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Casino Gwent Cup


Are you seeking a fun and  competitive tournament with large stakes? The Casino Gwent Cup is presented by Peluchon, Team Viper, and Team Bandit Gang, where each game has a unique twist to it.

Registration and Donations

The registration to the Casino Gwent Cup N°2 is totally free!, just register your information in the following links:


It’s necessary to fill this document:

You can donate in the following streams:



You can also donate directly via the following link

Note: Paypal can take some fees in some transactions. This can affect the final prize pool. Keep in mind that 50% of the total prize pool will be given to a charity that will be announced over the duration of the tournament!


The 32 meme decks that make up the tournament pool will be randomly distributed to all players between rounds. Keep a watch on the CGC streamers’ broadcasts as they will conduct the draws live.
The designated streamers for the Draws are listed below:



The 32-deck pool will be divided into 3 random decks for each player.

They must be played with; it’s a BO3, thus you can ban one deck from the opponent list.

It’s a best-of-fives format for the Grand Finals, so plan accordingly as it’s possible for there to be a total of 10 games.

You have to use the Aretuza Ban Tool, this will give you the coin you get to play and the bans.
Aretuza Ban tool:

Due to the double-elimination format of the competition, each participant must lose two games in order to be eliminated.

If you lose again after being sent to the losers brackets the first time, you are eliminated from the competition.

The winner of the upper bracket will face the winner of the lower bracket in the tournament’s grand final, and the winner of the losers bracket must defeat the winner of the upper bracket TWICE.

You are not permitted to play a deck again throughout the match after winning with it.

If a player utilises a deck that is prohibited or modified from the one chosen during the draws, that player will immediately lose that game.

Players CANNOT CHANGE the assigned decks.

The player who achieves two victories win the match.

You must be on the Discord Channel if any problem shows up or if you have any question/suggestion:


Main Event, Casino Gwent Cup: from September 8 to September 30 (This may change)

Players will see their opponents on 6th september.

After getting to know your opponent, you should speak with them to determine when is the best time to play your matches.

If for any reason any player couldn’t play the match the day they talked about before, the player who shows up will pass for the next round.

After 15 minute of waiting, if for ANY reason the opponent still hasn’t arrived, the player who did wins the round.

Every round will start at 00:00 Hrs in Mexico (GMT-5).

All players will have until 16:00 Hrs (GMT-5) of the same day to get in contact with your opponent, then you must inform the staff on Discord at what time you will play, use the Discord Section called #Time-Matches.

If for any reason you tried to contact your opponent and he didn’t respond, you win this round.

The agreement of the pairings may have some issues because of the time zone differences. Both players will be eliminated if they cannot agree on a time for their matches to take place

Ties, disconnections, bugs or cheats

If there is a tie, the game must be played again with the same deck and coin.

The player who encountered a bug or error must take a screenshot of the issue and submit it to his opponent so that he can determine how to proceed with the game in that situation.

If they are unable to come to an agreement, they should speak with the tournament moderators to resolve the issue.

Here are the Moderators of the CGC Discord:

mcm5392#3609 (ESP)

The Winners Bracket Final, Losers Bracket Final and Grand Final will be held on the official CDPR tournament platform.

The match must be restarted if a platform error occurs during the match that prevents the players from finishing the game or from watching the broadcast of the game.

The final of the winners’ bracket, the losers’ bracket, and the grand final will be broadcast live on the CGC Streamers simultaneously, players are NOT allowed to stream the Finals.

The practice of cooperative gameplay* or stream sniping is prohibited. If any participant is caught (with evidence) doing one of these practices, they will be eliminated from the tournament.
*Cooperative gameplay means that you get help from friends to play the match, telling you how to play or what is the best way to play, this can happen when sharing your screen to your friends or teammates via Discord. This is considered a disadvantage since you are supposed to play the tournament alone by yourself without any help.

Every player has the ability to broadcast their games on any streaming platform. Because the streamer is in charge of his chat, he must take care to ensure that no one gives advise during the games. To avoid any suspicion of coordinated gameplay or stream sniping, we recommend a few minutes of delay.

Deck Guide: Toxic Aristocrats


Since the Price of Power Expansion, maybe even before, Masquerade Ball disappeared. That might not change with this Guide, but it gives you an impression of how a classic Masquerade Ball deck could look like these days. And while testing, it turned out to be actually stronger than expected. 

