Deck Guide: The Hook


Firesworn swarm has been one of the best devotion swarm decks out there. This time with the introduction of the new SY leader “Cleaver” this archetype has reached its new peak. Unlike Arachas Swarm, the firesworn can go tall and wide pretty fast. Every season I will try to recreate a type of swarm in at least one faction, this season I have chosen the Firesworn Swarm as Syndicate has received numerous buffs and changes.

Main Strategy

The deck has numerous combos, you have the Crownsplitters with Justice and Ferko for round 1. You have Cleaver to withstand any bleed. You have Ulrich into Fallen Knights for a push. You can create multiple Fallen Knights with Igor. Once Igor has been depleted you have Senior to convert Igor and a Firesworn token into Cutups.  Once you have swarmed the board you have the echo card Dies Irae for massive point swing in round 2. For round 3, you have the evolved Jacques and Gord for pretty strong finishers. These are the potential combos in this deck. The general strategy is to make use of the “Intimidate” and “Spawn” mechanics along with the Fallen Knights as much as possible. And during this process of making use of Intimidate you use a lot of specials to gradually increase the value of Gord for a strong finisher.

General Gameplan

In general, the deck plays itself as each and every card synergizes with each other even if your draws are super bad. The only draw that hurts so much is drawing Ulrich and having no Firesworn units in hand. This is where we have to be cautious as there are only 4 firesworn units in this deck. The rounds are as followed:

Round 1 Mulligans
Ideally in round 1 you need either Ferko/Justice and one Halfling Safecracker. If you draw Jacques or  Gord in round its good to mulligan them as they are your round 3 cards. If you have only Ulrich and no firesworn in hand it is okay to mulligan Ulrich for later rounds. In round 1, It is fine to commit Cleaver or Senior and save the Firesworn packages such as Ulrich,Fallen Knights and Igor to defend the bleed or push round 2. Ideally you need last say as Gord.

The Deck

Round 2 Defend
Say for example you drew only bricks and could not even commit Senior or Cleaver round 1, it’s fine now you can commit Cleaver as he can easily withstand a bleed by him alone. If Cleaver is not enough you can commit Ulrich or Senior thereby saving 1 Fallen Knight for later rounds to combo with Igor. If the opponent is pushing you to a point where you have to commit Igor, it is fine to use Igor too for the bleed defense as you ideally need 1 Fallen Knight and any card that swarms for example Jacques in round 3.

Round 2 Push
If you have won round 1, you can easily push your opponent to their limit with Ulrich into Fallen Knights and Igor alone. As Igor also procs Fallen Knights as he spawns more Fallen Knights its too much tempo for the opponent to handle. By the time they get to Igor you can either Dies Irae or full leader so that your Fallen Knights are already hard to remove. This is where the deck shines, once Igor has given its value its very hard for opponent to catch up unless they have Yrden or Igni. If you feel like the opponent is not respecting you push you can commit Stage 2 : Jacques along with Fallen Knights which will be so much points for the opponent to catch up. Once you have swarmed enough the last Dies Irae will not only boost the units  on board but also procs all the Intimidates on the board.

Round 3
Ideally after a strong push/defend in round 2 the final round is usually short. Therefore Gord is the ideal short round finisher. Usually in my games, I always have Jacques,Dies Irae, 1 last Fallen Knight and Gord. These are plenty for a short round 3.


  • Ferko -> Justice -> Halfling Safecracker: This gives you early game thinning,tempo and an engine on board. It is a very good opener.
  • Cleaver in-between Cleaver’s muscle/Ferko/Safecracker for more Intimidate points as there are a lot of specials in this deck.
  • Fallen Knights with Cleaver’s Spawn this is a devastating engine proc, each spawn from cleaver will proc ALL the fallen knights on the board plus a 5point muscle on board it is too good for a cost of 4 coins.
  • Igor with Fallen Knights Spawn, Ah Igor what a card! Igor on deploy with Insanity alone is a strong proc for Fallen Knights as well as Cutup Lackeys from Senior. Senior and Igor go hand in hand.
  • Ulrich -> Fallen Knights -> Leader spawns, Ultrich devotion ability allows your Fallen Knights to be safe from 5point removals such as payday,coated weapons,etc. Once the copy has been played from hand the synergy with leader is very good as you have two Fallen Knights instead of one with the help of Ulrich.
  • Leader Spawns -> Senior, this is a classic combo among the Firesworn leader as it also enables Tribute ability on Senior. Other cards that enable Senior are Smuggle and Dip in the pontar as they are Profit 3.
  • Igor -> Cutup Lackeys from Senior, If your fallen knights and one of your Cutup Lackey has been removed you can use Igor to recreate another Lackey and keep the bonded ability active.
  • Smuggle procs Intimidate and Spawn along with a profit of 3. This card is highly underrated, it procs ALL Intimidates and Spawn ability that’s insane. Also allows you to pay Tribute to Senior for more threats for you opponents to handle.
  • Using crimes over the course of the game allows Gord to be very big as a finisher.
  • Fallen Knights->Jacques->Dies Irae. Note: Jacques in round 3 will benefit profit 1 for each firesworn card played after Jacques is on board. That card can either be a unit or special. It is very good in round 3.
  • Fallen Knights -> Fire Disciple is a lot of points for a 4 provision card. Disciple also has the Smuggle syndrome of being underrated. For a 4 provision card, it gives you profit of 2, also can spawn a token for your Excommunication. Once the Fallen Knights are on the board, the single proc of this 4 provision card is almost equal to Cleaver’s spawn. That’s how strong this card is in this deck. You can even create a copy of this with Ulrich if you never drew Fallen Knights.
  • Excommunication on a firesworn token is a great tutor as you can see you top three cards, Ideal round 2 tutor. If you want to be cheeky, you can Excom Joachim to stop your opponent’s Quadruple combo 😀


There are not that many replacements to be made in this deck. The only replacement I can suggest is Dip in the Pontar -> Shakedown. The main purpose of Dip was for Dies Irae deathblow and removing pesky bronze engines like Larva etc. Other than this, I do not see any replacements.


This deck is by far the most fun and powerful deck I have played this season. It gives you that satisfaction of spawning and proc’ing the Fallen Knights and have a huge Gord as finisher. There are too many threats for the opponents to handle. So far my loses with this deck are game deciding not to give me either a tutor or not give me Gord. Hence I conclude that, if you get a chance to thin in this deck please do. If you succeed in thinning earlier the deck itself will suggest combos per round. 😀