Wobbledogs First Impressions ”Is it worth playing?”

Welcome to another spotlight for a different game than Gwent. Today a new game called Wobbledogs is being released on Steam. We of Team Bandit Gang had a look at it and want to share our first impressions with you.

When you start your first game you will be given helpful tips & tricks regarding the game mechanics and you will start in a single room with a single Wobbledog. From this point on you can start feeding the dog and interact with it. Eventually you get a hatching machine in order to breed more Wobbledogs. Wait a minute, since when do dogs hatch from eggs?! Well, these are not conventional dogs but mutated ones and you better forget anything you learned about mammal anatomy in school. Because it’s not only the hatching from the eggs but also the metamorphosis in a cocoon when they grow up. It’s a bit weird in the beginning but you get used to this relatively quickly.

You can tell that the developer had a lot of fun creating this. In fact the breeding aspect is at least as important as the petting itself. By the choice of the diet for the dogs you influence their gut flora, which in return shapes out in the physical appearance of their kids. From then on you can mix and match these features as you like and unleash the creativity within this game. It’s a sandbox game after all.

Another aspect of this sandbox game is the creation of different rooms and decorate them as you like. You can create multiple rooms for your dogs to play in and give them different themes if you like. And if you are hesitant to do so, your Wobbledogs will change their surroundings anyway. For example by building a cave out of mud.

While playing alongside your Wobbledogs you also have challenges to complete. This way you can unlock new features to use. This includes decorations, flowers, carpets, wallpapers and then some. But generally speaking, this game remains very relaxed and slow paced so you can just have fun with these weird ass doggos.

Throughout today, our streamers will cover this new game on their respective channels on Twitch so feel free to stop by if you would like to check the game out! We had quite some fun playing it in advance and we hope that you might as well!

What do you think about Wobbledogs? Are you excited for it? What features are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments down below!

End of Year Interview 2021 Escanbryt: ‘I’m sad that the virus is still around and public life is still so restricted’

At Bandit Gang, the end of the year means the end of year interviews. All members are put to the test one by one about the events of the past year that shaped them. Private as well as business. In these interviews in which no mince of words will be stated, no taboos exist, sometimes harsh words are used and where you get a nice insight into the soul life of the interviewee.

Babyjosus: Welcome Escan, you are the next in line after JSN. How would you reflect on the year 2021?

Escanbryt: I’m sad that the virus is still around and public life is still so restricted. But I had/have a big project on my job that I can spend my time and energy on and it’s very rewarding to see the outcome these days. And I won’t spend the next lockdown alone, which is also very great!

BJ: Sweet! How have you enjoyed your journey regarding the Seasonal Mode articles?

E: I’m glad I pulled that through. I didn’t just want to let that segment end when they changed the rotation cycle, and I like the new format that we have now. Most seasonal metas remain quite solved anyway, so I think you can come back to these articles for a long while.

BJ: Which article are you the most proud of this year?

E: The seasonal compendium as a whole, which was certainly the biggest BG project for me in this year. I also love participating in our new meme / theme snapshots.

BJ: What was your most memorable moment in 2021?

E: A wedding that I attended in summer. It was just so relieving to have a proper celebration after such a long time. And it’s also where I first met my girlfriend.

BJ: Lucky you! And speaking of weddings, they usually have music on there. Any new music you listened to this year and would recommend?

E: I like the new records from Architects, Gojira, Twelve Foot Ninja or Kælan Mikla, as a few examples. And a band that i only learned about this year is Arcane Roots, but their music is already a few years old and they are unfortunately disbanded by now.

BJ: Is there anything that you would like to do next year?

E: I want to travel again as soon as it becomes possible in a safe way. This year I could at least go to Sweden for a week, but that was business related and not for vacation unfortunately.

BJ: Do you have any new year’s resolutions?

E: Things are going very well for me now. I want to remind myself often enough to humbly appreciate them.

BJ: Anything you want to say to the reader in anticipation of 2021?