One of the biggest weaknesses of playing this deck was always to get bled in Round 2, losing your Scenario or not drawing into it in Round 3. With the introduction of Jan Calveit as a card, we won’t have this problem anymore, as we can secure drawing into the cards we really need.  
To avoid the bleeding, we want to win Round 1 as efficient as possible. To help with that in addition to the tempo of Calveit, we play Ring of Favor, together with the Blightmaker and Mage Assassin combo. Fangs of the Empire with maybe Maraal or Cupbearer can also help to threaten some reach, while if necessary, we can take it with the removal potential of Vincent or grab a good unit with Vigo’s Muzzle

Obviously, you need a playable Round 1 hand to be able to do so, but with so many options to contest, you should be fine. If you feel not being able to secure Round 1, it might be an idea to hold Calveit, so your Scenario won’t get bled in Round 2 or even mulligan it away…but that’s a gamble and your call to take or not. 

The huge potential in this deck lies in its power combo: Masquerade Ball and Philippe Van Moorlehem. Protected behind Ffion var Gaernel, we should be able to gain a lot of points with our Thirsty Dames. Use your aristocrats wisely, you don’t need to instantly poison the unit you want to kill. Poison a unit with the spawned Fangs, then lock it with Philippe. Do the same with the other one and maybe even with Maraal as well. Gain statuses for your Dames and, depending on how long the Round takes, finish it off with Philippe and your remaining removals. 
Vigo’s Muzzle locks first before it grabs the unit, so it boosts your Dames as well as your leader ability Imposter. Keep that in mind to not waste points, but you don’t have to combine them necessarily. 

– A lot more flexibility to win Round 1 than old Ball decks, while also being consistent for your Round 3. 
– Versatile with thinning, points, removal and control. Even Bronze cards like Experimental Remedy, Van Moorlehem Hunter or Imperial Diplomacy can turn out valuable. 
– You can be toxic without being rude and Poison makes cool sound effects. Masquerade Ball is also better than Blue Balls

Calveit Round 1 is not guaranteed, as well as your Blightmaker package. It needs a decent understanding of the matchup to know what Gold cards to commit Round 1. 
– Sequencing with Philippe, Dames and Poison is key to get the most points, but it might be weak against wide or no-unit decks. 
– It is not meant to be a 2:0 deck, as it needs some time to develop its power in a longer Round 3. 

The Deck

Core Cards

Ring of Favor helps you to secure Round 1, but be aware of your opponent might have it as well.

Masquerade Ball obviously is your main threat and gives you engines and removal

Philippe Van Moorlehem not only has a cool name, but can be really powerful if used together with your Dames and Poisons.

Ffion var Gaernel protects your important engines. Always play him in the Melee Row, as you want to defend your Maraal as well. 

Vincent Van Moorlehem is a decent removal for defenders, veiled units, Ciri:Nova or anything you gave Poison or Lock to. Together with your leader ability Imposter, it can be even a one turn removal. 

Deck Guide: BJ’s Blue Balls (Triple Commandos)


Triple Commandos, also famously known as BJ’s Blue Balls (due to the shameless sell-out back in the day on many Twitch streams), is all about playing your Blue Stripes Commandos every round. While the deck has originally been created in patch 7.4, it has been brought back to life in the past with patch 8.5 and now with patch 10.4. You could say this was because Bomblin forced me to create a new Triple Commandos deck, or simply because the new card drop benefits the archetype quite well. I choose the latter, but I let you decide for yourself.

With the rework on Lady of the Lake the deck has gained a lot of consistency since we no longer have to run Papa John because she can play Oneiromancy and Amphibious Assault for us.

And aside of that, we got two new cards that we included in the deck and they are as followed. The most important one is called Mutagenerator. This card is great with Blue Stripes Commando because you are guaranteed to have lots of them in your deck. And when you play a commando on the ranged row 5 commandos in your deck get boosted. Also, if you happen to play Maxii Van Dekkar and/or a Blue Stripes Commando from hand and/or from Reinforcements on the melee row it gives you even more value. And then I didn’t mention the many 4 provision cards that we can play on the melee for even MORE value. This results in the card being an auto include in the deck in my opinion.

The second new card is called Vial of Forbidden Knowledge which can be an easy 8 points for 4 provisions if the vitality gets unanswered. Plus it has a bonus ability which only happens when both players have the card included. Someone on Reddit said this about it: ”It’s basically a gentleman’s agreement for open decklists”.

