in the past few metas. Since Lockdown’s been completely reworked, Shieldwall’s worst nightmare is now far less scarier, which is good enough a reason to me to try and make it work.

What Is The Deck About?

''Ok, yeah, whatever Bribery, just tell me how the deck works. ''
A random fan

So the base of this deck consists in Anseis and Viraxas. That’s the main combo of the deck and that’s how Shieldwall always worked due to the infamous interaction between a banal shield and units that Duel. It has the potential of removing A LOT of points from your opponent’s side of the board.

Now the main problem with Shieldwall (and Northern Realms in general) is consistency, so cards like Amphibious Assault, Natalis and one or two cheap Warfare card/s for your tutor to not brick as often are recommended. (and Assault is just too fucking good, so add that)


''Oh, you don't say, Bribery... stop wasting my time or I'll downvote your deck guide and go play NR Witchers for the 521478925128946218th time.''
A random fan

Let’s talk about the two remaining combos this deck contains:

Temerian Drummer, Tridam infantry, Anna Strenger
– These three beauties have been been forgotten when the mighty Witchers took over the North, but screw the stupid 85% play-rate Witchers. The 3 cards can generate up to 5 points a turn, and each of them is tutor-able. I just really like them and they’re not expensive at all, they fit well within the list, and you’re happy to play them in any round. (Oh, and if opponent doesn’t deal with them in a long round, they’re likely screwed).

Keldar, Griffin Witcher Adept, King Roegner – I made the deck from scratch, but most cards in it have already been used once upon a time in Shieldwall, so this is my innovation and what I believe to be the better, more advanced Shieldwall. Keldar proved me wrong when I doubted him when he was revealed back a couple of months ago as he’s been crucial in NR Witchers – one of the best decks in Gwent, so adding him and the Witcher adepts was a no brainer. Now since we’re a devotion build and don’t have all of those mid-range cost Witchers in the deck, instead of Leo and the Uprising boys, we added the fan-favorite King Pogner, which makes a ton of sense in a SHIELDwall list its a ton of griffin Witchers that have SHIELDS…

''OMG BRIBERY THATS GENIUS! You mean just draw all cards I don't need to make combos work and just pray my opponent won't interact with them and try and stop me?! Fuck you Bribery, I'm going back to play Eist Tuirseach.''
A random fan

OK, fine. Go back to play Eist Tuirseach and complain about Gwent being stale on Reddit. But just if you’re still here, you might just be surprised of how strong it actually is (AND I’M NOT JUST SAYING IT JUST BECAUSE, OKAY?! It’s actually good and IT WORKS!).

See, Amphibious Assault will make it easier for you to get what you need at a time, and I actually don’t believe it’s a draw dependent deck by any means, but if you’re wondering about whether this deck has any value of its own then let’s jump into the the Fantastic Four mid-range (good value on their own) cards section:

Falibor, Queen Adalia, Bloody Baron, Margaritta Laux-Antille – The reason why I’m making a section for these four cards is that all of them are replaceable. THEY’RE GOOD, AND I CHOSE THEM BECAUSE I LIKE THEM, but they ultimately don’t synergize as much with the deck as some of the other cards, but they’re also not dependent of any cards, as they have good value of their own.

On a shorter, more serious note:

The main reason I went for Shieldwall as my first deck guide is because of the rework of Lockdown. Also, NR always had competitive bronzes, which allowed me to polarize the deck (it has eleven 4 provision cards) which means that I had enough provisions left for many expensive top tier cards. I also believe the deck is quite good against both Blaze of Glory (pretty easy to win round 1 and take them into a long round 3) and Lined Pockets, (good amount of tall punish, and a stronger short round) the two most popular decks at the moment.

The only major weakness of the deck is consistency, as we only have John Natalis and Assault for thinning cards, and Assault can only tutor up to the 9 provision limit.


Donimir of Troy and Vysogota of Corvo – Personally not a fan of this in a heavy control meta, but it’s absolutely devastating if unanswered in a long round.

Ildiko and Seltkirk of Gulet + X2 Siege Support – Triple Duel NR used to be very popular and I like this option a lot, might change to it and see how it feels, but it’s slightly riskier and I thought there is enough control in the deck already. I’m guessing this would be better against SY Lined Pockets but worse against SK Blaze Of Glory.

Final Words

That’s it, thanks for reading the article. Hope the deck guide will serve you well and please consider upvoting it if you like it. Bye-bye!

The Deck

End of Year Interview 2020 Briberyplayer: ‘I am not happy with my daily life and how I manage myself’

At Bandit Gang, the end of the year means the end of year interviews. All members are put to the test one by one about the events of the past year that shaped them. Private as well as business. In these interviews in which no mince of words will be stated, no taboos exist, sometimes harsh words are used and where you get a nice insight into the soul life of the interviewee.

