Deck Guide: Germain MetaBreaker


Hello guys & gals,today I have prepared something special for you! After creating a lot of meme decks, one has proven to be really viable so here’s the guide to it!

This deck is a really great fit in this Meta as it doesn’t play into the countless Korathi Heatwaves and other tall removals as we play cards with value spread out over the board. We usually thin to 1-2 cards and we are strong in both short & long rounds.


This deck is medium in difficulty as you have to think about when to push your opponent with your Leader and Snowdrop combo in order to gain card advantage.


Mulligan:These are going to be the easiest mulligans of your life as you just mulligan bricks and all the cards you want to use in your combo. Easy as that.

PS: Don’t worry you if you have some bricked cards in your hand as you can always use Leader and Snowdrop to get rid of them. Same goes for the cards you want to use in your combo.

Round 1:In round one our gameplan is to thin our deck as much as we can.

Your thinning cards are the Impera Brigades (remember to have a Soldier on board before playing them), Blightmaker and Dead Man’s Tongue. These cards you definitely want to use in Round 1 to prevent bricking your hand later on. Roach and Knickers will thin themselves eventually.

The Deck

If you have started second in the first round you may consider using Snowdrop and your Leader to gain card advantage over your opponent in the upcoming rounds with putting Affan and Mage Assassin on top of your deck for an amazing tempo play.

PS: You don’t have to worry about not drawing your Nauzicaas as they are not your win condition, they just work nicely with this deck if you happen to draw them R1. Otherwise feel free to Banish them with Dead Man’s Tongue.

Round 2:You can do the same combo (Leader, Snowdrop, Affan, Mage Assassin) after winning Round 1 without the use of these cards in Round 2 to push your opponent and get the extra card in Round 3.

Other than this commit as many cards as you think are needed to gain the best advantage against your opponent in the upcoming round. You can even 2:0 or use Heatwave/Invocation if your opponent uses sufficiently juicy targets.

PS: You can use every card but Germain, one Slave Infantry and Vrygheff if you still want to have a strong Round 3. If you are playing against Gord or other tall finishers deck keep one of your tall punishes too.

PS 2: Make sure to keep an eye on the number of cards in your deck so you don’t commit more cards than you can. We thin to 1-2 cards so be careful not to leave a piece of your combo in the deck. The one or 2 cards that should stay in your deck are usually Squirrel, Assire, Nauzicaa or Alba Armored Cavalry – not your combo pieces!

Round 3: Our strategy to win Round 3 is the Germain/Slave Infantry/Vreemde combo which plays for a big amount of points. If you happen to have all parts of the combo play them in this order if possible –Germain, Ramon (on the Slave Infantry -> Very Important! Play the second Slave Infantry adjacent to the first one), Vrygheff (in between the 2 Slave Infantries) and Vreemde as a finisher for a ton of points!

PS: You might want to keep your tall card removal as a last say so you can deny your opponent’s finisher.

Pros and Cons


  • Even if it doesn’t look like it this deck plays with really high tempo if played correctly.

  • Your Leader + Snowdrop combo allows you big point swings and gains you card advantage very easily.

  • We think perfectly to 1-2 cards most of the time so you will always draw your combo pieces.

  • 80% winrate in my all matches + 95% winrate against Lined Pockets.


  • If not controlled correctly Syndicate can get out of control and you lose, this depends mostly on if you draw a lock in Round 1. But it wasn’t a big problem in my 40 matches with the deck.

  • Mill can destroy you.


You may consider kicking Assire to fit a card of your choice in the deck but from my experience she works nicely in the deck. A card I was considering adding instead of Assire was Myrgtabrakke.


This deck is really strong in this current meta of tall removals as it flies under the radar. Our four/five pieces of control are usually more than enough to handle our opponent. So this deck ticks all boxes as we have a decent amount of control, great tempo, perfect thinning and also a hefty amount of points in your combo.

For more info and some gameplay of this deck check my Video Tutorial here:

I, DrDenuz, am a guest writer for Bandit Gang. You can find me on Twitter, Twitch & YouTube.

Thanks for reading, and happy gwenting!