E: I hope that deckbuilding in Gwent will remain fun, cause these are the kinds of articles that I enjoy the most right now. Also the collaboration with team members on the patch 9.6 deck guides was really cool and I want to continue this.

BJ: Cheers and happy holidays!


*Escan's Top 10 Cards of 2021

*Escan’s top 10 starts at 1 instead of 10.

1) Idarran of Ulivo – wonderful card design that enables so many meme combos that range from utter trash to actually decent. Unfortunately ruins the Plus One seasonal mode.

2) The Mushy Truffle – I really like this card design, has good value, optional carryover, and fits well in many different kinds of decks.

3) Meditating Mage – My card reveal from October. Had his one month of fame with the all in deck, is rarely seen nowadays. Nonetheless the design idea is quite creative, it was just too strong in the beginning.

4) Arachas Queen – My favorite card from the recent 12 card bundle. Works well for swarm decks and deathwish decks alike and is mitigating tall punish with its Deathwish. At least if it’s not something like Heatwave or Yenvo.

5) Ardal aep Dahy – I like the design of this card. Currently working on a deck with Tactical Advantage and Cantarella, could be fun.

6) Torque – Has briefly revived the Handbuff archetype and I’m now on 90/100 Invigorate wins due to him. A few weeks later that deck didn’t find any success anymore, probably because the devotion condition is too much of a drawback.

7) Illusionist – Can be a monster for his 4 provisions if he finds a good target. Also enables funny NG soldier decks.

8) Coën – Difficult to set up, but a nice points-swing if it works. His provision buff to 6 provisions made him easy to combine with Blue Stripes Commandos, had a lot of fun with that deck.

9) Morvudd – Mercernn’s Deathwish deck made me realize how easy it is to gain great value from this card. Nightwraiths or Wererat can easily swarm the board with rats and Harpies are beasts as well.

10) Rience – Conditional card with quite some deckbuilding requirement, but creative design. Just needs a well thinning deck and ideally also some protection for his order ability.

Bandit of the Month (October) | Exclusive Interview with Escanbryt

Your unceasing hard work and dedication made our Seasonal Mode page what it is today and we are all impressed by the amount of passion you put into it. Your card reveal of everybody’s favorite Meditating Mage brought a lot attention to our website and we hope that BOTM will bring as much attention to you as possible, because you truly deserve it! May the season of Escan never end!

Babyjosus: Hey Escanbryt! What does it mean to you to receive your first BOTM?

Escanbryt: I appreciate your appreciation. 🙂

BJ: How have you enjoyed working on the seasonal mode page in the last months?

E: I wanted to find a way to continue the seasonal guides after the monthly rotation became a weekly one. The format that we have today is possibly the best way you can do it. While not all decks remain up to date all the time, they often remain viable due to the fact that there are few shifts in seasonal mode metas. So I think I am pretty satisfied with this compendium.

BJ: What can people expect from you in the future when it comes to the seasonal mode?

E: The seasonal mode page will receive an update from time to time if there is a nice new deck to share, but otherwise I consider this project completed now. Most seasonal metas are solved and stay solved, basically.

BJ: What message would you give to the supporters of BG?

E: I appreciate your appreciation as well. 🙂

You can find out more about Escanbryt here.

Escanbryt – What’s In My Deckbuilder?

This is ”Whats In My Deckbuilder?”, a series by Babyjosus where he asks Bandit Gang members and other people from the community to share their insights about what kind of decks they have in their deckbuilder. The decks in one’s deckbuilder often say a lot about the person. The player could be a deckbuilder at heart and enjoy running his/her own homebrews and even personalize their deck loadout by giving them names. But of course, you also have the person who looks at a meta snapshot, starts netdecking the best lists from it and might not even bother giving them unique names. Oh well, there is only one way to find out and that is by exposing them through this series!

Escanbryt 's Deck Picks

Hey guys! These decks have been compiled during the Season of the Elf, before the latest patch. As such, the provisions might be slightly different, but the mechanics are all still in place and the decks still have their spirit. Have fun! And shoutout to Team Kreve for the third list.

