Get To Know The Faction Ambassadors!

This article has been written by Babyjosus in cooperation with Mercernn and edited by Weevil89.

Who are the Faction Ambassadors and where to find them?

On January 19th 2019, the Gwent community got introduced to its official Faction Ambassadors (and later on to the Faction Ambassador for Syndicate). This was mainly for new players that are looking for tips, tricks, or just want to enjoy some Gwent. But now they have been introduced, I don’t think we ever got to know who they really are. So, who are the people behind these Faction Ambassador badges? And what can they tell us about themselves and their faction? Well, let’s find out!

Who is the faction Ambassador for Nilfgaard?


The Faction Ambassador for Nilfgaard is Jaggerous also known as Jagg. Jaggerous is 28 years old and is from Scotland. She studied a Master of Science in Evolutionary and Behavioral Ecology. Her favorite food is burritos and her favorite color is purple. Maybe she could bribe CDPR to change Nilfgaard’s colors from black to purple. Although Nilfgaardians walking around in purple armor? I am not so sure about that. But it would surely piss some people off. Maybe for a day or two then.

Anyway, she has taught herself to edit videos as a teenager because she wanted to make Runescape Music Videos. She claims that they were terrible and overedited. And maybe that’s why they are not on her YouTube (anymore?). Jaggerous has been playing Gwent since Closed Beta, January 2017 before Nilfgaard even existed. She is most known for casting for CDPR and for her beginner deck guides. She predominantly makes YouTube videos these days as a content creator for Team Leviathan Gaming. Outside of Gwent she likes Formula 1, running, and cross stitch.

The reason she became the Faction Ambassador was by brutally murdering Mogwai in his sleep. And is constantly watching her back since then, just in case someone tries to kill her. It even makes her taste the dog her food before she eats it. ‘’I mean, you never know. It might very well be poisoned’’ she says. Jaggerous enjoys Nilfgaard because of how polarizing it is as a faction. People either really love it or absolutely hate it. Her favorite Nilfgaard card art is Cantarella but in terms of mechanics she enjoys the versatility of Vincent van Moorlehem. This is because it works with lots of decks whether they’re lock, or poison based. Or even against other statuses like vitality.

What she loves about the faction is that it has a lot of identity in terms of lore. Nilfgaard has spies and backstabbing, but also subterfuge and poisoning. They’re basically like a soap opera if a soap opera was a faction. Nilfgaard has things like the great sun, sons and daughters of Nilfgaard, and Alba which she finds gives the faction a strong sense of unity and is why so many people love it. Also, in Scottish Gaelic Alba means Scotland, and she has always liked how that relates to her heritage as a Scottish person.

If you have any questions regarding the Nilfgaard faction, no bribing is needed. She will answer them from the bottom of her purple heart. You can find Jaggerous on Twitter, Twitch and YouTube.

Who is the faction Ambassador for Scoia’tael?


The faction Ambassador for Scoia’tael is SirPumpkn. SirPumpkn is 23 years old and is from the United States. He has been playing card games all his life. Pumpkn streams full time on Twitch, primarily focusing on Gwent, but before that he gathered experience in multiple other titles such as Hearthstone, Eternal, Faeria, Duelyst and Shadowverse. Such a wide range of content, as well as Pumpkn’s ever growing audience (not even mentioning his talent for card games and his personality) have all helped him with becoming a member of Team Complexity Gaming’s stream team.

Among other achievements of his, perhaps the most curious one is that Pumpkn was the only AQ winner at Challenger#5. And that is unprecedentedly astonishing especially if we consider that he wasn’t even registered as one of the contestants! Well, to be completely frank. He achieved this utmost unique victory when he had to play a showcase match against RaduAndrada on the iOS version of Gwent. Nevertheless, he did win, which is what matters in the end, especially if we consider that the other challenger participants all lost with AQ!

There are many unique little details about Pumpkn that just stick with you after watching only a few of his videos or spending some time with him on Twitch. For starters, he seems to love Red Pandas (although who doesn’t, right?) as one of them proudly and loyally guards his YouTube and Twitch channels. Another thing that will be just burned into your memory is that since the very brink of time, an orange sports car miniature model has been making a cameo in Pumpkn’s video content. And while the “Pumpkn-mobile” plays only a passive role, you find yourself more than often just staring at it, hypnotized by the flaming orange beauty.

Mentioning things being burned into your memory and flaming orange beauties, the aspect of his with which he has arguably made a name for himself most is his undying love for Scorch, Schirru, Geralt: Igni and other devastating (and very hot) cards that are scary on their own, but their power grows exponentially with someone as experienced in their usage, as Pumpkn is.

Do you have a burning question to ask or want to get involved in a heated discussion? You can find SirPumpkn on Twitter, Twitch and YouTube.

Who is the faction Ambassador for Syndicate?


The faction ambassador for Syndicate is Trynet. Trynet is 25 years old and is from the United States. He studied Computer Science, but after graduating he found himself more interested in card games and thus he plays Gwent. He still has passion for computer science and likes to work on various programming projects when he has some spare time. He also has a pet tortoise named Tortoise, which for some reason he insisted on being mentioned. No further questions were asked about his pet tortoise so you will never find out.

