Deck Guide: Madoc SK

Tired of unitless Scoia’tael and double Madoc Nilfgaard? You are constantly losing games against Lippy or warriors? It’s time to beat cancer with another cancer! I present you with the ultimate Skelige Madoc deck.


You may ask: Why Chris, Why?! And I will tell you. A week ago, I was sitting by my bed thinking about all the bombs I have seen on the ladder. I have seen or tested Madoc in every faction. There is obvious ST, BJ made a hyperthin NG and I even encountered commando Madoc. BUT! The SK was nowhere to be found. At the same time, I did not want to go with an obvious choice of control warriors. I browse the deck collection and I found my dear old friend: Dagur. Everything came together.

Main Strategy

The idea of the decks is quite simple. You want to thin deck in round 1, while you overwhelm your opponent with powerful bronzes. In round 3, you want the last say to protect your final combo (leader + Dagur) from any tall removal.

General Gameplan

Mulligan/round 1: The perfect hand consists of all your thinning -> Raiding fleet, Vabjorn, Ermion, at least one bomb. In addition to this, you are looking for more ships, greatswords, and even Yennefer. Remember, that you want to win round 1, so you often use more than the typical 6 cards. Feel free to use Yennefer and an emergency leader. It is almost always incorrect to use Dagur in Round 1! Depending on the match-up, you can also „hard Mulligan” for a specific bomb. For example, Northern Wind is great for Lippy, while moon dust works for NG (Hefty Helge) and NR (Witcher Adepts).

Round 2: If you know what your opponent is playing, you can bleed and even 2-0 opponent. You don’t have a lot of engines and you have a very good short round. Hide your Dagur early for more points from Madoc, alchemy cards, etc. If you don’t expect any tall removal.

Round 3: Be annoying. Remove everything and finish your opponent with Dagur + leader. It is worth noting, that it is sometimes better to use your leader’s ability a bit earlier to remove threats like double engines. Remember, however, that Dagur then will need some support to grow.


Greatswords and Dagur are amazing with Madoc because the cataclysm he spawns triggers their abilities 3 times. This means that greatsword + cataclysm from Madoc makes GS instantly a 7 power unit which is hard to remove.

Yennefer – she amazing against some match-ups but lacks power in others. Look for her against AQ, elves, and lippy. She can carry you these games, especially in round 1.

Bombs: as written before, look for a good bomb for each match-up. Bonus: if you banish a unit, its deathwish doesn’t trigger, so Northern wind can be extra useful.

An Craite Longship: keep this in your hand against lockdown and play just before Kolgrim to ruin your opponent’s day.


Morkvarg -> any Geralt, Tyrgvi or even Hjalmar.

Yennefer -> Sigfrida’s Rite, Dire Beast or Roach.

Whole deck -> Hyperthin NG

Final Words

I managed to climb with this deck from rank 3 to rank 1 with a total score 17-10. It might be not the strongest deck but it is still quite powerful. The surprise factor for sure works on your favor and a strong finisher can guarantee a lot of wins. If you are looking for something different than regular meta snapshot decks and you are not yet tired of Madoc, you should definitely try this deck. Let me know, if you enjoy it and see you next time! 

The Deck

Instantly download this deck with the following link:

The Video Deck Guide

Deck Guide: Madoc Hyperthin (92% winrate from rank 5 to 3)

From the creator of Gudrun Shupe, BJ’s Blue Balls and definitely 100% independent creator of Triple Siege, Triple Masquerade Ball, Triple Haunt & Triple Passiflora. Babyjosus presents you: Madoc Hyperthin. If you are someone that can’t choose between Yen and Triss and opted to romance them both in The Witcher 3. Then this deck should be able to suffice your needs in Gwent because you can play with both of them!


''This is the most unique deck for Gwent that you have seen in a long while and all you have to do now is soak this information in and try it out yourself.''
Content Manager

With the 8.1 update we got introduced to a brand new card: Madoc. You may have seen him being played on the ladder already since a few decks from the meta snapshots include him. But I haven’t seen a Madoc Hyperthin list anywhere. Perhaps the creators of the meta snapshots overlooked the archetype or simply lacked the creativity that we have at Team Bandit Gang to come up with decks like this. Now they know about the deck, I would say a honorable mention in the meta snapshots would be appreciated.