-This deck allows you to out-tempo your opponent in round 1, push your opponent in round 2 and win the game in a short round 3. 
-Fairly consistent thanks to Cursed Scroll, Lady of the Lake, Roche: Merciless, Amphibious Assault & Oneiromancy.
-Lots of pro-activity.

-The deck is vulnerable to cards like Lambert: Swordmaster, Surrender, Lacerate etc.
-Also vulnerable to Pavetta being banished or stolen. This requires you to 2-0 your opponent since in hindsight, your round 3 is pretty awful without being able to play your Commandos.
-Lacks control.

The Deck

Core Cards

Donimir of Troy and Foltest because they get you tons of copies of commandos in round 1 alongside the regular Blue Stripes Scouts play.

Pavetta because it puts your Commandos back in the deck which you can then tutor out of the deck and have a huge tempo-play.

Renew on Pavetta to do the exact same, but in round 3.

Cursed Scroll, Lady of the Lake, Roche: Merciless, Amphibious Assault & Oneiromancy are Core Cards due to them making the deck more consistent.

Deck Guide: Devoted Traveling Priestesses


There’s a brand new patch out now and it includes 21 new cards plus some balance changes. So let’s go and try some new decks, shall we? This Northern Realms list was already a concept that I wanted to develop for the next Bandit Gang meme snapshot, but the release of the new Traveling Priestess might make it good enough to be more competitive. It is very greedy, so it’s perfect for the early days of a new patch.

Your gameplan depends a bit on the cards that you draw. First of all, mulligan the Traveling Priestesses if you draw them. Then have a look at the engines that you have available and play round 1 accordingly. You’d probably start setting up some engines first, then proceed to shuffle one priestess multiple times for your late game. It’s okay to invest cards like King Belohun, Vysogota of Corvo, Trollololo or Anna Strenger early, depending on how much pressure you face. The thing is that you have multiple threats in here and many are expendable.

You should keep one finishing combo in mind however, and most of them include the Traveling Priestess. A very spicy approach would be a double Coën play for example. This would include Viraxas and Kerack Marine as combo pieces, while the Priestess helps aligning units. If Belohun is still available, that’s also cool. Anyway you’d align as many units as possible on 7 power, including Coën of course, and activate him. Then you can use Viraxas’ order on him and boost him by 4 with the Kerack Marine and repeat for an obscene amount of points. But we all know that this will not always work out, so you can also just dump your boosts from the Priestess on Prince Anséis or Mad Kiyan and start slamming with Viraxas’ support.


  • Lots of threats for your opponent to deal with. If his control options are limited, he will need to make some tough decisions.
  • Consistent with Pincer Maneuver and King Radovid. Any charge that doesn’t need to find a specific card contributes to the Priestess.
  • Coën has a massive swing potential and is just so fun to play.


  • Not that easy to play. Involves a lot of calculations.
  • Might struggle against heavy control decks.
  • Requires Devotion and has few direct control options.

The Deck

Core Cards

Traveling Priestess: The more she’s shuffling, the stronger your finish will be. Supporting cards are King Radovid, Istredd, Griffin Witcher Mentor and Cintrian Envoy. Tutoring her with Amphibious Assault is recommended, since you often need one more turn to play your boost target. These targets can be Coën, Prince Anséis, Mad Kiyan or just a plain Tridam Infantry.

Coën: Lovely card, and no longer boosts opposing units. Involves a lot of counting, especially if you are going for the double tap with Viraxas. Cards that help in alignment can be Traveling Priestess, Vysogota of Corvo or King Belohun, as well as boosting engines.

Trollololo: Nice sidekick to have around when you are using all those charges. Otherwise removal bait.

Viraxas: Strong finisher that works well with multiple cards in this deck.

Wobbledogs First Impressions ”Is it worth playing?”

Welcome to another spotlight for a different game than Gwent. Today a new game called Wobbledogs is being released on Steam. We of Team Bandit Gang had a look at it and want to share our first impressions with you.

When you start your first game you will be given helpful tips & tricks regarding the game mechanics and you will start in a single room with a single Wobbledog. From this point on you can start feeding the dog and interact with it. Eventually you get a hatching machine in order to breed more Wobbledogs. Wait a minute, since when do dogs hatch from eggs?! Well, these are not conventional dogs but mutated ones and you better forget anything you learned about mammal anatomy in school. Because it’s not only the hatching from the eggs but also the metamorphosis in a cocoon when they grow up. It’s a bit weird in the beginning but you get used to this relatively quickly.

