Bandit Gang’s Meme Snapshot for Gwent #6


Many decks can be considered Meme Decks. Some people believe that a meme deck is mainly played for fun, to make yourself and the opponent laugh, and not to win with. A deck like Thicc Aglais would be a good example. Other people believe that meme decks have their own theme like the bandit archetype, which makes it a lore friendly deck. And most people would agree that a meme deck is also considered an off-meta deck: a deck that has its own unusual strategy or inclusions, but that can still win you plenty of games. You could think of a deck like Triple Commandos here.

But I digress. Welcome to the sixth edition of Bandit Gang’s Meme Snapshot! In case you missed out on the other editions, you can find them here. Once again, we want to use new concepts that weren’t included in the previous editions, but you might also see different versions of decks that were included already. The main goal, as always, is to show you the diversity that is possible in Gwent, beyond all the top tier meta lists. For this edition of the snapshot, we have removed the “Lore Friendly Decks” as we felt that none of the decks we included in this article could qualify to be submitted under this category. The categories included are as followed:

1. Fun But Garbage Decks: these are the decks that are just for fun but will not win you too many games.

2. Becoming A Pro Decks: these are decks that are considered off meta, but are decent to climb to Pro Rank with. Nonetheless, they are not included in the Meta Snapshots.

3. Honorable Mentions: these are decks from community members that we wanted to give that extra spotlight. We encourage you to submit your own, read more about this in the Conclusion.

Note: Click on the image of the deck to get directed to the PlayGwent website in order to import the deck to your client.

Fun But Garbage


I was never a big fan of NG mill and clog decks. On the other hand, I always love to experiment with cards and archetypes I am not that experienced with. So the question here is: is Isbel a good waifu for us? Short answer to this is question is YES! The addition of Golden Nekker in the latest card drop gave us the ability to create some really awesome decks. This is an attempt to combine the traditional Kolgrim clog deck with Isbel and the new spicy cards!


  • Tried and applied deck updated with the latest cards
  • Isbel is great here
  • High tempo


  • It’s a clog deck.
  • People in higher ranks know how to counter Kolgrim decks
  • Did I mention I am not a big fan of clog decks??

Strategy/Core cards:

Isbel of Hagge: Very tricky to use as you have the option to trade the top cards of yours and your opponents deck. Timing is the biggest challenge here but pulling off a good steal from your opponent’s deck might win you the game

Kolgrim: Our main winning condition here. The concept is already well known as the card has seen lots of play. Clog our opponents deck while heavily thinning our deck. Can be used as an R3 finisher but also in a greedy R2 bleed for a 2-0

Assire var Anahid: I like using Assire for the flexibility she provides. Can be used to get something important from our GV (Kolgrim after a 2-0 greed bleed, another Isbel etc). Worst case scenario she can be used to clog our opponents deck even further

Warritt + Albrich: Can be used in conjunction with Isbel. Albrich brings her to top and boosts by 2 so she has more chances of surviving a turn until her order is enabled when placed on board. Warritt guarantees that the highest cost card of our opponent’s deck is right on the top of their deck, ready for the taking

Tactical Decision + Snowdrop: One of the best high tempo plays in the game right now

Golden Nekker + Ciri Nova: This combo is used so much since the latest card drop. Ciri’s resilience is a perfect late R1 or dry pass R2 card and Golden Nekker provides great thinning + perfectly setting up your board for high tempo plays

Black Blood: A little surprise against all those massively boosted decks out there. At the very least it will force your opponent to actual think how to play around it and in some cases it can completely negate those massive last turn plays (Gord is a prime example for that)

Written by Pokkas


With the release of the latest set of cards, Mutagenerator was the first card that caught my eye. I did feel like it’s a card that has some very nice potential to be both in a meta/off-meta deck (eg Commandos deck) as well as a good old fun meme deck. So I present to you with an alternative way to use the card. In most iterations, people tend to use Mutagenerator in R3 to get that extra value from all those 4p or 5p cards they have in their decks. In this deck, we will use Mutagenerator in R1 to boost our bronzes and use all the boosts as carryover value for a big chonky (and I mean chonky) Erland in R3.


  • Big big finisher with Erland (30+ points)
  • Enough consistency to pull this off without sacrificing too much value
  • Easily customizable to your liking, multiple options to choose from in your 4p cards in order to better suit your playstyle


  • R1 is weird, a lot of the current meta decks can out-tempo you easily
  • Mill decks are our worst enemy
  • Red coin can be weird if your initial hand is very very VERY bad

Strategy/Core cards:

Mutagenerator: The star card of this deck. The whole idea behind this is to play it R1. You NEED to make sure that you have at LEAST 5x 4p cards in your deck, the rest goes to your hand. You drop the Mutagenerator on board, then play all 4p cards in Ranged row to get the max 5-point value distributed in your 4p cards in deck. Remember that all 4p cards that got boosted should remain in deck until Erland takes advantage of that sweet carryover value

Erland: Our main finisher. If done right, Erland can get a buff of 30-40 points. Should be used in late R3

Siege + Siege 4p cards: Can be used in conjunction with Mutagenerator. Siege has enough support here to be used for a push in R2 or in R3 as a backup to Erland

Pincer Maneuver + King Radovid V + Cursed Scroll + Fisher King: Great at fixing our hand. We have a total of 4 charges from leader + Radovid and cursed scroll (only on blue coin). This is not just important to get the cards we want in hand, but also to put those 4p boosted cards back in deck if needed. Fisher King is a bonus here; he can be removed if you feel like you don’t need him

Siege Master: Along with AA, can be used for thinning your deck. I tested this deck thoroughly with and without the siege master cards and I feel they are a necessary addition in what we need to do. Can be really helpful in shaking things up in R1 and get some good tempo out of them

Queen Adalia + Reinforcements: Can be used to get some extra value from Mutagenerator if you didn’t get enough bronze cards in R1 or if you just wanna get greedy (which I thoroughly advise you to do)

Written by Pokkas


Who said that MO can’t be really fun? Necromancer’s Tome added a great tool to utilize your graveyard units. Sooooooo, let’s try to do just that!! In this deck we will be using our Tome to setup a board with as many Vran Warriors as possible + the She-Troll of Vergen then getting that awesome value from a huge finisher with Glustyworp. We have enough options here to allow the “Whenever a unit is destroyed during your turn” condition netting us a lot of points. If our opponent cannot answer our engines, they will be in a world of trouble


  • Great value from our bronze cards
  • Makes being greedy feel like it’s a normal thing to do
  • Good thinning


  • Hard to play 100% efficient
  • Not setting up your engines will lose you a massive part of your finisher value
  • RNG dependent

Strategy/Core cards:

Operator: Our initial play that helps setting up our graveyard with the Vran Warriors. A secondary target can be the Griffin which can also get as some good value. Megascopes are there to help a bit with spawning a few more engines without using our original Vran’s or Griffin’s

Necromancer’s Tome: Will spawn for us our bronzes in R3 and setup the board for our final play

She-Troll + Vran Warriors: Amazing engines that synergize amazingly with Glustyworp and Wererat.

Arcane Tome: Great option for getting a few of our specials out of our deck and use them whenever we need them. Keep in mind that using this card will also allow our opponent to do the same so use strategically!

Wererat: Can be used in conjunction with our engines to get those points coming in, while also helping in setting up our board for our finisher

Glustyworp: Our main finisher here! Killing all of those 1-power units gets us some amazing value while also triggering She-Troll and the Vran Warriors for each and every unit destroyed!!!

Frightener Dormant: An additional semi-finisher. If on board, triggers automatically when Glusty drops

Vigo’s Muzzle: A personal preference, can be replaced with anything else you want

Forktail: Can be really good against swarm decks, has a chance to setup a few more targets for Glusty. Also do you expect to see a lot of Forktails being used on ladder? Right!!! Neither will your opponent.

