Top 5 Chests In Gwent

Gwent is pretty awesome.

It’s a strategy based CCG with some of the best artwork ever put to a card game before, and the game covers so many different subjects through its artwork. Syndicate takes you through this almost Pirates of the Caribbean-esque setting on one hand, and Skellige can drop you in this Viking utopia filled with mead and hearty songs galore. Its appeal is so vast that even the most passionate of card game disliking individuals would still look at the cards in Gwent and go “That’s pretty cool.

We’ve covered a lot about Gwent world here at Bandit Gang. We’ve looked at what some of the best players in the scene think about the pro grind, to what sort of effect memes have in the game. To say we go above and beyond here at Bandit Gang would be a pretty big understatement, but one thing we’ve not actually tackled just yet is looking at the really REALLY serious topics to discuss with Gwent. Well, dear readers, this is where we change that.

It was pretty tough, really. After touching on some of the most thought-provoking topics that one can tackle with Gwent. We’ve talked with talented players like Redrame, Demarcation, Tailbot, and so many more to pick their brains about the game. When you manage to break ground on topics like that – where can you go from there? It took time but we got there – the ultimate subject to tackle with Gwent.

Who has the best chest?

Yes, we know! It’s a subject you all have wondered about in your spare time. At the cafe, at a bar mitzvah, or even at the Beyblade tournaments held at your local park. It’s just something we’ve all pondered. Every character has some kind of chest, you know they do. Some have bigger ones, some have rather compact ones. Some display their chest proudly! We see them as the focus of card arts time and time again. It’s time to stop wondering on the subject and we properly line it out for all – because it’s gone on for too long that we’ve left this question unanswered.

Please enjoy this look at who has the best chests in Gwent, not just the best. The Top 5 Chests in Gwent!

5) Roderick of Dun Tynne

Starting off our list of the Top 5 Chests in Gwent is Roderick of Dun Tynne! Roderick is a card NG players know and love, it’s a fantastic thinning element – sometimes he feels like you’re taking a big chance, and other times he is the perfect card to confirm your victory! Roderick has a really plentiful chest that is the envy of many around him without a doubt – we’ve included him at our number five spot because he just can’t seem to manage his chest very well!

The man of Dun Tynne has far too much in his chest, it’s overflowing and clearly too small to get the job done. You’d think a man with such wealth would have a bit of a bigger chest, but alas – sometimes that is an issue men of power have to face in their life. Having a big chest isn’t everything after all, but it sure isn’t going to help you get the top spot on a list focusing on the best chest in Gwent! It’s just not versatile enough Roderick.

Better luck next time buddy.

4) Angoulême

Next up in the chest listing is the lovely Angoulême! She’s a character that fans of the books know quite well as a dear friend of Geralt of Rivia. For us Gwent players, she often sees play when you want to get a bit risky with your decks. Her ability can either be the most amazing clutch play in the world, or it could just lead to some serious disappointment. Though with the new location cards…

Do you know what isn’t disappointing? Angoulême’s chest! Angoulême has a fantastic chest, much bigger than Roderick’s already – the only little issue is that sources do claim it’s somewhat dubious on if it IS her chest… When questioned on the subject, Bandit Gang was met with some serious threats of violence and an adamant claim that the contents of the chest belonged to her. These questionable standards of Angoulême’s chest have left us being unable to rank it any higher. Also the state of it! Honestly…

In the end, Angoulême’s chest was a bit too suspicious for us…

3) Tidecloak Hideaway

The Tidecloaks are a pretty rough set of characters, known for terrorizing the streets of Novigrad under the rule of Gudrun Bjornsdottir. They are a bad group of characters and they deal in quite the nasty sort of odds and ends. Drugs, weapons, and of course… loot. They have multiple little storehouses, laundering schemes, and of course hideaways! The Tidecloak Hideaway showcases this in abundance, you can see all sorts of storage on full display in the card art for this once mighty vessel of the sea.

The chest, or rather, chests here – are very vast and varied! This ship showcases a large array of different chests with all manner of goods being handled by the crewmates on board. One cannot ignore the abundance of wonderful chests here – sadly quality is what we want to focus on in this list. Yes, the quantity is pretty clear but the haphazard and shoddy care these chests are being given is simply inexcusable. We want to put it higher on the list but it’s just not up to code.

Maybe a bit more polish next time, peeps.

2) Fence

Ah yes… a fence. What a lovely occupation ay? Incredibly well-mannered individuals with nothing but the best interests of their clients at heart. The Fence from Syndicate is a prime example of this. She is clearly proud of her goods, but the chests, in particular, are well kept and clearly been polished to perfection. We’re talking the best Chest in Gwent here and a lot of the ones the Fence has are very impressive!

We do want to point out that we are aware of the hypocrisy in previous rankings such as owning the chests, their quantity, and other hangups we raised in place of morals. However after very lucrative and rewarding talks with the Fence, we settle- ahem, decided on the number 2 spot together. It was a 100% legitimate discussion and in no way influenced by monetary compensation.

Did you guys know that Novigrad has great gambling spots?

1) Halfing Safecracker

Tempo incarnate and a staple in any good crime deck. The halfling safecracker is often underestimated for his size before showcasing through his exceptional safecracking skills that he is indeed a force to be feared. We are dropping all pretense for this one because when it comes to Gwent cards that focus on chests… this has to take the cake in our opinion.

The chest in this card is sharing half the subject focus and is actually one of the biggest chests drawn to a card so far that we could locate. So far Gwent has no cards that exclusively focus on a single chest of any kind. It’s an unfortunate fact that chest lovers must struggle with every day. Maybe one day we’ll get a mimic card and we’ll need to revise the list…

He may be a halfling, at least he’s got a full chest!

Well, that was rather enjoyable!

We hope you all are pleased with our write up on the Top 5 Chests in Gwent as we are. We always set high standards here at Bandit Gang and try and develop the envelope past what others in the Gwent scene are doing and we think we hit the nail on the head with this one. It was a pretty tough list to conceive and took a lot of effort and research, scrolling through every card for about ten minutes wasn’t an easy task.

We soldiered on however and did our very best to bring you the content you guys deserve. If you feel we missed out on any deserving chest-based cards that deserve the spotlight, please let us know in the comment section below as we’d love to hear from you Gwent loving chest fans!

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