Magic Compass – Card Reveal by Bomblin

Do not worry guys! It was just April’s fool joke! Bandit Gang is not going anywhere! In fact, today we even have a card reveal for you! The next card drop is coming on Tuesday, the 5th of April, including 21 new cards! I have the pleasure, to present you, the new Epic Skellige Special: MAGIC COMPASS!

The card is a very gripping addition to the Skellige faction. I do believe it can be played in Meta decks, but it can also be a worthy addition to memes!

The Meta:

Firstly, the card is a great thinning card. You can play 2 cards in 2 rounds, while at the same time putting 4(!) cards into your graveyard. This means, that it synergizes with all of the cards that want to be resurrected like An Craite Warrior. Moreover, if you manage to hit a card like Morkvarg in one of the top 3 cards (with a help of, for example, Fisher King) he will jump into the front row. Same thing with devotion Eist! Keep in mind, that it won’t work with discard cards!

The Meme:

This card has amazing synergy with one of my favorite archetypes: Hyperthin. Not only does it thin up to 6 cards, but it also gives you a finisher of a legendary card! Imagine Fucusya or Gedyneith in a deck that does not even use it!

The in-between:

The deck that I am looking forward to making with this card is actually the Ciri: Nova deck. I think it has a chance to be a meme changed into a dream. Why? Because Magic Compass helps you look for the Ciri in round 1, while in round 3 lets you play a legendary card that is actually above the 9 provision limit! Imagine Ciri: Nova, Arnachad, Morkvarg, or Olaf-Hym-combo! The potential is limitless!


The card, however, is not perfect. First of all, it is not easy to tutor, especially in devotion Skellige decks. The lack of raid tag hurts the card but it probably would make it too good. Moreover, looking at the top 3 cards can be extremely awkward if you don’t want to lose any of the 3 cards. It will probably need to be in a mid-range deck that just uses good value cards. Lastly, this card gives you so much thinning that you might end up overthinning – here, the second part of the card’s ability helps but you still should be careful!

Overall, I do believe the card is super interesting and I absolutely love its design! What do you guys think? What deck this card can be played in?