Written by Pokkas


After the latest patch and the (very much needed) dwarves’ archetype boost, the meta has seen a swarm of dwarves’ deck flood the Gwent ladder. So I felt like it would be a good idea to try to make something a bit different than what everyone else is using right now that would make dwarves even more greedy than they already are! In this equation, enter Syanna + Dennis Cranmer = An amazingly fun combo to pull off leaving your opponent flabbergasted


  • Awesome finisher with Syanna and Dennis Cranmer for double the armor boost
  • So greedy it feels good when it works
  • Good thinning


  • Deck’s concept is easy to understand but it’s very difficult to navigate properly
  • RNG dependent
  • Armor stacking is very difficult to pull off

Strategy/Core Cards:

Wagenburg + Dwarven Chariot: Our most foolproof way to stack that armor up. When placed properly on board, you can keep boosting and getting that sweet armor value stacked up high enough in order to make that high point swing right at the end of the game. The longer the round, the better value you will get out of it. Also you can use both Wagenburg at the same time if you had to use your Malena in earlier rounds so instead of moving the Wagenburg you just play the Cranmer right in the middle of those cards

Malena: An extremely important card that serves us in two ways. First and foremost, it can help us move the wagenburg out of the way so that we can get the full value on Cranmer. Secondly, we can micromanage our rows if needed (eg move dwarves in the same row as Brouver Hoog, move our defender around if opponent has movement like in Movement ST or MO Frost) Can be replaced with Paulie for that extra 2-point armor from his armor

Syanna + Cranmer: Ideally this is your main combo. Imagine having two units with 15-point armor each. You move the wagenburg, trigger the order on Syanna then drop Cranmer for a 60-point finisher!

Broover Hoog: Great in pushing in R1 for gaining round control as well as getting the extra points later on in the game

Iris Shade: The only card in the deck that doesn’t always gain full value, but can serve as an additional finisher in case you don’t draw/can’t use Syanna

Zoltan + Giantslayer: Our resiliency options that act as a carryover option for us

Novigradian Justice + Mahakam Volunteers: A great option to use for thinning + combo well with Broover Hoog. Can be replaced with Mahakam Marauders but I feel like you get more out the Volunteers instead

Wriiten by Pokkas


Are you guys tired of watching SK using that discard package again and again and again? Well, this is a spicy way to put some RNG into discard (because who wants consistency right?). In all honesty, the idea behind this is to make sure that you always thin to 1-2 cards. In this aspect, this deck performs admirably… as long as you draw Troll Porter and plan your strategy accordingly! Even if you don’t, you do have enough options here to roll that dice and watch RNG do its part!


  • Awesome thinning capabilities with troll porter. God I love this card!!
  • RNG here is a blessing
  • Lots of spicy cards that make this a very fun deck to play


  • Consistency is an issue; you need specific cards in order to be as efficient as possible
  • RNG here is also a curse
  • Might struggle against very high tempo decks

Strategy/Core Cards:

Troll Porter: Our main way of discarding here. The optimal play here is to use troll porter in order to banish 6 cards from our hand. Along with Roach and Knickers this effectively will leave you with 1 card in deck by the time you reach R3. The existence of so many 4p cards here is to try and use them as fodder for the troll porter. On the very rare occasion where you will get a perfect R1 hand (Snowdrop, Troll Porter + 8 bronze cards) you can literally make sure that you can Lippy in R2!!!

Snowdrop: Using her order in conjunction with troll porter can get you a nice 18-point snow drop!!! Keep that in mind!!

Runemage: Always try to play this as early as possible in order to get maximum value from all of our top value cards

Shupe & Radeya: Need to say more? The amount of value you can get from these cards can literally turn the tide in any game

Magic Compass: An invaluable card that basically guarantees you have another legendary SK card to play around with. Its main focus here is using Lippy for replaying a few of our main cards but its flexible enough to choose any other card you might feel it will be more beneficial to the current game you are playing

Vial of Forbidden Knowledge: Its personal preference, but since this is not a golden nekker deck then it can be replaced with literally anything you want. Since this is an RNG-based deck, in the off-chance you play against an opponent who are using Vial as well it can be good to have the ability to check their deck and plan ahead

Uma & Aguara: By definition, the most fun RNG cards in the game. Using after Runemage will give you more options as well, so let that RNG roll baby!!!

Written by Pokkas


This deck is my favorite pet project. Whenever there is a new patch coming out or new cards are released, I always try to revisit this and make it even better than it already is. And believe me when I say, this version is absolutely awesome! Besides our main two combos that are always at the core of the deck, cards like Aerondight, Golden Nekker and the new SY faction cards add to the deck some better form of consistency that it never truly had. So, ladies and gents, I give to you.. SY Goes Pepega v2!!


  • Amazing combos with Abomination + Greater Brothers
  • Increased consistency compared to previous iterations
  • Extremely enjoyable to play


  • Very difficult to navigate properly
  • Combos are high risk/high gain focused
  • Overthinning might be an issue

Strategy/Core Cards:

Salamandra Abomination + Gellert Bleinheim: Our first main combo. ALWAYS have to be used with full hand because of the Adrenaline tags on both abomination and Bleinheim to get maximum value. Now you may ask what the idea behind this is? Play abomination first and tribute (this is 0 because of our leader). Try using stratagem or stolen mutagens to put a veil on abomination. Try to get as much coins as possible and then drop Bleinheim BEFORE Adrenaline 6 is triggered on Abomination and spend as many coins as you like, feel free to use a few leader charges as well. Your abomination will basically get spammed to 40+ points in a single turn. Reasoning behind this is to force your opponent to either commit a tall removal (which most decks in current meta do not have) OR pass the round. In any case it’s a win-win situation for us!!

Greater Brothers + Vlodimir: This is our R3 combo. Basically we trigger the Greater Brothers Insanity tag to get as much armor as possible on the card before we drop Vlodimir to convert that armor back into health for a massive finisher. Blindeye Apothecary is very efficient here as it can heal and boost Gretaer Brothers to 14-power. Repeating this twice can net you 30-40 points guaranteed!! For better gold efficiency, make sure that you should trigger the insanity on the brothers while having one or less coins. Apothecary needs only one coin to trigger both of its abilities because of our leader

Bekker’s Dark Mirror: An extremely useful card that can be used both defensively as well as offensively. Greater Brothers is a great target for it as it will help us heal and boost the card or we can use it remove a very tall unit from our opponent

Shady Vendor + Eventide Plunder: Extremely good bronzes that synergize amazingly well with this deck. Shady vendor can give us those additional poison crimes or get those extra coins that crime cards provide while Eventide Plunder provides us with spenders.

Conjurer’s Candle: You gotta love the flexibility of this card. Profit + Boost with resilience so you can use it in-between 2 rounds. A great option to use in any SY deck

Stolen Mutagens: Perhaps one of the most underrated cards in SY, its flexible options can help you in a multitude of different scenarios. Extremely important for the abomination combo, either you already have veil from stratagem (you can choose poison and gain 5 coins’ option) or you use it as your veil source on red coin.

Golden Nekker + Aerondight + Ciri: These neutral cards are basically what make the deck even more consistent than it used to be. The value you can get from Aerondight can help in getting those extra points that will win you the round/game or can be used more in a defensive scenario where you need to boost one of your two defender scarabs from Azar Javed. Golden Nekker is for the extra tempo and thinning and lady Ciri Nova for the resiliency carryover.

Savolla: Last but not least, Savolla can really be a life saver in a bleed situation in R2 or can serve as an alternative finisher in a short R3 where we don’t have enough turns to build up the armor required on Greater Brothers

Written by Pokkas


With the latest card drop and the boost on crimes, I wanted to put Tunnel Drill back to work. Since the card got nerfed, it saw very little use on ladder. Especially when used with Lined Pockets, we have enough crimes and enough coins to wreak havoc on our opponent’s board, denying them any sort of combo they might try to pull off.


