MelGwent – What’s In My Deckbuilder?

This is ”Whats In My Deckbuilder?”, a series by Babyjosus in which he asks Bandit Gang members and other people from the community to share their insights about what kind of lists they have in their deckbuilder. The decks in one’s arsenal often say a lot about the person. The player could be a creator at heart and enjoy running his/her own homebrews and even personalize their deck loadout by naming their creations. But of course, you also have the kind of person who looks at a meta snapshot, starts netdecking the best lists from it and might not even bother giving them unique names. Oh well, there is only one way to find out and that is by exposing them through this series!

MelGwent's Deck Picks

Boosty NG

This is my favorite deck of the expansion so far. It uses mostly all the new cards as well as the new leader ability which I wasn’t sure about at first but it’s really fun. There’s a total of four tall punishes to make sure that none of the boosts you give your opponent’s cards stick, and even an evil yrden for mirror matchups. The point swings in this deck can be pretty crazy, and Ivar always gets a lot of value. I’ve found this deck to be good in a long and short round and can defend a bleed really well. I do love when I get a long round three with it and can pull off all my combo cards for those giant point swings. Plus the new card art is gorgeous as an added bonus.


Who Is MelGwent?


What used to be MaxAndMel is now MelGwent. Mel is a Gwent streamer for Team Legacy and is venturing into her own journey on Twitch now that Max had to step-down due to real life responsibilities. And while that was not according to plan, its been going pretty well for her from my point of view. With as highlight that she dipped into some casting in one of our most recent tournaments that we organized together with Team Viper! Who knows, maybe one day we will see her on the big stage? Until then, you can find her stream on Twitch here and on Twitter here.

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