Babyjosus: When I think of you and 2020, I think of the #SayNoToBribery video first of all, and that was when you were not even a part of the team. How would you reflect on the year 2020 yourself?

It was horrible for a lot of people and it was very bad for me as well. It was definitely the worst year I’ve experienced. I’m not happy with my daily life right now and while the pandemic and the rules that naturally came with it do have a big contribution, I’m not happy with how I’m managing myself either. I tend to prefer staying in this comfort zone I’ve gotten used to doing very little for myself over doing something that would be much better for me mentally.

BJ: I hope you will be able to manage yourself better next year and do the things that you want to do in order to make yourself happy about who you are. And I know that this year you tried out streaming and that was how you joined us. How have you enjoyed it so far?

BP: Joining Bandit Gang felt nice because I was already familiar with most of the team and also it’s just nice to get in a team and be involved in stuff. And streaming… in general I’m enjoying it and I’m a big fan of the idea as long as I don’t take it too seriously. It can be stressful at times and the moment I feel that, I’ll stop doing it and resume whenever I feel like doing it again.

BJ: Its almost like you have an on-off relationship with Twitch. And did you experienced a funny moment on stream this year that you would like to share?

BP: Ah, so I was doing a co-op with like 6-7 different people at once and one of them was Zubedoo… I was playing NR and I forgot about the opponent, but they basically passed at 6 cards in their hand and I wanted to thin my deck in round 1 and go for a long round, so I decided I’ll go down to 4 cards and then dry pass round 2. By the time I had 4 cards in hand, I had a Kerack Frigate on the board and I was already up by a ton of points, but Zubedoo, being the idiot that he is, told me to click the boat right after I ended my turn (although he claims he did it before), so I, being the idiot that I am, clicked the stupid boat when i had 4 cards in hand, so they forced me to play another one and I had to go a card down only to satisfy Mr. Zubedoo… The moment is clipped in my channel if anyone wants to watch it.

BJ: I saw that clip, it was pretty funny indeed. And I need to ask you this because I know the readers want to know. But what is it that you like so much about the card Bribery?

BP: Here’s the thing. As long as you are the greatest Gwent player of all time (or at least close to my level), you are guaranteed to get the biggest, most expensive and most luscious unit of your opponent’s deck with Bribery. If you don’t have natural talent, the card is just gonna give you 3 random unit’s to choose from, but what a talented player like me reads is ”Play the best unit from your opponent’s deck” and for 8 provisions that’s pretty insane.

BJ: Ha, dream on. Well, you must know my opinion about the card by now. Lets jump forward to next year. Is there anything that you would like to do next year?

BP: I just want to get back on track with my life in all honesty. Like I said, streaming is an idea that I like so I will continue doing it as long as I’ll enjoy it, but the main thing I’d like to change next year is to just force myself to go out more until i like it, because I’m living very differently that how I used to and I miss a lot of that.

BJ: Sounds ambitious. Do you have any new year’s resolutions?

BP: Well, I’ll go back to school again after more than a year of absence and I have my driving test scheduled in February, so that’s already looking much better than anything I’ve been doing this year. I also like both drawing and painting a lot since I was young although I didn’t take any courses, so I might start one and maybe it proves useful. I’ll do a painting stream at some point and maybe chat can give me their opinion.

BJ: Looks like you have a lot of things to look forward to trying out next year. And before we end the interview here. Do you have anything you want to say to the reader in anticipation of 2021?

BP: Wear your masks.

*Briberyplayer's Top 10 Cards of 2020

*Oddly enough, the card Bribery is not part of Briberyplayer’s top 10.

10. Squirrel
– I’m trying to make this list based on the idea behind the cards and not necessarily how good they are. And this is an ability that makes sense in a game where Echo is a thing and I also like the availability of it, it’s a very cheap neutral.

9. Kerack Frigate – I like that they added more ways to row-stack in NR. Good synergy with Voymir, Draug etc while also being a dangerous card in itself if not dealt with.

8. Winter Queen – Unique way to thin your deck and one of the good thinning golds out there.

7. Ethereal – If this was the original Ethereal it would be much higher on the list. Very interesting card, extremely annoying to deal with.

6. Dunca – My favorite 7 provision card of Master Mirror. Hawker Smugler was already good and this is so much better.

5. Drummond Berserker – It just synergyses so well with what Skellige wants to do.

4. Oneiromancy – Since people wanna tutor more than just units, I feel like a card like that was needed. In my opinion, the best card in the game, but it’s very basic to be NR 1.

3. Braathens – It offers a lot of flexibility and it’s an engine. 10/10 card.

2. Ulrich – It puts 2 engines on the board if you spawn a Fallen Knight and a Fallen Knight is a double engine itself. Only downside is, it can brick.

1.Usurper – The idea of Evolving cards is very exciting and this one is a 12 point point-slam engine that triggers scenario. Perfect card, too bad NG doesn’t have much else.