  • Great control options
  • Consistent game plan
  • Very flexible deck that can adapt in different scenarios


  • Needs to be navigated properly
  • Lacks a lot of thinning
  • Need to be as coin efficient as possible in order to not overspend

Strategy/Core Cards:

Cleaver: Good tempo and great value from Intimidate. Can be used in all rounds of the game. Pairs really well with Skewertooth, Tunnel Drill and rest of the Crownsplitters cards as they increase the Intimidate value.

Shupe & Radeyah: Great flexibility added, especially when combined with Runemage. Will help to adapt in different scenarios.

Tunnel Drill: Our main removal option. Gets the most value when used with crimes in order to get the most efficient coin to fee usage.

Conjurer’s Candle: Perhaps one of the most important cards in the deck. Can be used to protect our Tunnel Drill. Also great option for spending all those coins.

Sir Skewertooth: Another great Intimidate engine with the added effect of having immunity which makes it difficult to deal with.

Runemage: Provides additional options for our Create cards such as Triss: Telekinesis, Shupe, Radeyah, Walter Veritas, Shady Vendor and Eventide Plunder.

Triss: Telekinesis: Gives a chance to replay a bronze special card from either your own or opponent’s deck. In most scenarios you will choose a crime card for the added value

Crime cards: Lots of them to use at your hearts content. Make sure to combo them correctly with Tunnel Drill and your Intimidate cards.

Harald Gord: Great finisher as most of the create cards are going to play Crime/Special cards thereby increasing Gord’s value over the course of the game.

Written by Decode789

Becoming A Pro


The new Mutagenerator is an interesting card from the latest card drop, which can have very solid value, but requires a specific setup for that. While Babyjosus obviously had yet another iteration of Triple Commandos on his mind in his recent deck guide, this one takes a different approach with Dun Banners and the 4 provision cluster. This synergizes very well with the Uprising leader ability, because guess who is also a 4 provision unit that will hit a row of boosted Dun Banners? The Lyrian Scytheman from the leader ability of course!

So the gameplan is multiplying the Dun Banners in round 1 with King Foltest and Blue Stripes Scouts, which is good tempo in itself. You can also play your flexible gold cards to take round 1, because that’s rather important. Yes, this is one of the infamous decks that kinda needs to win round 1, because it’s a bit vulnerable to bleeding. Round 2 can be drypassed if the matchup doesn’t require you to bleed, in round 3 you then drop the Mutagenerator and the fun begins. First you shuffle your Dun Banners from round 1 back to the deck with Pavetta. Then you play your 4 provision cards (except Blue Stripes Scout if there’s one left) in the back row, which will boost the Dun Banners in the deck. Also play the other cards in the back row because you need to keep the front row free for later. Then finish round 3 by playing a Dun Banner to the front row, now boosting the 4 provision units on the board, not the deck. Follow up with the leader ability and place the Scytheman in the front row, triggering the Mutagenerator once more. If you have a Blue Stripes Scout left and still space on the front row, you can play him after that. If all went well, you may finish the round with a three digit amount of points.


  • Round 3 runs on 4 provision cards, enabling you to play valuable cards early
  • Mutagenerator is already worth its value when triggered twice and can get a lot more
  • Traveling Priestess playing a side role here to buff the 4 provision cluster, but is already worth 9 points with Tridam Infantry when only shuffled once.


  • Vulnerable to bleed
  • No targeted control
  • Sometimes awkward with a bad hand

Core Cards:

Dun Banners, Mutagenerator, multiplying package, Princess Pavetta, both echo cards, a good 4 provision cluster

Many gold cards in this are flexible but Ring of Favor is definitely recommended to take round 1 and most of the other gold cards help consistency or offer decent synergies.

Written by Escanbryt

Sawyer1888 has already made an in-depth guide here.


So you’re tired of beating the snot out of people with Assimilate, I mean it’s been AGES since we played anything else. You need a bit of excitement in your life, you have considered playing Shupe and/or RNG decks before, but they only win 10% of the time. Well congrats, now we can double that win rate!!!

This deck adds some substance to the style of winning with whatever RNGesus throws you. Runemage is the evident key to expanding your options, so you can pull good solutions to problems on the board with your create cards. Like any Casino deck, we stuff it full of create cards. The most important of these is Shupe’s Day Off. Shupe’s biggest flaw is the RNG element. You may not get the option you want from him. Runemage guarantees all of these options are possible, maximizing Shupe’s utility. 

You REALLY want to play Runemage ASAP. Cursed Scroll on blue coin can help with that. Otherwise, try to win Round 1 with some tempo from Radeyah and your thinning cards like Roach, Knickers and Blightmaker. If you find this too inconsistent, check out some of the tech options below that you can swap in.

Mysterious Puzzle Box is an option to be played Round 1 for tempo, though it is ideally played in later rounds when you would gamble your bricks off and have Will o’ the Wisp on hand to delete Thing From The Box should your opponent win the bet.

Once Runemage has been played, go wild with your create cards and pray you roll high. Artorius Vigo is your sole native (Assimilate) engine, so play him early, ideally in round 3. He is NOT nailed down to guaranteed options, but can be (look at tech section). You want medium to longer length rounds to facilitate your pay-off finisher in the form of Tourney Shaelmaar, so soft bleeds are useful to utilize Squirrel or other “trash” cards.


  • Maximum versatility
  • Decent point-slam


  • Casino STRESS
  • Lack of engines, mediocre pay-off
  • The house usually wins

Core Cards:

Shupe: Shupe is potentially a huge amount of points with 15 different POWERFUL options, now fully available thanks to Runemage.

Arcane Tome: Many of the create cards are specials. Play this card after Runemage to access all your create cards. Prioritize the expensive ones first, as some opponents don’t want to play their own specials or don’t have specials. Consider it a tutor for your high value specials.

Tech Cards:

Cards you can consider switching out:

Aguara: True Form: This is one of the weakest create cards and very expensive. Its create pool is heavily polluted by specials that are NOT useful and niche use, especially from Syndicate.

Lydia van Bredevoort: Without assimilate engines to score points from creates, Lydia is substantially weaker than in Assimilate decks. She can, however, provide removal or situational cards that complement other created cards.

Arcane Tome: This card is definitely risky, as some opponents can benefit heavily from playing their own high value specials. Consider a safer tutor.

Elf and Onion Soup: You may find yourself without good targets (or even any targets at all) to sacrifice for this card, so it often plays for fewer points than other alternatives. Granted, you can use it as Box gamble fodder.

Pellar and Squirrel: Very useful but pollutes Vigo’s creation pool, swap out for specials.

Cards you can consider switching in:

Removal cards: Korathi Heatwave, Yennefer’s Invocation, Vigo’s Muzzle, Leo Bonhart, and Vilgefortz are all good options if you have provisions to spare.

Create cards: Dazhbog Runestone and Summoning Circle are two alternatives/additions one can consider. Dazhbog Runestone especially as it can provide you assimilate engines (in place of Elf and Onion Soup).

Consistency: Fisher King, Roderick of Dun Tynne and Maxii Van Dekkar are all good consistency options for ensuring you draw/play the cards you want/need.

4 Provision Specials: In place of Pellar and Squirrel, in order to guarantee Artorius Vigo only has a pool of 5 bronze units to create from. Options include, Dimeritium Bomb, Mahakam Ale, Obsidian Mirror, Spores.

Written by BigDaddy843

BabyJosus made an in-depth guide for this deck here.

Bomblin made an in-depth guide for this deck here.

Magiq made an in-depth guide for this deck here.

Honorable Mentions


I love Kolgrim, as a card of course, he promoted some radical deckbuilding at the time, like going card down on purpose or even that infamous 35 card enslave deck.

However, with the addition of Golden Nekker, nearly every deck can thin to less than 6 cards, making Kolgrims ability quite mediocre. So if ST/SY/MO can thin to such low numbers just imagine what NG can do.

