End of Year Interview 2021 Enz0plays ‘I was not prepared for the downhill slope that came with this year on all standpoints’

At Bandit Gang, the end of the year means the end of year interviews. All members are put to the test one by one about the events of the past year that shaped them. Private as well as business. In these interviews in which no mince of words will be stated, no taboos exist, sometimes harsh words are used and where you get a nice insight into the soul life of the interviewee.

Babyjosus: Welcome Enzo, you are the next in line after Decode. How would you reflect on the year 2021? 

Enz0plays: I was not prepared for the downhill slope that came with this year on all standpoints. Both personal life and content life were very high in the start of the year, then it started to gradually decrease as it went on and I did not prepare myself well enough for that. Maybe this is why I don’t ride roller coasters. I can’t take that sudden downhill slope. Of course, this happens to everyone and I am hoping to get myself back up on that climb into the new year.

BJ: You have been a busy bee when it comes to video editing for Bandit Gang and your own personal channels. How has that been going for you?

E: Initially, they were going pretty well. I had a lot of energy and excitement on these projects, but my lack of organizing my energy caused it to be depleted rather quickly, so I am currently on an actual legit personal hiatus from my channels for the time being, fitting as it is the holiday season. I have been reading books and watching videos on improving my skills in editing and graphic design so I can retain my title of “Master Editor”.

BJ: You have stepped away from creating your own content for Gwent, what was the reason for that?

E: As much as I love making videos and creating content, my style of editing has always been one of a storyteller, and Gwent content, understandably, falls on the more of a mixture of educational/entertaining style, so there are others who can nail the content much better than I can.

BJ: Fair enough! I know you have an interest in photography. Could you elaborate on why you started doing that?

E: My parents bought a camera for me after I graduated from university, which I sometimes use as a webcam for videos since it looks nice and crisp, but I started going on more nature walks and hikes so I figure why not bring the camera with me. I grew to like it, but I want to take it a step further by learning more about cameras and photography in general and seeing where that goes.

BJ: This year you also started working out, any progress?

E: In the beginning of the summer, I was seeing a lot of progress, especially after a year of COVID where I couldn’t go to the gym, I had to improvise. The fall and winter are usually off season for playing sports for me so I would just work out while watching something on TV. Most people who work out show a before and after picture of their progress after a period of time so I suppose a clearer answer will be given when that insta post goes up.

BJ: Is there anything (else) that you would like to do next year?

E: One or 2…or 30, but knowing my track record with my excitement and energy, I don’t want to reveal anything until I have a clearer blueprint of what I am doing, but the answer is yes.

BJ: Do you have any new year’s resolutions?

E: I’m just going to continue doing what I’m doing. It seems like I already made my resolutions a few weeks ago and I am just going to carry them on into the new year. In a few words it is simply work, train, play, sleep, repeat.

BJ: Anything you want to say to the reader in anticipation of 2022?

E: Yes, I am leaving the team this month so I will not be involved in any more BG projects. My message is really a 2 parter. The first part is to whoever dares to take on the video editor role for the team. I expect them to surpass my work and vision on the YouTube channel. And to the reader, go enjoy the content that the team makes, if not, then feel free to critique. The importance of critical feedback to the creator is great and is what allows us to improve on our craft.

BJ: Thanks for your contribution to the team, I am sure we keep in touch. Happy holidays !


*Enzo's Top 10 Cards of 2021

*Enzo started his top 10 with 1 (and onward) instead of number 10.

1. Nekker: I will always have a soft spot for this card and will always vouch for it becoming stronger.

2. Endrega Larva: It either gets built up pretty well or it gets removed. What have these little babies done to anyone?

3. Auberon: It is the favorite of one of the only 2 decks I play in this game.

4. Harald the Cripple: My favorite Lore Blast episode and fun to play when I played Warrior SK.

5. Ewald Borsodi: Despite its unfortunate change, I like his lore.

6. Idarran: My favorite card to toy around with. Spawn train for days. 7 – Bribery. This one holds sentimental value to me (#saynotobribery).

8. Geralt of Rivia: This one hurts my pride a little bit, but I am an honest man. Next card…

9. Simlas: Someone is to blame for this card, but it is my favorite out of that abomination of a deck.

10. Mammuna: I have yet to play this card, but the name reminded me of Mumakil (the war elephants from LOTR) and they were pretty badass. MO card too.

End of Year Interview 2020 Enz0Plays: ‘2020 has been quite the roller coaster ride for me’

At Bandit Gang, the end of the year means the end of year interviews. All members are put to the test one by one about the events of the past year that shaped them. Private as well as business. In these interviews in which no mince of words will be stated, no taboos exist, sometimes harsh words are used and where you get a nice insight into the soul life of the interviewee.

Babyjosus: This year you joined Bandit Gang, left Bandit Gang and rejoined Bandit Gang. How would you reflect on the year 2020?