New Pirate Gang
So the first deck is kind of my signature deck by now. It started out as a Reckless Flurry list in October 2020 and evolved into Blaze of Glory as new cards got implemented. While you could say that it’s just an ordinary Eist-warrior-deck with a few off-meta bronzes, I wouldn’t agree with that. It plays differently and can take round one very cheaply if you draw a good pirate hand and have access to your Tidecloak Hideaways. I’d also say that Eist synergizes well with Dimun Pirates if the bloodthirst gets denied. Downsides are that pirates are missing tutors and you can end up missing some valuable cards from time to time, which overall makes the classic warrior deck a bit more competitive. Still, this deck was the one that scored the only win against enerGiiX in the April BG in-house tournament, so there’s that. Denpai is also very fond of this deck.

Seditious Aristocrats
This Nilfgaard deck is pretty fun to play and more competitive than it might look. It’s about playing Masquerade Ball in the first round to ensure a long round three where you create a setup with Seditious Aristocrats that can generate a lot of points. You play Operator with the Aristocrat and continue to trigger Idarran along with your leader on the opposing Aristocrat. The thing is that even if Idarran gets removed right away, he was already worth his provisions. If not, it gets even better with Informants, Coup de Grace and the like. All the spies that you play afterwards and of course the Usurper generate a whole lot of points. Most enjoyable Nilfgaard deck for me.

Precision Strike by Team Kreve
Precision Strike has always been a leader ability to me that I really didn’t like, regardless of its strength. However, I’m relatively close to completing my “Jack of All Trades” contract and all that’s missing are a few Scoia’tael abilities. So I just thought I might give this list from Vanandmunter of Team Kreve a shot and I have to say I like it so much more than all the other iterations I have played so far. It really feels like it can brick like hell, especially if the Novigradian Justice remains in the deck, but there’s usually some way to resolve it. And the double Serpent Trap is such a nice twist. Really appreciate this list!

Siege Warfare
This deck looks like a real pile, but it can actually bring out a lot of points if you get the right setup in round three. This setup is basically playing siege engines with the scenario and placing Siege Masters in between. Siege Masters are also the leader target. What looks easy to counter is actually not that easy to disassemble if it is played right. Finishing things off with the warfare cards can take you a long way. In order not to get bled, you try to take round one with Kerack Frigates and whatever might be necessary.

Restore Arnjolf
This is a variation of a list that Babyjosus created around a particular combo. This combo creates a 1-point-Arnjolf with Idarran and then slams points with Giant Boar and Restore. While people often will focus Idarran right away, the Arnjolf in return sticks. At least if your opponent sees this magic trick for the first time. However if Idarran sticks as well, he is giving some nice bonus value to cards like Svalblod Totem or Haern Caduch. BJs list combined this with a Madoc bomb package, while this list plays more witchers and opens up synergies for cards like Heymaey Flaminica, Leo, Berengar, or even Arnvald. The Portal also makes Bear Witcher Adepts ten times better. This deck is still a meme, but a funny one for sure.

Who Is Escanbryt?

Escan is an Article Writer for Bandit Gang with a main focus on Seasonal Mode. In the past he has written plenty of Seasonal Guides and is currently working on the Seasonal Mode page for the Team Bandit Gang website.

In his spare time, Escan likes to listen to music and visit concerts. He even traveled to Leeuwarden in The Netherlands to go to a concert from his favorite band. Oh, and of course to hang out with his friend Babyjosus.

If you missed the ninth edition of ”What’s In My Deckbuilder?” then you can check that out here. Also please consider checking out our article section where you can find plenty of articles. From member interviews to deck guides and more!

End of Year Interview 2020 Escanbryt: ‘What’s tough to write are seasonal articles where I don’t like the rules of the month’

At Bandit Gang, the end of the year means the end of year interviews. All members are put to the test one by one about the events of the past year that shaped them. Private as well as business. In these interviews in which no mince of words will be stated, no taboos exist, sometimes harsh words are used and where you get a nice insight into the soul life of the interviewee.