So I present to you the SuperDuperMegaExtraHyper-Hyperthin!!!!



Has surprise value for opponent, people try to defend the bleed with average cards. No real need to use your brain, just don’t play Kolgrim and Defender R1, however, if you do use your brain, you may find extra enjoyment with all the thinning combos!  


Anything with a tall punish or even an untargeted tall punish (e.g. censer, igni. etc.) can counter us. Mill should also hard counter us, but there is some hope if you manage to not get Kolgrim milled.


Strategy/Core Cards:

Basically, we are going to play R1 like it’s the last round (MUST WIN R1…) and we will be thinning all the time and clogging just a little bit! If done properly, by mid R2 there will be no cards left in deck! This tactic aims to catch your opponent off guard as he is expecting a bleed, not a 2-0.

We want to keep Kolgrim and perhaps Defender for R2, consider everything else free to use.

Try using leader with both mage assassins in hand so you get the thinning and with snowdrop on board for extra points.

Assire is a great key card as in case you over thin she can put something back in deck to even re-enable Nekker bricks in specific categories. e.g. you have no specials left in deck, so you put 1 back. Else just put something in the opponent’s deck to increase the difference.

Considerations: you can fit Ciri: Nova by swapping her for War Council and downgrading a 5, you can also swap fisher king for Albrich, but that is only recommended if you want to specifically boost Kolgrim to 3 so he won’t die to SK boats. We want to avoid Aerondight as it will not get to great values as we are SMOrcing our way through each round. Lastly, we want to avoid any card that allows opponent to thin as well (Arcane Tome/Mata).

Written by UngryNab

Erdemches made a guide for this deck here.


This was our sixth Meme Snapshot, we hope you enjoyed it! Hopefully we can all agree on the fact that there are plenty of decks included for all kinds of players that don’t want to contribute to the meta. For players that would like to have a good time, that want to role-play and want to go put their boot in the meta and claim their seats among the kings.

A big thank you to everyone providing us with their decks! We hope that we inspired you to create your own memes or own versions of the decks with this Meme Snapshot. But for now, Team Bandit Gang and I will fare thee well, and we’ll see you again in Meme Snapshot #7!

Now is the time to shine, oh memers of the Gwent community! Got a deck that’s so bad it’s good? One that’s kinda out there but still got you to pro, or one that’s lore friendly? Then please send an email to and we will consider putting it in our next Meme Snapshot!

Please consider checking out our article section where you can find plenty of articles. From member interviews to deck guides and more!

Deck Guide: BJ’s Blue Balls (Triple Commandos)


Triple Commandos, also famously known as BJ’s Blue Balls (due to the shameless sell-out back in the day on many Twitch streams), is all about playing your Blue Stripes Commandos every round. While the deck has originally been created in patch 7.4, it has been brought back to life in the past with patch 8.5 and now with patch 10.4. You could say this was because Bomblin forced me to create a new Triple Commandos deck, or simply because the new card drop benefits the archetype quite well. I choose the latter, but I let you decide for yourself.

With the rework on Lady of the Lake the deck has gained a lot of consistency since we no longer have to run Papa John because she can play Oneiromancy and Amphibious Assault for us.

And aside of that, we got two new cards that we included in the deck and they are as followed. The most important one is called Mutagenerator. This card is great with Blue Stripes Commando because you are guaranteed to have lots of them in your deck. And when you play a commando on the ranged row 5 commandos in your deck get boosted. Also, if you happen to play Maxii Van Dekkar and/or a Blue Stripes Commando from hand and/or from Reinforcements on the melee row it gives you even more value. And then I didn’t mention the many 4 provision cards that we can play on the melee for even MORE value. This results in the card being an auto include in the deck in my opinion.

The second new card is called Vial of Forbidden Knowledge which can be an easy 8 points for 4 provisions if the vitality gets unanswered. Plus it has a bonus ability which only happens when both players have the card included. Someone on Reddit said this about it: ”It’s basically a gentleman’s agreement for open decklists”.

-This deck allows you to out-tempo your opponent in round 1, push your opponent in round 2 and win the game in a short round 3. 
-Fairly consistent thanks to Cursed Scroll, Lady of the Lake, Roche: Merciless, Amphibious Assault & Oneiromancy.
-Lots of pro-activity.

-The deck is vulnerable to cards like Lambert: Swordmaster, Surrender, Lacerate etc.
-Also vulnerable to Pavetta being banished or stolen. This requires you to 2-0 your opponent since in hindsight, your round 3 is pretty awful without being able to play your Commandos.
-Lacks control.

The Deck

Core Cards

Donimir of Troy and Foltest because they get you tons of copies of commandos in round 1 alongside the regular Blue Stripes Scouts play.

Pavetta because it puts your Commandos back in the deck which you can then tutor out of the deck and have a huge tempo-play.

Renew on Pavetta to do the exact same, but in round 3.

Cursed Scroll, Lady of the Lake, Roche: Merciless, Amphibious Assault & Oneiromancy are Core Cards due to them making the deck more consistent.

Deck Guide: Devoted Traveling Priestesses


There’s a brand new patch out now and it includes 21 new cards plus some balance changes. So let’s go and try some new decks, shall we? This Northern Realms list was already a concept that I wanted to develop for the next Bandit Gang meme snapshot, but the release of the new Traveling Priestess might make it good enough to be more competitive. It is very greedy, so it’s perfect for the early days of a new patch.

Your gameplan depends a bit on the cards that you draw. First of all, mulligan the Traveling Priestesses if you draw them. Then have a look at the engines that you have available and play round 1 accordingly. You’d probably start setting up some engines first, then proceed to shuffle one priestess multiple times for your late game. It’s okay to invest cards like King Belohun, Vysogota of Corvo, Trollololo or Anna Strenger early, depending on how much pressure you face. The thing is that you have multiple threats in here and many are expendable.

You should keep one finishing combo in mind however, and most of them include the Traveling Priestess. A very spicy approach would be a double Coën play for example. This would include Viraxas and Kerack Marine as combo pieces, while the Priestess helps aligning units. If Belohun is still available, that’s also cool. Anyway you’d align as many units as possible on 7 power, including Coën of course, and activate him. Then you can use Viraxas’ order on him and boost him by 4 with the Kerack Marine and repeat for an obscene amount of points. But we all know that this will not always work out, so you can also just dump your boosts from the Priestess on Prince Anséis or Mad Kiyan and start slamming with Viraxas’ support.


  • Lots of threats for your opponent to deal with. If his control options are limited, he will need to make some tough decisions.
  • Consistent with Pincer Maneuver and King Radovid. Any charge that doesn’t need to find a specific card contributes to the Priestess.
  • Coën has a massive swing potential and is just so fun to play.


  • Not that easy to play. Involves a lot of calculations.
  • Might struggle against heavy control decks.
  • Requires Devotion and has few direct control options.

The Deck

Core Cards

Traveling Priestess: The more she’s shuffling, the stronger your finish will be. Supporting cards are King Radovid, Istredd, Griffin Witcher Mentor and Cintrian Envoy. Tutoring her with Amphibious Assault is recommended, since you often need one more turn to play your boost target. These targets can be Coën, Prince Anséis, Mad Kiyan or just a plain Tridam Infantry.

Coën: Lovely card, and no longer boosts opposing units. Involves a lot of counting, especially if you are going for the double tap with Viraxas. Cards that help in alignment can be Traveling Priestess, Vysogota of Corvo or King Belohun, as well as boosting engines.

Trollololo: Nice sidekick to have around when you are using all those charges. Otherwise removal bait.

Viraxas: Strong finisher that works well with multiple cards in this deck.

Meta Snapshot #1 Rock Paper Scissors


After years of playing card games. After thousands of hours put into Gwent. After millions of teardrops poured over the RNG dictating the outcome of the game, Bandit Gang decided to leave Gwent content creation. We are concerned about the horrible balance of the game and we no longer want to be a part of it.

