Deck Guide: Skellige and the Magic Compass


21 new cards have been added to the game and I am having tons of fun with all of them! In this article, I have two decks for you that include Magic Compass – a card revealed by me, Bomblin. The first deck is actually the creation of one of the Bandit Gang pro players – Energix. He had a crazy 85% win rate with it on pro rank and I absolutely love it!

The plan of the deck is quite simple. You want to go through your deck as much as possible with the discard package, Knickers, and Roach. You can generate a lot of points behind the defender using Messenger of the Sea and rain/storm cards.

Try to also set up a carryover with Ciri: Nova and use your Golden Nekker to thin 3 more cards and generate tempo. Magic Compass can often hit cards that are not crucial for the victory and it doesn’t generate any big problems. Moreover, it can be used to put Morkvarg on the board.

In round 3, you want to use Magic Compass when you have 2 or fewer cards in the deck to generate a legendary card. In most cases, you want to use Fucusya with Messanger of the Sea for a lot of value or Lippy to get instant 10 point play (Roach and Knicker) plus a chance to go through the deck (and Golden Nekker!) again!


-Can generate a lot of points in the short and long round

-Has a carryover in form of Nova and a sort of Compass

-Can give you any legendary you need in round 3


Magic Compass can sometimes screw you

-It is not easy to play – you have to keep in mind many possible scenarios

-Can struggle against some greedy decks.

The Deck

Core Cards

Golden Nekker: Crazy value card. You play 3 cards that can generate even more cards! It can easily give you more than 20 points in one turn.

Ring of Favor: Amazing card that can help you play for round 1 easily. Especially with the number of Mill decks currently on the ladder – this card can let you survive round 1 and in the worst case, it is another thinning card!

Messenger of the Sea: The most crucial engine in your deck. Especially against decks with a lot of units, this card can generate an absurd amount of points.


The Deck

The second deck of today is my take on the Skellige raid deck. Not only does the new card Highland Warlord supports the unitless or control heavy decks, but I do believe it also helps an old-school archetype – devotion warriors.

Deck has a bit of a slow round 1. You want Mulligan for both Highland Warlords, Derran, and thinning cards. Try to not use your high provision golds and attempt to win round 1.

Because this deck lacks tempo in early rounds, you will be often bled in round 2. If you see that this might happen, play your Eist and any other card apart from Eist. If necessary, you can even use your leader ability on a scary engine.

In round 3, combo your Eist with leader ability (if available), and in combination with Magic Compass – because this is a devotion deck, Eist will summon moved cards on the board.


-Big finisher with a lot of points even without the leader’s ability

-Not relying on engines – instant points in most cases

-A lot of control tools



-Can be easily bled in Round 2 if you are not careful

Magic Compass is way more clunky in round 1 than in the first deck

Core Cards

Eist: Not only does he synergizes with a leader’s ability, but the Magic Compass also gives it more flexibility and can generate a lot of points as a finisher in round 3.

Primal Savagery: The best card after the boost out of all raid cards. Not only it is a removal, but it also creates a unit on your side of the board.

Derran: In most cases, you want to use it with Morkvgar but it can also be used to set up a nice Magic Compass.