Meta Snapshot #1 Rock Paper Scissors


After years of playing card games. After thousands of hours put into Gwent. After millions of teardrops poured over the RNG dictating the outcome of the game, Bandit Gang decided to leave Gwent content creation. We are concerned about the horrible balance of the game and we no longer want to be a part of it.

King is dead, long live the King! We are not, however, moving away from content creation! We have agreed to finally move to a game that has a proper balance. That’s why today, we present our first Meta Snapshot for the greatest and most balanced game in the world: Rock Paper Scissors!

A Tier

They work hard and play hard, that’s what you can expect from most Rock players. Hard as a rock? Well, it’s harder than a rock as ACDC sing. The reason for this is that playing Rock puts the most pressure on your carpal tunnel out of all the signs in this month’s meta, and therefore you can just feel the dedication of the players, willing to play in their style in spite of risking their health. This season, Rock finds its deserved place in A tier with an amazing match up against Scissors, but no longer as stellar results against the other signs. Some speculation found in the Chinese RPS Meta Reports indicate that a potential alternative to Rock, the Wok sign, could find it’s place in the international meta soon. For the time being, nonetheless, we have to rely purely on Rock that should stand strong against this season.

Rock is especially great against confident players that like an aggressive, fast pace playstyle. The experienced player often starts with scissors so a rock starter is great against those. It is also expected for a rookie, especially men, to open with rock – try avoiding the mistake. Rock is a solid strategy for new players that want to experiment with a strong sign. 

  • Difficulty – Easy
  • Good Against – Scissors
  • Bad Against – Paper
  • Underwhelming Mirror Matches

Papers, please. No? Oh well, maybe just Paper will do fine then and for as long as you want to succeed in RPS, this meta it couldn’t be closer to the truth! Paper, the simplest and most ergonomic sign isn’t neccessarily a fan-favorite.  As if slapping your opponent cheekily with it and asserting your dominance, Paper gives you a direct edge over any Rock archetype, nonetheless it will have trouble against its historic counter-sign, Scissors. This sign is also ideal for players with sweaty hands, as the natural airflow resulting from using the sign helps you with battling this condition, just genius! 

Paper is statistically the least common strategy. Use it as an opening against new and inexperienced players. Because it is often considered weak, soft, and unappealing by players. It has a surprising effect on your opponents. Do not play against people that like an aggressive approach.

  • Difficulty – Advanced
  • Good against – Rock
  • Bad against – Scissors
  • Underwhelming Mirror Matches

Running with Scissors is a great idea, at least for as long as you’re running into a lot of Papers, perhaps not as much in any other cases. Scissors are well known for their Aggro potential which they’ve been upholding for a very long time. The core of what makes Scissors such a dangerous, and at some points even disliked sign, is that its sharp nature as if encouraged the players utilizing it to pressure for victory harder than usual. Channelling all of your pokerface reading skills when playing against a Scissors main is a must! 

The ideal aggressive sign. Usually associated with people that play fast and want to trick your opponent. Play it mainly against females opponents and more experienced players. It is tricky to use against new gamers and males. Scissors are a sign that can easily backfire against new players. Use Scissors in a skilled way against more sophisticated opponents.

  • Difficulty – Medium
  • Good against – Paper
  • Bad against – Rock
  • Underwhelming Mirror Matches


After writing the meta snapshot and analyzing many guides, we got to the conclusion, that Rock Paper Scissors is actually… not a perfectly balanced game! According to the data, people use rock and scissors around 35% of the time, while paper only in 29% of cases! Moreover, people tend to change their strategy when they are on a losing streak and at the same time -> they keep the symbol if they are on a winning streak! Well, If even RPS is not a balanced game, I guess we will go back to Gwent soon…

If you wanted to find out more about RPS check out some of thse websites: 

And that was our very first (and possibly last) Meta Snapshot for Rock Paper Scissors, we hope you’ve enjoyed it! See you next month when, who knows, what we’ll bring to you. 😉 

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