Babyjosus: Hey Escan, thanks for joining me. You are the very first person I am interviewing for the End of Year interviews. I would say it has been an interesting year. How would you reflect on the year 2020?

Escanbryt: I guess I’ve been better off than many other people. I’ve got a safe job, none of my loved ones have suffered serious health issues and I even managed to make progress in my career. However, it’s been a very lonely year as so many events and opportunities to socialize were cancelled. Some major celebrations that were planned got postponed as well. But while this all sucks a lot, I’m still grateful that it’s only these things that drag me down in this pandemic. Really want this to be over soon though!

BJ: During the pandemic you have joined Team Bandit Gang as an article writer for Gwent, how have you enjoyed it so far?

E: I love to see that my articles are being appreciated. It’s also a nice pastime activity to return to writing after a few years and being more active in the Gwent community. And our members are high quality people. At least most of them. 😉

BJ: Yeah, I remember you telling me about writing reviews for music albums and live reports on festivals before you joined us. I know you like to listen to music and go to concerts in your spare time too. Is there any particular song that you have enjoyed listening to this year?

E: Man, I miss the concerts probably more than anything else. To compensate for that I probably bought more music than the years before and there have been great releases this year. Orbit Culture, Igorrr, Gaerea, Dark Tranquillity, Caligula’s Horse, just to name a few. Along the new release of Caligula’s Horse, I also bought some of their older records and really fell in love with their song “Graves” from the album “In Contact”. Absolutely terrific!

BJ: I will make sure to check those out. What article would you say that you are the proudest of writing this year? And what article was the toughest to write?

E: It’s cool to see that the pirate deck I recently created got some resonance. It’s just lovely to finish the deckbuilding process successfully and then even finding approval by other people. What’s tough to write are seasonal articles where I don’t like the rules of the month. There are some seasons where one deck just outruns all the others by a big margin. This puts me in a position where the good deck is already well known and other decks you want to come up with just can’t compete. The best seasons are those where many things work.

BJ: And is there anything that you would like to do next year? This can be regarding article writing or something else.

E: Article writing is nice, but it’s not one of the things that I’m starved of right now. I will really enjoy doing all the things that weren’t possible this year again. And it would be cool to get into a relationship again. Let’s see.

BJ: That’s understandable. Do you have any new year’s resolutions?

E: I’ve never been a big friend of new year’s resolutions. And I think that I’ve got my shit together.

BJ: Anything you want to say to the reader in anticipation of 2021?

E: Stay healthy, stay safe, this pandemic won’t last forever.


*Escan's Top 10 Cards of 2020

*Escan’s top 10 are just ten cards that he liked this year, without any specific order but I put a number in front of it just for the sake it.

10. Tidecloak Hideaway – A card that has been bad for a long time. It surprised me how much tempo it brings to the table in a dedicated pirate deck.

9. Tyrggvi Tuirseach – Not necessarily strong, but I really like Rupture as a status. Hope to see more of this in the future.

8. Blue Stripes Commando – Playing triple commandos made me go climbing to pro again. Was really fun to play when it emerged.

7. Amphibious Assault – This card is just so great. A powerful echo card that pushes cheap bronze cards to power levels of gold cards.

6. Viraxas – My favorite of the evolving cards. The versatility in a deck with a lot of greedy order cards is just nice.

5. Ciri: Nova – Has been a bad card for a long time, now enables a new deckbuilding approach. Few of these nova decks are good, but some of them can be pretty surprising if played correctly.

4. Sir Skewertooth – Loved to play this card in the seasonal mode of the season of magic. I have no clue why syndicate wasn’t more popular in that month.

3. The Beast – Another seasonal mode, but this one carried a really cool deck in the season of love. playing tall when everyone aims at midrange.

2. Vanhemar – Iconic inclusion in any imposter deck, which is my favorite among the new leader abilities we got this year.

1. Caesar Bilzen – Dunno why, but I find this guy adorable. Currently picked as my favorite premium card in the profile screen.