Trynet is known for winning the LAN tournament Wild Hunt 1 after getting ten blue coins in a row on his run from top 8 until the last game of the final. You could say that it’s almost as big of an achievement as climbing Mount Everest in a hurricane. Some of the players at the event suggested he should try streaming, and so he did. He found pretty quick success in it because people recognized him, almost as if he had a big blue coin on his face. He wouldn’t say that streaming and himself are a natural fit, but over time he did like to at least believe he has gotten better at it. Aside from that, he enjoys the community that he has gathered the most. He streams Gwent full time on Twitch and makes YouTube videos under the banner of Team Rankstar.

So, for those who don’t know. Trynet says that he became the faction ambassador because he was just sitting behind his computer, and things just started to happen. Like, Burza messaging him in discord, asking him if he wanted to become the Faction Ambassador for Syndicate. Or me, asking him to provide information for this article. But since Trynet became the face of Syndicate, he must have an opinion about it as well.

He says his favorite card is Fence and his favorite mechanic is Hoard. The reason for Hoard being his favorite mechanic of the faction is because it adds another layer on top of coins, breaking the linearity of converting coins to points. Apart from that, he likes the Syndicate faction about its extra decision making. An example is that you can choose what kind of points you want to convert your coins into. Do you want to use them for damage with Ewald, buff up a tall Jackal, or yoinking a unit with Philippa? The coins add an extra layer on top of the gameplay that no other faction has to offer.

If you want to try-netdecks of the true Syndicate boss, but don’t wanna put a bounty on your head for asking, do not hesitate, as Trynet is happy to answer all your questions regarding the Syndicate faction. You can find Trynet on Twitter, Twitch and YouTube.

Who is the faction Ambassador for Monsters?


OceanMud, also known as PotionMud, is the Faction Ambassador for Monsters. The 31-year-old that is hailing from the United States, follows a long tradition of the Universal Studios’ monster films by spreading the word about why Monsters should get your attention and why you should shake and cry (ideally for help) when you run into them in the game.

When OceanMud is not being a degenerate on the pro ladder he is being a degenerate on his smurf account called OceanMudSmurf. This, of course, is hardly a Pro Rank account – more like a gatekeeper one. This is because he has never agreed to the terms for Pro Rank which keeps his account at rank 1. And thus tries to stop others from reaching it.

Another unreachable possession of his would be his magnificent chest hair, thick and shiny as the fur of a fiend, which he likes to show off on stream as the true alpha male he is. Though we cannot tell whether it is thanks to his love for unbuttoned shirts or due to the fact that he has to assert his dominance in the competitive environment of Pro Ladder. We can never be thankful enough for being able to lay our eyes on it and dream for at least the very few merry moments that we are so gifted to.

Mentioning hairy things… OceanMud has had a truly extraordinary companion living with him in his apartment for over two years now. His name is Gizmo. Which for the poor souls among you, is the name of a character from the eighties horror comedy classic “Gremlins” that absolutely deserves your attention. Where is the connection you might ask? Well, the movie star Gizmo is very cute to begin with and also was brought to the silver screen thanks to practical effects – animatronics. Yes, Gizmo the pet is a mechanical cat for people suffering from dementia. „It’s like a real cat, you just don’t have to feed it“ describes his loyal friend OceanMud himself. And why would you get a mechanical cat instead of a real one you might ask? Elementary, my dear Gwentleman, real pets are not allowed in the apartment of OceanMud’s.

Other than that, OceanMud seems to always start a civil discussion regarding topics in Gwent. For example, he has talked about profile names being hidden on Pro Rank and has involved a lot of opinions from pro players within this discussion. And even though he is an artifact connoisseur, he has participated in a hefty discussion regarding artifacts in the past. You can tell from this that OceanMud is passionate about Gwent and it’s likely that this is why he became the Faction Ambassador for Monsters.

OceanMud’s involvement with the community is not limited to high-level players only, as every now and then he also shares very brief and easily digestible tutorials or guides on his YouTube channel. These can be helpful, especially for players with intermediate experience or even complete greenhorns. Improve your Gwent Gameplay is as of writing this article his most recent and arguably most widely applicable tutorial so far and we can wholeheartedly recommend it.

OceanMud is a so-called monster. Somebody who demonstrates skills beyond normal mastery. And is therefore the right person to go to when you need the answer to all your questions relating the Monsters faction. You can find OceanMud on Twitter, Twitch and YouTube.

Who is the faction Ambassador for Northern Realms?


The Faction Ambassador for Northern Realms is the one and only 36-year-old McBeard. One can only wonder if the geographical location of Canada, which McBeard hails from, played a role in him growing so close with the Nordling faction. McBeard, aside from being a streamer on Twitch and a YouTuber, is an official tournament caster for CDPR and is the founder and host of the Commander’s Horn podcast. He is very passionate about the podcast and treats it like it’s his baby. I mean, he has done well over 100 episodes already. If it were me, I would treat it like my baby, too.