King is dead, long live the King! We are not, however, moving away from content creation! We have agreed to finally move to a game that has a proper balance. That’s why today, we present our first Meta Snapshot for the greatest and most balanced game in the world: Rock Paper Scissors!

A Tier

They work hard and play hard, that’s what you can expect from most Rock players. Hard as a rock? Well, it’s harder than a rock as ACDC sing. The reason for this is that playing Rock puts the most pressure on your carpal tunnel out of all the signs in this month’s meta, and therefore you can just feel the dedication of the players, willing to play in their style in spite of risking their health. This season, Rock finds its deserved place in A tier with an amazing match up against Scissors, but no longer as stellar results against the other signs. Some speculation found in the Chinese RPS Meta Reports indicate that a potential alternative to Rock, the Wok sign, could find it’s place in the international meta soon. For the time being, nonetheless, we have to rely purely on Rock that should stand strong against this season.

Rock is especially great against confident players that like an aggressive, fast pace playstyle. The experienced player often starts with scissors so a rock starter is great against those. It is also expected for a rookie, especially men, to open with rock – try avoiding the mistake. Rock is a solid strategy for new players that want to experiment with a strong sign. 

  • Difficulty – Easy
  • Good Against – Scissors
  • Bad Against – Paper
  • Underwhelming Mirror Matches

Papers, please. No? Oh well, maybe just Paper will do fine then and for as long as you want to succeed in RPS, this meta it couldn’t be closer to the truth! Paper, the simplest and most ergonomic sign isn’t neccessarily a fan-favorite.  As if slapping your opponent cheekily with it and asserting your dominance, Paper gives you a direct edge over any Rock archetype, nonetheless it will have trouble against its historic counter-sign, Scissors. This sign is also ideal for players with sweaty hands, as the natural airflow resulting from using the sign helps you with battling this condition, just genius! 

Paper is statistically the least common strategy. Use it as an opening against new and inexperienced players. Because it is often considered weak, soft, and unappealing by players. It has a surprising effect on your opponents. Do not play against people that like an aggressive approach.

  • Difficulty – Advanced
  • Good against – Rock
  • Bad against – Scissors
  • Underwhelming Mirror Matches

Running with Scissors is a great idea, at least for as long as you’re running into a lot of Papers, perhaps not as much in any other cases. Scissors are well known for their Aggro potential which they’ve been upholding for a very long time. The core of what makes Scissors such a dangerous, and at some points even disliked sign, is that its sharp nature as if encouraged the players utilizing it to pressure for victory harder than usual. Channelling all of your pokerface reading skills when playing against a Scissors main is a must! 

The ideal aggressive sign. Usually associated with people that play fast and want to trick your opponent. Play it mainly against females opponents and more experienced players. It is tricky to use against new gamers and males. Scissors are a sign that can easily backfire against new players. Use Scissors in a skilled way against more sophisticated opponents.

  • Difficulty – Medium
  • Good against – Paper
  • Bad against – Rock
  • Underwhelming Mirror Matches


After writing the meta snapshot and analyzing many guides, we got to the conclusion, that Rock Paper Scissors is actually… not a perfectly balanced game! According to the data, people use rock and scissors around 35% of the time, while paper only in 29% of cases! Moreover, people tend to change their strategy when they are on a losing streak and at the same time -> they keep the symbol if they are on a winning streak! Well, If even RPS is not a balanced game, I guess we will go back to Gwent soon…

If you wanted to find out more about RPS check out some of thse websites: 

And that was our very first (and possibly last) Meta Snapshot for Rock Paper Scissors, we hope you’ve enjoyed it! See you next month when, who knows, what we’ll bring to you. 😉 

For more content, please consider checking out our article section where you can find all kinds of things. From interviews to deck guides and more!

Wobbledogs First Impressions ”Is it worth playing?”

Welcome to another spotlight for a different game than Gwent. Today a new game called Wobbledogs is being released on Steam. We of Team Bandit Gang had a look at it and want to share our first impressions with you.

When you start your first game you will be given helpful tips & tricks regarding the game mechanics and you will start in a single room with a single Wobbledog. From this point on you can start feeding the dog and interact with it. Eventually you get a hatching machine in order to breed more Wobbledogs. Wait a minute, since when do dogs hatch from eggs?! Well, these are not conventional dogs but mutated ones and you better forget anything you learned about mammal anatomy in school. Because it’s not only the hatching from the eggs but also the metamorphosis in a cocoon when they grow up. It’s a bit weird in the beginning but you get used to this relatively quickly.

You can tell that the developer had a lot of fun creating this. In fact the breeding aspect is at least as important as the petting itself. By the choice of the diet for the dogs you influence their gut flora, which in return shapes out in the physical appearance of their kids. From then on you can mix and match these features as you like and unleash the creativity within this game. It’s a sandbox game after all.

Another aspect of this sandbox game is the creation of different rooms and decorate them as you like. You can create multiple rooms for your dogs to play in and give them different themes if you like. And if you are hesitant to do so, your Wobbledogs will change their surroundings anyway. For example by building a cave out of mud.

While playing alongside your Wobbledogs you also have challenges to complete. This way you can unlock new features to use. This includes decorations, flowers, carpets, wallpapers and then some. But generally speaking, this game remains very relaxed and slow paced so you can just have fun with these weird ass doggos.

Throughout today, our streamers will cover this new game on their respective channels on Twitch so feel free to stop by if you would like to check the game out! We had quite some fun playing it in advance and we hope that you might as well!

What do you think about Wobbledogs? Are you excited for it? What features are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments down below!

Bandit of the Month (February) | Exclusive Interview with GhostArya

Arya has gone above and beyond this month to not only make us all have fun together, when she organised the first BG Game Night, or when she reached semi-finals in the Gwentfinity War tournament, but also when she collected 1K USD during her Charity stream for a good cause! We couldn’t be more proud of you!

Babyjosus: Hey Arya! What does it mean to you to receive your second BOTM?

Arya: It means a lot! Streaming and BG has become a stable thing in my life and although I might not have that much time for the team (and I would love to have more), I know my teammates are always there and I love seeing them on stream or catching up in the discord! But I am a bit surprised to be a bandit of the month!. 🙂

BJ: How do you look back at the game night that you organized with Kalvino?

A: It was a lot of fun, definitely brought back memories of when Kalvino was visiting me in Prague! It gave us a lot of ideas on what (not) to do next time and it felt like a good way to bring the team more together.

BJ: Tell me about your experience in the Gwentifity War Tournament.

A: Gwentfinity was a way for me to play factions and decks I wouldn’t normally play which made it valuable but fun thing to do. I played against Bomblin in the last one and I never want to do that again (because I felt sorry I won!). I am always happy to see more causal tournaments and I think the community enjoys them too.

BJ: What can people expect from you in the future?

A: I haven’t made an official announcement yet (so this is top secret, fresh news!), but you can expect more charity streams because I partnered with Softgiving. And you should also stay tuned for the witcher saga streams that are currently ongoing. 

BJ: What message would you give to the supporters of BG?

A: Thank you for your support and just know that every lurk or hi in chat is appreciated and we LOVE when you guys try decks from our snapshots! Take care and see you around – if you ever miss your bandits you can always find us in the team discord.

You can find out more about Arya here.

Obzio’s First Interview | Welcome To Bandit Gang | Exclusive

Babyjosus: What does it mean to you now you are officially part of BG?
Obzio: It’s an honour. Validation is not something that I actively sought, but being accepted into a group of lovely individuals with a shared passion for gaming and content creation means a lot.
BJ: What made you join team BG?
O: First, the people. Whilst I was interested is learning more about what teams do I was still new and didn’t know much about most teams. Then I was approached and after pondering I was excited for the opportunity. But unfortunately my personal circumstances made me very busy initially to commit myself. But throughout the difficult time, the people in Team BG were not only patient, but checked up on me and helped me a lot. Huge shout out to Mercernn and Decode789 here for being all around awesome human beings. Second, I’m not the best player at Gwent since I’m still new. But I LOVE trying my hand at deck building to make something fun! Team BG was the obvious choice because of the focus on meme decks and theme snapshots. I hope to one day be able to make fun to play thematic or meme decks that will be viable for competitive play and team BG is the perfect place for that.