Anyways, you came here for the deck guide although you might not even be reading this because you quickly netdecked the deck after seeing the winrate in the title and I am merely entertaining myself while writing this. But for the dear readers that have faith in my ability to write a deck guide and are eager to find out how this deck works, I won’t disappoint you.

What Is The Deck About?

''My god this deck is...brave? Kinda neat tbf.''
A person who does various things for TA

It already says it in the name, the deck is about Madoc & thinning. You want to thin and get the most value out of Madoc by making usage out of the bomb package (2 Moon Dust, 2 Northern Winds, 1 D-Bomb). And thin the deck with Royal Decree, Madoc, Marching Orders, Affan Hillergrand, Menno Coehoorn, Impera Brigade and Hunting Pack. You either get the Impera Brigade or the Hunting Pack out of the deck with Artorius Vigo. Best case scenario would be Menno Coehoorn > Marching Orders > Artorius Vigo > Impera Brigade/Hunting Pack.
Side Note: D-A-C from Reddit recommended to change out Bomb Heaver for Alba Cavalry. He has the soldier tag and gives a status for the Hunting Pack.

By thinning your deck accordingly as planned you can with certainty reveal Tibor with Xarthisius, Yennefer: Divination & Triss Merigold. And also get Tibor out of your deck with Vilgefortz by destroying one of your lower point units.

What Is The General Gameplan?

"You do know that a boost by 13 finisher comes cheaper for Nilfgaard these days, right?"
BG Writer

Before we go into round 1 the gameplan already starts with your mulligans. Sometimes its better to keep Affan in hand in case you need to use your leader ability early on. Simply because you only want to use your leader ability when you have Affan in hand otherwise you won’t be able to thin him out of the deck and are forced to play him from hand. A rather unfortunate situation in that case. You rather focus on mulliganing cards like Madoc, Impera Brigade and/or Hunting Pack.

Now you are done with the mulligan phase, its time to start putting your cards on the table. On red coin there is not much to worry about, on blue coin you require to have pro-active plays. You could enable the Magic Lamp and play a Tourney Joust on it, play Maxii Van Dekkar to put Tibor on the bottom of the deck or play the best case scenario that I mentioned at the end of the previous paragraph. You want to thin your deck as much as possible before you go into round 3. In round 2 you could decide to push and try for a 2-0 or go into a round 3 with a few of your removal cards left and of course Xarthisius, Yennefer: Divination, Triss Merigold & Vilgefortz.

Tips & Tricks

''Every decision matters and you have to adapt to whatever your opponent is playing and to what you draw. Mulligan is tricky, which gives another layer of a decision to the gameplay. You have to recognize when it is good to keep cards like Affan or Tibor in hand.''
BG Streamer
  • Mark Affan first when you play your leader ability;
  • Sometimes its better to have Affan in hand for when you want to play your leader ability;
  • Know what your opponent plays and understand how to use your bombs efficiently against them. For example: A Moon Dust could kill a Hefty Helge in the blink of an eye, while a Northern Wind can banish a Cerys to prevent your opponent 8 points when its Lippy. And sometimes you can even use the D-bomb to give your opponent a status by not killing a unit in order to release your Hunting Pack;
  • Coated Weapons can be used to put something bad on the opponents deck for when you want to use a offensive Vilgefortz;
  • Reminder that Impera Brigade needs you to control a soldier. Menno Coehoorn, Voorhis & Affan have the soldier tag. Menno Coehoorn is my go to soldier;
  • It is often correct to use leader in round 1 or round 2  because you really like last say. If leader is not needed, then the extra 11 points are quite nice for round 3;
  • Make sure to play round 2 until 7 cards if you want Xarthisius to hit Tibor and not the chance to hit a special card.

Final Words

''Hyperthin was always one of my favorite archetypes and I think I haven't had this much fun in Gwent since beta.''
BG Streamer

If you still have any questions, you can ask them in the comments down below. You can also ask me questions when I am streaming the deck live on Twitch if that is something you prefer more. I am planning on returning to Twitch after my long absence. But for now, have a nice day!

The Deck

The Video Deck Guide

My Climb From Rank 5 To Rank 3