You can tell that the developer had a lot of fun creating this. In fact the breeding aspect is at least as important as the petting itself. By the choice of the diet for the dogs you influence their gut flora, which in return shapes out in the physical appearance of their kids. From then on you can mix and match these features as you like and unleash the creativity within this game. It’s a sandbox game after all.

Another aspect of this sandbox game is the creation of different rooms and decorate them as you like. You can create multiple rooms for your dogs to play in and give them different themes if you like. And if you are hesitant to do so, your Wobbledogs will change their surroundings anyway. For example by building a cave out of mud.

While playing alongside your Wobbledogs you also have challenges to complete. This way you can unlock new features to use. This includes decorations, flowers, carpets, wallpapers and then some. But generally speaking, this game remains very relaxed and slow paced so you can just have fun with these weird ass doggos.

Throughout today, our streamers will cover this new game on their respective channels on Twitch so feel free to stop by if you would like to check the game out! We had quite some fun playing it in advance and we hope that you might as well!

What do you think about Wobbledogs? Are you excited for it? What features are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments down below!

Bandit of the Month (February) | Exclusive Interview with GhostArya

Arya has gone above and beyond this month to not only make us all have fun together, when she organised the first BG Game Night, or when she reached semi-finals in the Gwentfinity War tournament, but also when she collected 1K USD during her Charity stream for a good cause! We couldn’t be more proud of you!

Babyjosus: Hey Arya! What does it mean to you to receive your second BOTM?

Arya: It means a lot! Streaming and BG has become a stable thing in my life and although I might not have that much time for the team (and I would love to have more), I know my teammates are always there and I love seeing them on stream or catching up in the discord! But I am a bit surprised to be a bandit of the month!. 🙂

BJ: How do you look back at the game night that you organized with Kalvino?

A: It was a lot of fun, definitely brought back memories of when Kalvino was visiting me in Prague! It gave us a lot of ideas on what (not) to do next time and it felt like a good way to bring the team more together.

BJ: Tell me about your experience in the Gwentifity War Tournament.

A: Gwentfinity was a way for me to play factions and decks I wouldn’t normally play which made it valuable but fun thing to do. I played against Bomblin in the last one and I never want to do that again (because I felt sorry I won!). I am always happy to see more causal tournaments and I think the community enjoys them too.

BJ: What can people expect from you in the future?

A: I haven’t made an official announcement yet (so this is top secret, fresh news!), but you can expect more charity streams because I partnered with Softgiving. And you should also stay tuned for the witcher saga streams that are currently ongoing. 

BJ: What message would you give to the supporters of BG?

A: Thank you for your support and just know that every lurk or hi in chat is appreciated and we LOVE when you guys try decks from our snapshots! Take care and see you around – if you ever miss your bandits you can always find us in the team discord.

You can find out more about Arya here.

Bandit of the Month (October) | Exclusive Interview with Escanbryt

Your unceasing hard work and dedication made our Seasonal Mode page what it is today and we are all impressed by the amount of passion you put into it. Your card reveal of everybody’s favorite Meditating Mage brought a lot attention to our website and we hope that BOTM will bring as much attention to you as possible, because you truly deserve it! May the season of Escan never end!

Babyjosus: Hey Escanbryt! What does it mean to you to receive your first BOTM?

Escanbryt: I appreciate your appreciation. 🙂

BJ: How have you enjoyed working on the seasonal mode page in the last months?

E: I wanted to find a way to continue the seasonal guides after the monthly rotation became a weekly one. The format that we have today is possibly the best way you can do it. While not all decks remain up to date all the time, they often remain viable due to the fact that there are few shifts in seasonal mode metas. So I think I am pretty satisfied with this compendium.

BJ: What can people expect from you in the future when it comes to the seasonal mode?

E: The seasonal mode page will receive an update from time to time if there is a nice new deck to share, but otherwise I consider this project completed now. Most seasonal metas are solved and stay solved, basically.

BJ: What message would you give to the supporters of BG?

E: I appreciate your appreciation as well. 🙂

You can find out more about Escanbryt here.

Slavic Saturday: Vodyanoy (EP10)

𝐺𝑤𝑒𝑛𝑡'𝑠 𝑣𝑒𝑟𝑠𝑖𝑜𝑛 𝑜𝑓 𝑉𝑜𝑑𝑦𝑎𝑛𝑜𝑦


To the early Slavs, forests and swamps were omnipresent. Around farms and villages as well as on the mountains, the woods were inescapable. And in the shadows of those trees, spirits lurked.