The one babe who will always be even more important to McBeard is his wife, thanks to whom he coincidentally got to know Flake, his fellow tournament caster. In fact, McBeard was the very person who introduced Flake to Gwent by sending him a beta key. The two are very close to each other to this very day, almost like a family. Flake was even given the very prestigious task of being a bridesmaid at McBeards wedding. Yes, a bridesmaid. But, that shouldn’t surprise us anymore… right? Right?!

McBeard’s attention has most recently been caught by the machines archetype and by rule you can find him enjoying the Mobilization aka the former Henselt leader ability most often. Too much of anything tends to be bad though and McBeard confessed to us that while he finds Siege and Bombardement both very fun, he has never participated in the Triple Siege hype train that included both Caretaker and Renew in the deck to resurrect Siege twice. This could very well be because he only wants to represent the non-degenerate aspects of the faction as he is a public figure. And doesn’t want to make his hands dirty like King Radovid V the Stern.

Delicately planning where to set up the engines of war and ultimately seizing another victory is not where McBeard’s creativity ends. Apart from that, he dedicates his time to working on various creative projects such as novels or graphic novels.

If McBeard should highlight one Northern Realms card that has a special place in his heart. It would most definitely be Trebuchet. A favorite Northern Realms gold card of his used to be Prince Stennis, as well as Keira Metz, but unfortunately their abilities have changed drastically, and they are no longer his favorites. Nowadays, he probably likes best the fellow bearded man: Falibor. A much easier decision on the other hand could be made about what his favorite card overall is. This spot is dedicated to Triss: Telekinesis. Among others he also adores Henselt and characters that are related to his plotline in the Witcher 2 such as Draug or Sabrina Glevissig. One of the reasons why it is so is the fact that most of the cards actually work together very well and you can create decks with them that are both competitively viable and thematic.

McBeard describes the Northern Realms faction in his own words as: “The evil army full of abominations, cursed princesses, abhorrent racism towards non humans (…) and yet somehow they are the protagonists. Dirty and real and flawed and fighting for survival, just like me”. Perhaps, that’s why McBeard got crowned to the role of Faction Ambassador for the Northern Realms.

Also, McBeard, if you are reading this. Delta65 told me that every time when he is going to bed he is looking at your Christmas card. You know, the one where you promised to him that you two will finish that Divinity game that has been ongoing since the release. Well, this is a friendly reminder to send him a message about it. Because he thinks you two will never finish it. And it would be a shame to miss all these opportunities to gain more unwinnable encounters.

If you’re still stuck in the ranks of noob fucking infantry and reaching that sweet title of Sir Pro Rank Player seems virtually impossible to you, or if you’re just looking for the finest of Temeria’s finest decks, you can look for Mcbeard’s guidance on Twitter, Twitch and YouTube.

Who is the faction Ambassador for Skellige?


Shinmiri, the Master Roper Extraordinaire, is the Faction Ambassador for Skellige. Shinmiri is 33 years old and lives with his wife in the United States. He started playing Gwent in February 2017 along with the Lifecoach wave. He has been a gamer all his life and even met his wife through Dota. They say his wife fell for his charms when she had to interview him for an article that she was writing. And I tell you now Shinmiri: although I am trying very hard to resist them, I won’t be falling for them.

But let’s continue. Shinmiri is known in the Gwent community for his educational and analytical style of storytelling. He has been an analyst for official Gwent tournaments and a caster for the Gwent League community tournaments. Aside from that, he is a streamer on Twitch and YouTuber for Team Aretuza. His favorite thing about Gwent is that you can often pinpoint a decision made by either player as a reason why you won or lost rather than just bad luck. When he doesn’t play Gwent, you might queue into him in a game of Apex Legends. But be wary: Shinmiri has impeccable vision. And he might as well headshot you. Other than that, Shinmiri tends to play puzzle and board games. Outside of playing any kind of games, he is literally outside when he goes traveling or snorkeling.

The reason that Shinmiri became the faction ambassador for Skellige was because he was known for playing more games with Skellige Veterans in beta than Ashlizzle. But, Skellige has also been the faction that he has enjoyed and played the most, so it was a great fit altogether. The thing he likes the most about Skellige is that it is one of the best factions for winning round 1 and controlling the round lengths and overall pace of the game. He really enjoys Skellige’s ability to effectively push round 2.

His favorite card and mechanic for Skellige are both Lippy. This explains why there is always a Lippy deck going around on the ladder, since Shinmiri is the one who tries to make him work with every patch! He thinks the unique mechanic of switching your graveyard with your deck can allow you to do some crazy things, potentially playing the game completely differently than you would with any other deck.

Are you intrigued about Skellige? Well, Shinmiri has all the time in the world when he is roping in Gwent. So, don’t be shy and ask away anything that you want to know about the Skellige faction. You can find Shinmiri on Twitter, Twitch and YouTube.

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