CGC Decklist

Hello everyone, this is Decode and AcidBunny bringing you the open decklist that will be shuffled and given to each competitor in this tournament.

Tier Explanation

There are two tiers, tier 1 and tier 2, for decks. Every deck was evaluated according to its overall synergy and the number of points it can create. But that does not imply that Tier 2 decks are inferior to Tier 1 decks; depending on how they are played, Tier 2 decks can defeat Tier 1 decks.

Double Desert Brothers – AcidBunny

Shupe Kambi – AcidBunny

Assimilate Madness – AcidBunny

Armor Me Up – Pokkas

Collusion Theory – Decode

Flaminica & Syanna – Pokkas

Arch-Mages – Decode

Swarmy Stuff – Decode

To Witchers You Shall Bow – Sawyer1888

6 Madocs – Peluchon

Double Guernichora – Mcm5392

Fenix Swarm – Peluchon

O’dimm BallRodriguet

Renfri’s Gang – Cacho78

Dragons – Peluchon

GN ResilienceRodriguet

Schirru – Mcm5392

Townsfolk – Mcm5392

Idarran Veterans – Escan

Coen – Escan

Vran Daddy Day Care – Pokkas

7x Weavess – Pokkas

Master Mirror – Decode

A Bearer’s Honor – Sawyer1888

Blood Money Is Bad Business – Sawyer1888

Only Gold(MO) – Peluchon

Mill – Peluchon

Renfri Lockdown – Rodriguet

Viper – Peluchon

Cintrian Royal Guard – Dozen Casual Gamer

Generate – Cacho78

Only Gold(SY) – Davideq5