Deck Guide: Hyperthin Syndicate


Hyperthin Nilfgaard is one of the oldest archetypes in Homecoming Gwent that still see some play and can still get you to pro rank. I am a big fan of the deck and I probably played it every season. However, I wanted to experiment a little bit with Yennefer and Triss and I have made my greatest creation to date. I present you: Hyperthin Syndicate! I played for the first time with this deck in a season of Love but recent changes to Syndicate made this deck even better! 

Main Strategy

This deck has 3 win conditions hidden in one concept of hyperthin. You want to thin your deck in round 1 as much as possible. In round 2, depending on your hand, you can bleed or even 2:0 your opponent. The current meta requires you to bleed some powerful cards from your opponent in round 2 and this deck can do that. In round 3 you plan to finish the opponent with combos. 

General Gameplan

Mulligan and round 1: Look for Casino bouncers and sewer raiders and at least one playable gold like Gelert. Because you quickly create a lot of units on the board, a recent buff to Gelert makes him extremely powerful in round 1. Try to thin your deck from cards like roach, boat, and finish your opponent with a witcher trio. Snowdrop and Eavesdrop help you shuffle useless cards back to the deck. It might be a good idea to keep them in hand. If you had a perfect hand, the point gap should be big enough to secure round 1. If your hand is terrible, do not be afraid to pass early at like 6-7 cards. 

Round 2: Bleed. This meta requires you to bleed and this deck can do it. Check your remaining deck regularly so you do not brick your hyperthin cards like Yenn or Triss. It is fine if you draw Penance – you can use it as a surprise with Bekkers Dark Mirror or Apothecary. It is best to keep one Failed experiment in the deck. 

Round 3: Pray that your opponent uses the Korathi heatwave and use EVERYTHING on Greater Brothers. Use all the coins and all the boost. You basically „hide” all your points in the form of armor. Be careful to not die to bleed! It happened to me once or twice 🙂 Finish your opponent with a fat Vlodimir. You can transform some point into armor if you expect some sort of damage.


Yennefer + Triss -> the classic of hyperthin. You have 4 good targets. Penance, failed experiment, Greater brothers. Be careful to not brick mages by mulliganing too much before round 3.

Greater brothers + Vlodimir -> Use all coins and power of Brothers to create a lot of armor. This makes a unit a tall unit that is unkillable by tall removal because it has only 2 power. You can use rest, yenn boost, and even BDM on this guy to „hide” your points. As a finisher, you use Vlodimir for a sweet amount of points.

Penance + Apothecary/BDM -> Procession is great for hyperthin, however, it can also be used when you draw it. When you use it, it will be just a 2 point body. If your opponent doesn’t remove it, spores make it a 12 point card and BDM 22! Great finisher!


You can’t replace many cards in this deck. But if you want then you could make the following changes:

  • Apothecary -> spores – more spells = fewer chances to brick hyperthin. In this meta, however, you can’t use spores in an offensive way and Apothecary can help you block SK bloodthirst;
  • Eavesdrop/Fisstech -> Shakedown/Bloody good fun/ Payday.

Final Words

This deck is one of the most fun decks I ever played on a ladder. It also teaches you about knowing your opponent and the art of Mulligan. It is a great way to learn about unique combos as well! I warn you, however! If you don’t have spare scraps, don’t craft this deck 🙂

The Deck

The Video Deck Guide