Bandit Gang’s Guide to Syndicate-FAQS


Answers to the various questions a beginner will have after going through this guide.

Why didn’t my Jacques reach its 3rd form? Why does my Whoreson Junior only target boosted units? 

You have neutrals in your deck which can cancel your Devotion abilities.

Why does Saul not boost by 3 when I have 7 coins?

Saul will only boost by 3 when you have 7 coins if you are using Hidden Cache leader.  

Is Tiger’s Eye worth crafting?

Yes, but it’s not as important as your other high-end gold cards such as Whoreson Junior and Sigi Reuven.

What will happen if I use Bloody Good Fun with 9 coins?

All 9 of your coins will be used if you use Bloody Good Fun without spending them beforehand.

I used a special card that gave me coins to over profit in the jackpot leader. Why didn’t my card get boosted?

Your unit will only get boosted if it’s the one that over profited and using specials to over profit will not give your units any boost.

I gave a Bounty to a unit but it did not receive it?

Veiled units cannot gain any status including bounties or your opponent used purify to clear the bounty.

What leader do you suggest for a new player starting the Syndicate faction?

Jackpot is the best Leader you can play right now if you are a new player.