Most spirits in Slavic mythology aren’t depicted in a positive light. Tales of demons in the shadows of the night spread all across the Slavic tribes and nations, and one of the most frightening tales told was that of Vodyanoy.

Vodyanoy is an evil male water spirit who looks like a naked old man with a frog-like face.



The word Vodyanoy comes from the Russian “водяно́й”, read [vədʲɪˈnoj] with the meaning “he from the water”.

Some of his other names include Wodnik, Vodenjak, Vodyanyk, Vodník or Hastrman.

The many faces of Vodyanoy

As mentioned above, Vodyanoy has the appearance of a naked old man with a frog-like face, green hair and beard. He has black/gray/green fish scales instead of skin and his body is covered in algae and muck. Instead of hands with fingers the river demon sported paws with membranes, their eyes were red as burning fire and their backside sprouted a tail which every fish would envy.

In Slovakia and the Czech Republic the Vodyanoy is called Vodník and Hastrman respectively, and his appearance changes from a frog-like creature to an anthropomorphic being. The features that make them different from humans are gills, membranes between their fingers and, most remarkably, green skin covered in algae. They were also sporting fashionable pale green hair, and could as such be considered true trendsetters, if one were to compare them to influencers nowadays.

Usually, Vodník would wear really odd clothing: patchy shirts, water-soaked coats or bizarre hats, ranging from boaters with long speckled ribbons to bright red top hats.



Vodyanoy could often be seen riding around along the river on half-sunken logs, while loudly splashing in the water so it was hard to miss them. While they might appear whimsical, harmless even, they were rumored to be the responsible for the lion’s share of water related deaths, together with water dryads and rusalky.

When Vodyanoy were in a good mood, they might have even been inclined to help people, but most of the time the water dwellers were a menace to life in early Slav villages. When angered the wrath of a Vodyanoy is hard to escape, dams were broken, water mills washed away, people and their animals drowned. When the water-bound demons felt especially vindictive, they subjected their victims to slavery in their underwater dwellings, which the poor wretches, who were subject to every whim of the benthic miscreants, could not escape.


In Slovak and Czech lands, the river fiends were said to store the souls of their victims in tea pots, which represented their status in Vodyanoy society. Those with the most soul pots enjoyed greater societal privileges.  Fortunately for the victims, their souls could be freed by opening the tea pots.

In their free time Vodníci(the plural of Vodník) played cards, smoked pipes or just lazed around on rocks near rivers and lakes.

The fish in the river or a lake, in which the Vodník resides, were the servants of the green men.


Precautions against Vodyanoy

In order to appease the Vodyanoy, people, mostly fishermen and millers, would make sacrifices. For example, fisherman would place a bit of tobacco on the surface of the water and recite a line saying “Here’s your tobacco, Lord Vodník, now give me a fish”.

Other types of preventive measures included sacrificing animals or even other people. Less drastic ways of averting a Vodyanoy’s attack come from the Ukraine, where sage advice recommended burying a horse’s skull near the water, and from Belarus, where the people suggested burying a black rooster under the mill’s doors or populating said mill with black cats and roosters.

DrDenuz is a guest writer for Bandit Gang. You can find him on Twitter, Twitch & YouTube.

Bandit of the Month (September) | Exclusive Interview with Bomblin

It’s our pleasure to award Bomblin with the BOTM this time! We are astonished by your dedication to the team and all the individuals within it. You’ve done a great job leading the Meme Snapshot project as well as by taking responsibility for our Reddit presence. Your morning streams have become a staple of the Gwent Twitch and we are all proud of you for it! 

Babyjosus: Hey Bomblin! What does it mean to you to receive your first BOTM?

Bomblin: It means a lot to me! It tells me that my work matters not only to me, but also to the whole team. It also makes me happy that I have been recognized for allthe things I keep on trying to do for the team. At the same time, I do believe that many other team mates of mine also deserve this title and I hope more people can get to know them.

BJ: How have you been enjoying your road to Twitch Partner?

B: It was harder than it might look, but I enjoyed it a lot. I have spent a lot of time on and off my stream to make sure my channel grows. Achievements like this send me the message that I am doing things (at least partly) right and that people do enjoy my content. It is also wonderful to spend every day doing something you love.