You can find out more about Obzio here.

Theme Snapshot #3: Tales of Love


Welcome to our third Theme Snapshot! February is a season of love and we decided to show the love that is hidden in every faction.  Instead of a deck guide, each deck will tell you a unique story brought to you by our best writers. You will be able to learn a bit of lore but also jump into the crazy adventure filled with love.  Let us know which tale you liked the most!

The Tales

Many have met their significant others for the first time while at work, so perhaps one could recommend it as the ideal place for searching for love. The situation gets a bit more complicated if your area of work lies in espionage. Such was the tale of Carthia van Canten (also known as Cantarella) and Vattier de Rideaux. While the Imperial Spymaster, Vattier, would stay in the vicinity of the imperial throne, Cantarella’s position as a double agent required constant traveling and very little time for Vattier.
The situation got so desperate, that the two had to resort to some serious plotting involving numerous masses of soldiers, agents and tactics in order to see each other again.

The plan was simple: 1) Make the entire Alba Division led by Tibor Eggebracht start an offensive deep into enemy territory towards the area of Cantarella’s whereabouts. 2) This encourages the local ruler into sending Cantarella, believing she’s on their side, to the Nilfgaardian side in order to gather information. 3) As soon as she arrives, Vattier orders the Alba Division to retreat into its original position, which also prevents Cantarella from returning too early due to the massive movement of manpower. 4) Finally together!

So, how do you play this deck? 🙂 The core combo is very satisfying, strong, and lore friendly: 1) You use your leader to place cards on the top of your deck in this order: Any nonessential card, Tibor, Vattier. 2) You play Cantarella. 3) You place Cantarella to your opponent’s hand with Ardal aep Dahy. 4) Your opponent plays Cantarella, she plays Tibor, which will summon Vattier. 5) You give Spying to Tibor with Mage Torturer or Thanedd Turncoat and seize him immediately, as Vattier was summoned the turn before, so no need to wait for his order to charge up. Provided you’ll manage to avoid leader abilities and orders on already deployed cards, your Vattier should be safe enough to go on a date with his beloved!

Written by Mercernn

It was a misty morning, the fog hung low around the trees. The dew drops gripped tightly to the bottom of the leaves. The sunlight barely shone through the dense leaves of the Dol Blathanna forest tree tops. A feeling of unease was also in the air as a strange occurrence was fated to happen today; there were strangers in the forest.

A small group of Scoia’tael commandos, we’re taking a rest from what ailed them. To Etriel’s joy, her only issue at the moment was the rock in her left boot. Etriel knelt down and loosened her right boot to remove it and shake out the bothersome rock. On rising, she looked up to see her infamous leader; Aelirenn, with her hand ever present on the hilt of her sheathed blade. Aelirenn was talking with Vernossiel, Milva, and some of her Swordmasters. They were all planning to rendezvous with a lost unit of Half-elves who took in some outcast Witchers. Etriel’s joy started to turn to worry as she overheard the exploits and rumors of these desperate Felines. They didn’t sound like the best company to her, as she preferred the undying loyalty of her Elven sisters. Not really one for many companions anyway, Etriel only ever spent time with Muirlega. Who was far more skilled than any of those faux felines. There was great harmony between them, and their conversations were made more meaningful since Etriel was one of the few remaining Aen Seidhe with the ability of beast communication. 

It was for this reason, her mind was full of confusion as to why Aelirenn was wasting her time to join forces with this Gezras of Leyda and his band of Witcher outcasts. The confusion didn’t last long, as she observed the roaming rabble of Witchers wander into camp. The sunlight perfectly highlighted what appeared to be a long-awaited reunion between Gezras and Aelirenn, who were spinning slowly in a sweet embrace. As she watched the two of them slink away to the luxurious command tent, Etriel whispered to herself, “Doesn’t take much but a death march against all Dhoine to create a couple like that”. She walked away from her relaxed perch and chuckled to herself; “A pair of Elves and Cats we are. From looks alone, I like my Lynx better”.

Written by Kalvino

As most of you fine readers know. The Passiflora is considered the finest brothel in all of Novigrad and houses many kinds of hookers, from Sly Seductresses to Passiflora Peaches, to the most known and noteworthy ones. A utopia to many men, that is.

Men that often crave emotional intimacy and not just sex. And there is one man in particular that craves this, and his name is Geralt of Rivia. A witcher that is accompanied by his dear friend Roach, who he travels with across all of the continent to seek emotional intimacy with the most desirable women.

Many of those nights, he  spent at the Passiflora with his favorite kind of lady of ill repute:  The Sly Seductress. Especially if they are bonded. One time, Geralt wished to spend a night with them and got himself in a fistfight over them with Adriano the Mink. That truly was something, almost like they got caught in a love triangle, which was gossiped about by the Merchants of Novigrad.

Apparently it took until sunrise for the fistfight to end. And at the end of the day, Geralt got his arse kicked by Adriano, leaving the fine establishment thrashed, sporting a black eye. Which resulted in many customers being upset and asking themselves: ”Could this not have been avoided? Was there not a solution for Geralt, Adriano and the Sly Seductresses? Perhaps they should have all enjoyed the evening together and split the costs. Well, there goes the neighborhood. Is it time for a round of Gwent yet?

Written by BabyJosus

Love really gets the heart pumping. Pumping blood!

Join Dettlaff’s journey to rescue Syanna as he carves a bloody swathe through Beauclair. Utilize Dettlaff and his lesser vampire minions* and call forth the bloodmoon. None shall be safe from Dettlaff should they harm his dear Rhena.

The strategy is (predictably) pretty much the same as any other vamps deck. Do the thing that vampires do. But now Syanna is here too! For the flavor win, you want to be using her ability WITH Dettlaff, but if you’re one of those dirty game-winners, you can also use her with Protofleder for a decent point swing.

In the more likely (practically guaranteed) case, Syanna is going to get bonk’d. That’s fine! Dettlaff is going to be pissed, but we find that is when he is at its best. Ah, love… or something. The message is frankly getting muddled.

Oh, and if your opponent is one of those degenerate Nilfgaard players, and they are using Milton de Peyrac  Peyran… you know what to do…

The deck doesn’t run much in the way of tutoring/thinning because Syanna/Rhena is hard to find. That’s the joke. Please clap.

Written by Carrost

Have you ever wondered what it must feel like to be the only ogroid in your faction? Only being tolerated because of your usefulness to the military, but not accepted for who you are? Not allowed to stay in the Redanian barracks, but forced to live outside the city instead? But you still carry on because guarding boatses is your passion? Trollololo spent many years in the military, his dedication with Frigates inspired lots of Volunteers to join the army. And he gained a badge for each Volunteer recruited, which he proudly added to his armor. As the time went by, his armor became his purpose, and everything he experienced in the army, all the orders that he and his comrades fulfilled, made it better and better.

But one day, when he was on patrol with some Redanian soldiers, they found a woman near an old mansion. She wasn’t only sad, she was sadness, but also very beautiful. So the Redanians got curious about her and realized too late that she was just a specter. At first the archers realized that their armor and their quiver vanished, then the so-called elites felt all their strength wither away. But none of them was devastated like Trollololo, who lost all that he cared for to some illusion of a woman he didn’t even find remotely attractive. The patrol fled from that place and returned to the barracks, where they could stock up in the armory again. Trollololo however, felt that the army was no longer his home and decided to find another purpose in life, seeking someone not only to tolerate but love him.

