Charity Tournament: Gascon’s Gift (Main Event)


And just when you thought things were about to get dull… day 2 of the ShupeTV/Bandit Gang charity event appears! After the battle on the 7th of August between a troll and a pig, where the pig ended up gaining the upper hand in the end, will today be the showdown between some of the best players from the best Gwent teams!

Gascon’s Gift has the same goal as yesterday, to entertain people and collect money for a good cause, while this time each of the nine invited teams picked their charity they want to fight for.

Without any restrictions or special rules, we can expect a more competitive and meta oriented battlefield… but who knows, maybe someone will surprise us with some spicy line ups which prevail to be the winning strategy.

So again, let’s take a look on the tournament settings, the invited teams and who will participate trying to duke out Gascon’s Gift tomorrow!


Each team will choose a charity of their choice. There is no limitation on this charity in terms of the cause it supports, its political affiliation, or its geographical location. All that Bandit Gang asks is that it is a public non-profit charity. All donations during the weekend will all be entered into the prize pool and donated accordingly by player placement.

Prize constellation

1st Place – 65% of the prize pool towards this team’s charity

2nd Place – 25% of the prize pool towards this team’s charity

3rd Place – 10% of the prize pool towards this team’s charity


Each player will submit four (4) decks each from different factions. Each player bans ONE deck, win with the remaining 3. Deck Lists will be released ONE hour prior to the start of the tournament.

Failure to queue a match against the opponent within 10 minutes of a match starting will result in an 0-3 match loss.

All draws will be replayed using the same deck and same coin according to the guidance of tournament admins.

Tournament Format

Start Time: Sunday August 8th @ 8am CDT

Nine (9) teams will be invited to participate in the main event. Representative From these teams will participate, making a total of 16 players.

One (1) top 16 match will be casted, and one (1) quarterfinal match will be casted. Additionally, one semi-final, 3rd place match, and finals will be casted. The casting channel are going to be as following.

For ShupeTV the tournament will be streamed at

For Bandit Gang the tournament will be streamed at  




TheOneChristo (BGTV)
Xibalba (STV)
WatchFlake (BGTV)