Enz0Plays: I think 2020 has been quite the roller coaster ride for me. On the first half of the year I had all the momentum in the world with making Gwent content as well as streaming a bit more consistently, even after the pandemic happened I was still optimistic with where I was going as a content creator, but then once the summer came around the momentum completely shifted and I started to lose motivation and energy to play, a slump that I am still trying to climb out of. I think this was a combination of stale metas that have happened throughout the year as well as some personal struggles, so I decided to take breaks, which started to accumulate as I started to notice the slump I was in was getting harder and harder to get out of, so that was when I decided to leave Team Bandit Gang, and they were really understanding with my struggles and were willing to take me back with open arms should I choose to. Then in the month I spent “in the mountains” as you would say, I started to get ideas for content that I want to create for the game, so that was when I decided to rejoin. Right now, I am just studying, chilling and doing my own thing while I am not currently working, and I plan to make sure 2021 I can regain the momentum I have lost.

BJ: Whenever someone goes ”into the mountains” I hold my heart. And you originally joined Team Bandit Gang as a streamer & Youtuber for Gwent and are now delving into other projects. What made you decide to change things around?

EP: During my time off, I was watching a lot of game shows, specifically trivia shows, with my dad, and it gave me a lot of ideas on games I could present to the Gwent community and perhaps get them to participate in them. I have also been watching a lot of podcasts and news segments, which I am also starting to create episodes for and will be releasing at some point in the near future, but some time before the next year, I want to go back to doing streaming and Youtube videos again, but my main goal on my comeback is to expand on the types of content I want to create for Gwent and any other passion projects that might come up in the future.

BJ: That sounds pretty promising. Any insights you want to give away about those projects to the reader?

EP: I just want to say I sometimes spill some goodies and spoilers on these projects on my discord and twitch streams (which don’t occur often, still working on it) and some occasional co-op streams, so tune in to when any of those happen so you don’t miss out on some tidbits and leeks. 

BJ: Outside of all the content creation. I know that you like to play basketball in your spare time. What is it about basketball that you love so much and where did it start?

EP: I have played basketball since I was in elementary school. While I have never played for any school teams, I always liked that basketball was a sport I could train and practice and work out by myself, since I actually don’t consider myself a “team player” in person (but online its not a problem since I don’t need to be near people so my social anxiety levels remain low 😊) but I like to use it as a way to cool myself down and let my emotion out if I’m having a bad day or something goes wrong. Basketball is also where I started to discover a competitive side to myself, a side that I have been trying to suppress since I cannot control it yet, but if I choose to let it out then I could try to go pro in Gwent hehe.

BJ: Enz0Pro. Doesn’t sound that bad. Is there anything that you would like to do next year? This can be regarding anything.

EP: Next year, on a content creation aspect, I want to start slowly launching some of the projects I am currently planning for. I would also like to revive some of the software related projects I have also drawn out on paper and would like to transition to a computer. On a personal note, I would also like to revive my fitness and work on my body again. I realize that since the pandemic, I have gained a considerable amount of weight due to gyms being closed and roads being in bad condition so I can’t go jogging. 

BJ: Not bad, not bad at all. Do you have any new year’s resolutions?

EP: I want to learn to be more productive and learn the balance between taking breaks and working on projects and such. I also want to establish solid schedules when it comes to releasing content and streaming, but most importantly, I want to establish a solid sleeping schedule. If all of that goes well, I might shift my attention to improving my social interactivity since I don’t possess a lot of social skills at the moment. 

BJ: That’s great. I have actually noticed you are interacting more with some of the team members like Sawyer and Ziggy. And is there anything you want to say to the reader in anticipation of 2021?

EP: I just say thanks to those who read this who know who I am through the videos I have made and the limited amount of streams I have done. I know I was more known in the Gwent community last year compared to this year since I haven’t made as much Gwent content recently, but regardless Id like to thank you guys for the support you’ve given me on my deck guide videos and hope to continue the support as I plan to release more diverse Gwent content in 2021 so stay tuned. 

BJ: And stay tuned we will be.


*Enz0Plays's Top 10 Cards of 2020

*What is it with people starting their top 10 with their number 1 these days…

1. Korathi Heatwave
 – The answer to everything and the reason why I don’t play as many devotion decks. I just really like the korathis heatwave to remove whatever I want. Very solid way to deal with the ever so pesky scenarios.

2. Gaunter O’Dimm – As part of my services to the G.O.D. I must put him in my top 3 list.

3. Alpha Werewolf – Always found it a good addition to all my Fruits Decks.

4. Ihuarraquax aka the card I cannot pronounce no matter how hard I try – I enjoyed disrupting potential big combos with this card, unless it pulled out Damien on an NG matchup.

5. The Apiarian Phantom – Gave MO the long round boost it needed.

6. Squirrel – I enjoy feeding echo cards and potential ozzy targets to it.

7. Savolla – Before SY was decimated, I enjoyed the short round point slam Savolla provided. As an MO player I respect that.

8. Noonwraith –  Sentimental value as the first Witcher 3 contract available plus solid MO card.

9. Professor –  Inspiration for my latest set of videos that I have been working on plus a solid card when bounty was more playable.

10. Geralt: Igni – While it is a card I rarely use nowadays, the nostalgia I had from using this card during the beta days still hold dear to me, and I cannot find 10 other cards I like over this card for that reason so it is in the 10th spot.