After striding around for a while, he came across a company of bandits, who were just stealing some pigs from a nearby farm. This wouldn’t have been too interesting if there hadn’t been one individual among them that was significantly larger than the others. Could it be…? He followed them back to their camp and cautiously approached it. His assumptions were correct, there was an ogroid among them, even a female one! They called her Betsy. But then he witnessed how some dwarven musician came up with a piece of armor for the other bandits. Betsy was furious about it, took that armor and smashed it into pieces, uttering some angry noises that couldn’t be regarded as words. Trollololo still loved his armor, so he turned away disappointed and didn’t bother to make contact.

He sought shelter for the night in a nearby cave, where he found another troll, a strange one. There were colorful paper scraps everywhere. He wore a pointy hat and grabbed a sword by the blade, wielding it like a wand. Then the Nekker standing next to him turned into a soldier – Nilfgaard scum, no doubt. Trollololo wanted to attack that soldier when the mysterious troll swung the sword another time and the soldier turned into a mermaid, then into a dryad, then into some small deformed creature uttering “Uma umamaa”. Maybe this troll was the key to find the lovely she-troll that he desired so much…?

Written by Escanbryt

Rioghan was sitting on the bow of the ship. He was doing the night shift, guarding, and guiding the ship while the rest of his fellow pirates were fast asleep. The previous evening reminded him why these waters were the most treacherous on the continent. He and his fellow raiders battled through the rough storms and huge waves for the entire day. There were times he honestly felt they wouldn’t make it out alive. It was only late this afternoon that the sea went back to its peaceful state. The evening breeze gently touched his face, and the sound of the water splashing on the wooden sides of the ship’s bow almost put him to sleep. As much as he wanted to stay vigilant, this soothing experience made it more and more difficult for him to keep his eyes open. The full moon in the night sky was the only thing preventing the darkness from engulfing the entire ship, allowing Rioghan to at least be able to see his immediate surroundings. His eyes were focused on the playful movement of the splashing water when suddenly, he felt that something had bumped into the ship. And then, it began.

At first, he didn’t realize what it was. But it was there, a low humming, continuous sound. He didn’t know where this was coming from, although he felt like it was not coming from somewhere on the ship. For that, he was sure of. Rioghan thought that his exhausted mind was playing games on him. “What’s next? Am I going to start hearing bloody voices now?” A smirk appeared on Rioghan’s face, as his prompt explanation of the unexpected phenomenon clearly amused him. That smirk quickly disappeared, though, as the sound was now turning into something different. Along with the water splashing underneath the ship’s keel and the low creaking noises of the old wooden masts and sails, Rioghan could now clearly hear a female voice singing. He could not understand what the lyrics were, neither did he want to. The perplexity of what was happening to him sparked his curiosity. His gaze wandered towards the ocean, impatiently trying to track down the source of this unerringly mesmerizing voice. His eyes suddenly focused on the right side of the ship’s stern as he noticed something there. Rioghan could swear that there was something in the water, close enough to the surface to at least make out that it was moving right along with the ship. The pale moonlight subtly reflected on whatever that damn thing was, and Rioghan could distinguish the silhouette of what he initially thought was a big fish. His curiosity suddenly turned into surprise when he realized that whatever he was looking at, it was also staring back at him.

Rioghan stood there frozen, half hanging from the side of the ship, watching in bewilderment as the sea creature slowly started coming out of the water. He could now clearly make out the finer details: Long black hair, beautiful face, slender figure, pale white skin. And those eyes, those hauntingly beautiful emerald eyes, were still locked onto him. He couldn’t see the rest of the body as it was still hidden below the surface, but Rioghan was amazed on how this woman could keep up with the current speed that the ship was moving, seemingly without making the slightest effort. “This is a dream, I must be dreaming, it can’t be… It just can’t be…” he thought. “No, you are not dreaming, I am for real”.

The woman’s voice broke Rioghan’s train of thought, snapping him out of the dumbfounded state he was in for the last few moments. “Who are you? What are you? He asked in amazement. “I have been watching you for quite some time now, sailor. Since you left the Isles, I have been following you and your ship.” “You didn’t reply to my question” said Rioghan with a stern voice. The sea-woman replied to him with a faint smile: “That’s because I don’t need to. Do not be alarmed, I do not wish to harm you”. “Then what is it that you want from me?” said Rioghan, whose curiosity made him forget that his fellow pirates were sleeping just a few meters away from him, somehow still impervious to the events that have just unfolded. She didn’t reply, her body still somehow managing to move effortlessly through the water, her gaze still fixated on him. It was then, that her singing started again. This was a song that made logic fade away, numbed all physical sensations. Rioghan was now just staring at this otherworldly creature, his mind empty of any sort of thoughts or memories of past deeds in life. She slowly raised her right hand, beckoning for him to come closer. And he obeyed. It didn’t really matter if he wanted to do it or not, Rioghan just slowly moved over the ship’s side railing and dropped into the sea. Even the cold seawater did not help him snap out of this trance state he was in. It was her who gently grabbed his sinking body and now held him firmly in her arms. Feeling like he was in a lucid dream, Rioghan barely managed to ask one last time: “Who are you?” She was so close now, her eyes still studying every little detail on Rioghan’s face. Their bodies became one and his numb hands were involuntarily touching something scaly, still hidden below the surface. She was a sea creature, alright. Their eyes locked once more, their faces almost touching. She leaned in and with an uncanny voice she whispered: “Your life… will burn… as bright as the love between us”

This was the last thing Rioghan heard before he felt his body violently being pulled below the waves. Darkness was now surrounding him, but he didn’t care. He knew she was taking him somewhere, but he didn’t care. The only thing that mattered to him was her. And in the pitch-black emptiness of the lower depths of the North Sea, he heard her sing again.

Written by Pokkas88


And that was our third Theme Snapshot, we hope you enjoyed it! We hope that we inspired you to create your own memes or own versions of the decks with this Theme Snapshot. But for now, the Bandits and I will fare thee well, and we’ll see you again in Theme Snapshot #4!

Make sure to come back next month for another Meme Snapshot. Remember, that if you want to be featured, you can send us your decklists to!

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Bandit Gang’s Meme Snapshot for Gwent #5


Many decks can be considered Meme Decks. Some people believe that a meme deck is mainly played for fun, to make yourself and the opponent laugh, and not to win with. A deck like Thicc Aglais would be a good example. Other people believe that meme decks have their own theme like the bandit archetype, which makes it a lore friendly deck. And most people would agree that a meme deck is also considered an off-meta deck: a deck that has its own unusual strategy or inclusions, but that can still win you plenty of games. You could think of a deck like Triple Commandos here.

But I digress. Welcome to the fifth edition of Bandit Gang’s Meme Snapshot! In case you missed out on the other editions, you can find them here. Once again, we want to use new concepts that weren’t included in the previous editions, but you might also see different versions of decks that were included already. The main goal, as always, is to show you the diversity that is possible in Gwent, beyond all the top tier meta lists. As before, we kept the same categories but have now added a new purpose to the Honorable Mentions category. The categories are as followed:

1. Fun But Garbage Decks: these are the decks that are just for fun but will not win you any games 90% of the time.

2. Lore Friendly Decks: these are decks that are based around a certain theme that is often lore based.

3. Becoming A Pro Decks: these are decks that are considered off meta, but are decent to climb to Pro Rank with. Nonetheless, they are not included in the Meta Snapshots.

4. Honorable Mentions: these are decks from community members that we wanted to give that extra spotlight. We encourage you to submit your own, read more about this in the Conclusion.

Note: Click on the image of the deck to get directed to the PlayGwent website in order to import the deck to your client.

Fun But Garbage


The ball deck is back! This time, with a twist! If you are looking for a unique way to play ball, this is it. How does it work? The plan is to somehow survive to round 3. Mulligan away ball and do not use mentors nor Calveit! In round 3, open with Jan and follow with a spotter to give the opponent ball. BAM! Every Viper Witcher Mentor nets a hefty 15 points! Later, you can use Cantarella to play Ball or Double Cross, if the opponent has a draw mechanic. Discard won’t help your opponent with Gorthur Gvaed on board! 


