Price of Power – Card Reveal by Escanbryt

Hello everyone, and welcome to a very special article. I have been given the opportunity to reveal a new card from the upcoming expansion “Harvest of Sorrow”, which is the third and final part of the “Price of Power” set. It is a bronze card for the Northern Realms faction with an interesting ability. Ladies and gwentlemen, please do not disturb: the Meditating Mage!

Now your first impression might be disappointment about yet another slow Patience card. And the payoff in Vitality makes it even slower than the Ban Ard Student or Aretuza Student. But that’s not really the point here. The strength of this card is the ability to gain Resilience when bonded. And this Resilience is activated upon using the order ability while bonded, not deploy while bonded (confirmed by CDPR). So when you are about to pass the round and you have two or more Meditating Mages on the board, you can activate the Order ability and the mages will gain Resilience and Vitality according to their Patience value. And since Vitality is a status, it’s going to carry over to the next round as well.

Most bonded cards only have a slight improvement in strength when the bonded effect is active. This one  relies on it entirely. The good news is that there are multiple ways to generate more than the two copies from the starting deck, especially for the Northern Realms. While Blue Stripe Scouts or King Foltest are probably clunky to use here, Queen Adalia, Reinforcements or a lucky roll on Runeword are an easy way to bring more copies to the board. The shield from Adalia and Runeword is without any doubt useful in that regard. There is also a new location named The Mushy Truffle, which lets you spawn and play a bonded unit from your starting deck. And if you want to go even further down that road, think about Megascope or Idarran shenanigans.

However the main question for deckbuilding will be to find a way to compensate for the slow tempo. This will probably set a limit to the number of Meditating Mages that you want to play in a viable deck.  If we talk about meme decks though, which happens way too seldomly, think about Tissaia de Vries reactivating the orders of all Meditating Mages on the activation turn by the end of round 1, enabling them to regain resilience in round 2. And the Dethmold finisher! I have ideas…

Anyway, let’s see how this card turns out. It is cheap resilience in a way, but it will need the right deck to work properly. I want to thank CDPR for letting me be part of this reveal campaign! And since you are already here, let me introduce you to my main piece of content creation over the last few months. As an article writer for Team Bandit Gang, I recently finished the compilation of seasonal mode guides on our homepage. It contains strategies and examples for decklists. These decklists will be updated from time to time, but are also explained in a way that you can adjust them on your own if they are somewhat outdated.

So if you enjoy some seasonal matches from time to time, make sure to bookmark our Seasonal Mode main page. Thank you and cheers!