Irresistible Attraction

Guide – Irresistible Attraction

This article is part of a Bandit Gang series, covering the many different seasonal modes with brief descriptions of each, as well as some strategies and deck ideas. Not every deck will always be up to date, given the weekly rotation. Instead we display each deck based on its date of creation, so that you can retrace what may have changed in the game since then. Feel free to adjust the decks with new cards or old cards that you like better and, as always, have fun! – MAIN PAGE

Whenever you play a non-spying unit, move a random enemy unit with the same power to the opposite side.

This mode was introduced with the Season of Love, and its concept fits that very well. It’s all about charming as many units to your side of the board as you can. And for that, you can follow multiple strategies that all have the same goal: Stealing as many units from your opponent while making it difficult for him to get them back.

There are multiple factions acting successfully here and that brings some variety to this mode. Once more very popular is Nilfgaard with a very versatile midrange strategy. You can just play a list with lots of create mechanics, using Duchess’s Informant, Experimental Remedy and many more flexible cards to always have good chances to have the right power available. That one is successful as long as the opponent also plays in the midrange field. Monsters should rather go another way and bring all the units to a high power level from which they can’t really be stolen back. The list shown below reflects that, but I’ve also seen someone just blatantly playing an ordinary Viy deck, ignoring the stealing stuff entirely and just slamming down more value than the opponent could ever make with a deck that is teched on stealing other units. And then you can also go the other way and completely specialize on a specific power level for all your units. Shown below is a Syndicate list that aligns everything on 3 power and gains the upper hand when the opponent runs out of answers to that. Scoia’tael can go a similar way, but would include more control options and traps to keep the general point level low over the entire game, so that you can easily swing back if you keep last say. Northern Realms and Skellige are probably a bit behind here, due to lack of flexibility.

So pick the strategy that you like the most and go for it. The meta is far from being solved here and there are a lot of ways in which you can design and tech a decklist here. Just be consistent on what you are doing and you’ll probably find a way to make it work. Enjoy!

Guide to the Irresistible Attraction Seasonal Mode

The season of love makes a return and it features some of the most charming rules for the monthly seasonal mode: For each unit you play, you are seizing a unit with the same power from the other side of the board, if there is any. So when it comes to deckbuilding, you want to go for a specific strategy when it comes to aligning the power of your units. In this guide, we will cover three factions, each with a different approach.


Let’s start with the most popular kind of deck – Nilfgaard Assimilate. There are many iterations of this deck around, utilizing the create mechanic to roll just for the power you need in a certain situation. On top of that, the Duchess’s Informants play a key role in copying a bronze that is right there to steal. Add some 4 power golds that create other bodies and you’re good to go. Last but not least, Double Cross is a great leader for this and brings so many provisions.

Now there are many iterations of this and most of them work. In this guide, we want to bring in a risky element called Ciri: Dash. Probably not as efficient but way funnier. Give it a try if you like, credits to Sawyer for this idea. If not, it won’t be difficult to find a regular list.


Most decks that are being played use and fish for midrange card. You take advantage of this if you use the consume mechanic. Playing the beast twice will serve you well when it comes to the development of tall units on the field. And in the end you will have the tools to align tall units with your consume-on-deploy-units or ghouls and make very point-swingy steals that win you the game. Very efficient and much fun to play, my personal favourite.


Our third deck is a deck that want’s to align everything on three power. Syndicate offers many bronzes that can align on this power and eventually your opponent will run out of options to steal those 3-power-units. A bit of a swarmy approach, which gets rewarded with a decent Dies Irae as final play. Features many cards that are rarely played and works better than one might think.


The initial inspiration for the Syndicate strategy used to be a Precision Strike list provided by candybomberz, so credits for that, but I found that Syndicate works a bit better with this. However if you want to play Scoia’tael, you can often utilize pings for alignment and find a strategy that works for you.


Haven’t tried anything here. Maybe Onslaught can be useful, but overall I guess that Skellige lacks flexibility. Might be wrong though

Northern Realms

As unpopular in this mode as Skellige in my experience. Engines are too risky to play most of the time and I’m not sure if Formation works the way you intend here. Also not sure if I have seen anyone play this faction in this seasonal month.

Final Remarks

This mode is more about your strategic approach than the faction itself. So don’t take the fact that we didn’t provide decks for ST, SK and NR as an assumption that you can’t do anything with them. It’s just that this season is only three weeks again and we are already halfway through it. So there would be no point in releasing this guide too late. But as always, be encouraged to build your own decks if you want to play things differently, there’s room for that in seasonal. And if you enjoy our lists, then that’s great. Thank you for reading and have fun playing.