BJ: You have been leading the project for Meme & Theme Snapshots, what has it been like?

B: Yes, I have been leading the project, but without people like Babyjosus and other team members the project would not exist. I proudly treat this project as my content creation baby. It is probably the most important thing I create every other month and it is honestly a blast! I always considered myself a meme enthusiast and these kinds of snapshots let me share my passion and crazy ideas with the Gwent Community. I also love that we, as a team, can provide people with something unique and something that has not been yet presented by other teams. I hope I will be able to work on this project for a long time.

BJ: What can people expect from you in the future?

B: I hope to write more articles in the future, especially in cooperation with some of my teammates (looking at you Mercernn). Moreover, I hope to engage in new projects that Bandit Gang will come up with. On a personal level, you can expect a lot of fun and memes on all of my platforms! Especially so, as I enjoy making videos that are not only regular deck guides.

BJ: What message would you give to the supporters of BG?

B: First of all, I love you all! The amount of support I got from all of you is extraordinary. I would also like to highlight that the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy what you do! Stay safe!

You can find out more about Bomblin here.

Slavic Saturday: Fiend (EP9)

𝐺𝑤𝑒𝑛𝑡'𝑠 𝑣𝑒𝑟𝑠𝑖𝑜𝑛 𝑜𝑓 𝑓𝑖𝑒𝑛𝑑


To the early Slavs, forests and swamps were omnipresent. Around farms and villages as well as on the mountains, the woods were inescapable. And in the shadows of those trees, spirits lurked.

Most spirits in Slavic mythology aren’t depicted in a positive light. Tales of demons in the shadows of the night spread all across the Slavic tribes and nations, and one of the most frightening tales told was that of bies.

Bies is an evil and malicious spirit from Slavic mythology. He is the personification of all evil forces nature can muster.



The word “bies” or “bes” is close to a Lithuanian word for dreadful – “baisus”.

Other origins of the name can be found in old Proto-Slavic “bĕsъ”, which means “causing fear and terror”.

Polish word “zbiesiony”, describing someone under an influence of evil, is derived from the word “bies”.

The appearance of a fiend and its habitat

The devil was said to have many forms. One of them was a form of a shaggy beast with horns, hooves and a tail. Bies  was allegedly lame and limped on one leg. This ties to a legend, where the creature got in a fight with one of the deities, after he was thrown down from heavens and injured his leg.

Later on, Christians adapted this story into their own mythology, turning the primordial Slav demon into an angel who was thrown from heavens to the ground.

Other sources depict Bies as a horned hairy being, with wings and a tail, wearing a dark cloak and smelling of smoke.



Legends claim that this demon was powerful enough to take control of a person’s mind, being able to subjugate their will completely, which lead to the victim’s eventual insanity. This is where the word “zbiesiony” comes from, as the person that was under the influence of Bies was referred to as “zbiesiony”. At this time in history, it was common to attribute all mental disorders to an unnatural cause and being possessed by Bies was an easy explanation.

One of his other skills was an ability to cause blindness.

Ever so often, Biesy (the plural form of Bies) could be found at remote crossroads, where they were waiting, taking the form a common animal, to ambush clueless travellers. If one happend to stumble upon an animal on a crossroads which happend to produce unusual sounds, like a dog meowing or a cat crowing, the best course of action would be to turn on ones heels and run away, as this would be a clue that the animal in question was in actuality a ferocious demon.

Biesy were said to live in prehistoric forests, deep in caves or swamps far away from human settlements. There are also sources that claim the favourite habitat of these devils were deep, abyssal canyons. If one happened to get lost and ventured too close to the demon’s domain, chilling shrieks and malicious giggles would be ones last warning before a certain  and horrific death.

Biesy were also said to guard riches underground and even to this day, some old castle treasures are rumored to be guarded by these long-serving devils.


Conclusion - The Christian influence

The superstitious faith in demons, which was so natural to humans, especially in medieval times, resisted the purge of folklore the Christian Church oftentimes enforced and the idea of a Bies, although slightly modified, survived. In Christianity, Bies assumed the form of all the explainable evil in the world and became the foremost scapegoat for people’s misfortunes.

This was the ninth episode of Slavic Saturday. There are many other creatures I am ready to cover for you, my lovely fans. If you missed our previous episodes then you can find them here. I hope to see you all return next Saturday!

DrDenuz is a guest writer for Bandit Gang. You can find him on Twitter, Twitch & YouTube.