SuinoValente’s First Interview | Welcome To Bandit Gang | Exclusive

Babyjosus: What does it mean to you now you are officially part of BG?
SuinoValente: It means a lot to me. Since I started streaming Gwent, I always wanted to be a part of an organized, international Gwent team and I think BG is the coolest one around. Everyone has been so nice and supportive to me since day one, which makes me very excited about being a part of this team.
BJ: What made you join team BG?
SV: Since Suinovalente is translated from Portuguese to English as “the brave pig”, why not join the Gwent team that has a pig as its symbol? Jokes aside, I always wanted to be a part of a Gwent team. I like this game a lot and want to have some mates to be able to share the experience with, discuss decks, do some co-ops and have a nice time while playing or streaming. Besides that, during my little journey as a streamer I encountered some other Gwent teams through their  streamers and I found BG to be the coolest one from my perspective. Many of the bigger teams are very focused on the competitive aspect of Gwent and sometimes seem to forget about the fun element of the game. That’s not the kind of spirit you’d get to see on my stream for instance. When I saw some other BG members like Mercernn and Kalvino streaming, I was surprised pleasantly, since those guys have very fun streams with non-stop chat interaction. It gave me a very good impression of the team and I thought instantly that that’s the kind of people that I like to watch and that kind of experience that I would like to provide for my viewers as well. So, why not try to join their team and be a part of it?

You can find out more about SuinoValente here.