– A lot of points in round 3

– Spread power → big cards and tall removal/engines

– You play ball in a fun way


– Terrible round 1

– Vulnerable to bleed

– Draw dependent

Core Cards:

Gorthur Gvaed: Not only does it give you another Viper Witcher Mentor, but it can also line up a nice Cantarella or mess with your opponent’s draw.

Blightmaker: Pray to get both in round 1, because they are your only good plays in this round.

Spotter: How to ruin your opponent’s day with one simple trick?

Written by Bomblin


Sooooo, this is a funny one… The main concept behind this deck is to use good old boy Erland as a big finisher in R3 with a high probability of survival even if you do not have last say. How do we do that, you say? By spawning as many same-type units as possible in R1 & R2 and then using Pavetta in R3 to put everything back in the deck so that Erland can be as “fat” as possible.


– So greedy it’s actually fun!!!

– Nice point finisher

– Easy to understand strategy


– So greedy it’s actually painful!!!

– Very RNG dependent

– It needs to win R1 and bleed the opponent heavily in R2 in order to create as many units as possible!!!

Core Cards:

Draug: Our main way to produce a lot of similar type of units (Revenants). Revenants can also help in winning some rounds and provide some control over your opponent’s board

The Land of a Thousand Fables: Perhaps the single most important card in the deck as we will use this in R2 to sacrifice our AA (preferably after using it at least once in R1) in order to create a second Draug (has 50% chance to either get Draug or Henselt through this method). Second Draug = more Revenants

Pavetta: Gets all those revenants and puts them back to the deck to increase Erland’s value

Erland: Our winning condition. If all goes according to plan you will get a big 25-30 points finisher, which will also have an additional advantage: Immunity!!

King Foltest: Helps create as many dun banner as possible in order to be used with Draug

Mushy Truffle + PFI: Again, used to create as many bodies as possible for Draug

Queen Meve + Voyomir: Can help in winning R1, pushing or defending a bleed in R2

Leader – Pincer Maneuver: Can help with the consistency and un-bricking our hand

Written by Pokkas88


Yes, you’re not having a fever dream, it is true, you can technically have at some point a 72-powered ogroid boy in the game of Gwent. So, how is it possible to achieve this? The process itself is actually quite simple. First of all, if the row on which you have Old Speartip: Asleep is full, he will not summon Old Speartip, yet the strengthening part of his ability will trigger. Second of all, there are many ways to spawn Old Speartip Asleep! Third, put the first and the second point together and you’ve got profit. Well… sort of! 


– Gives you a reason to play practice mode or friendly matches.

– Intriguing gameplay, especially for fans of puzzle games (e. g. Thronebreaker). 

– A chance to make arguably one of the highest base power units possible in the game.


– Pretty much unplayable outside of friendlies/practice. Insta-death to control. 

– Absurdly draw dependent, even with a variety of tutors. 

– No back-up plan and no real way of generating points outside of the core combo.

Core Cards

The Speartips: Always secure the sleepy Speartip in your hand. Always have the angry Speartip in your deck. As soon the countdown on sleepy Speartip reaches 1, or earlier, your row must be filled in order to block the summoning effect. Rinse and repeat.  

The Spawn Gang: The sequencing of playing your spawning engines is very important as you’re fighting both time and synergy. The ideal sequencing is: Idarran – Weavess: Incantation – Caranthir onto Old Speartip: Asleep – Arachas Queen onto one of the 1-powered copies – Abaya and Ritual Sacrifice onto Arachas Queen – use of order on Weavess: Incantantion on Arachas Queen.

Written by Mercernn


With the addition of Arachas Queen, MO gained a valuable card that can be used in a multitude of different decks. It also has massive meme potential as some of the synergies it can help create are just plain epic. In this version of the deck, we are going to use AQ + Golyat to create as many Golyats as possible, mainly for two purposes: a) mill our opponent as much as possible and b) to be used with witches sabbath in r2 and r3 for the additional carryover and of course… mill our opponent even more!!!


– Deck has some amazing synergies

– Flexible enough to use your cards differently depending on match up

-Massive point value if everything plays according to plan

– Some of the deathwish units can be replaced to your liking!!!


– A banished AQ means you lose a big part of your strategy

– Very draw dependent

– Low consistency

Core Cards:

Arachas Queen: The main idea behind this deck. You consume a card on deploy and creating a second copy when its own deathwish ability activates. Used to create as many Golyats as possible but the deck includes other targets as backup (Manticore, Miruna)

Golyat: Summons highest provision unit from opp deck. Mill opportunity + good carryover points through Witches Sabbath

Witches Sabbath + Alissa: Can be used to replay our cards (preferably on both R2 & R3) and get more value out of them, especially if its Golyat. Spring equinox can purify our units in R2 if needed so we can replay in R3!!!

Haunt, Deathwish package, Ritual Sacrifice, Abaya: Can be used in many different ways. Push and win R1, abuse AQ synergy more (eg via Ritual or Abaya), push or a defend a bleed, used in long round R3

Written by Pokkas88

The new change to the Initiative keyword means many things, one thing ensures is lots of fire. It’s been awhile since I played a Scorch deck so I thought why not have a bit of fun and try to set it up 4 times in a game! Our old friend Alissa Henson is here to help out with our shenanigans 


-So much fire

-Its a Shupe deck


-Fragile combo

-Lots of set up

Core Cards:

Scorch: Will burn the highest power units on board(including yours if you’re not careful) so we want to use all our damage cards to line up the opponents cards to same power 

Francesca Findabair: Allows for a glorious Double Scorch in one turn 

Alissa Henson: Puts Scorch back in deck to be played again 

Renew: Solely for Alissa again

Written by Kalvino


What if Skellige had their own Iron Man? He wouldn’t be as impressive, but he would be a few fun points! The main idea here is to utilize Onslaught’s passive to give lots of armor to an Axe-Wielder which you then remove with Iris for a big boost and small Pew Pew.


– Core pirates synergy is pretty good

– Crach is low-key MVP

– Has Uma


– Requires opponent to play units

– Few consistency cards

Core Cards:

Iris Shade: Takes armor off your Axe-Wielder or another Pirate and boosts self 

Terror Crew Axe-Wielder: When it loses armor it damages so perfect target to remove armor from 

Elf and Onion Soup: Nice RNG spice, used on Roach & Knickers 

Iris’ Companions: Used to ensure you draw Iris

Written by Kalvino

Lore Friendly


With a recent change to Regis, the deck got so much better! You can finally tutor Regis with cards like Joachim or Roderick. Spies are still a bit underwhelming but at least the board clear looks cool! You can also consider a version with more assimilate cards. It would be harder to lineup Regis but it would make games more winnable.


– Amazing in a long round

– Can destroy greedy decks

– Good against swarmy decks


– Terrible against unitless decks

– Spies are a bit underwhelming engines

– Very slow.

Core Cards:

Regis: tutor him now, yay! Remember that he still doesn’t work after you use orders (including leader ability!)

Joachim: With Coup, he can line up 1 and 4 powers values for Regis. If you add to it Roderick, you already have a great row for our favorite Vampire.

Ramon: Great with Impera enforcers. In some niche situations, you can play him with Cavalry.

Written by Bomblin


A deck I have been working on for quite some time now, since CDPR buffed Vandergrift a few patches ago. I really wanted to create a Vandergrift + Vandergrift’s Blade deck and this buff served as a good excuse to play around with the Knight tag. This is a lore-friendly non-meme deck that is actually fun to play and a fresh alternative to what everybody is playing in NR right now!!!


-Some good synergies with the Knight cards

-Good consistency

Has both control and defensive capabilities


-Low tempo

-Bronze cards with Knight tag feel very underwhelming

-Difficult to deal with swarm decks

-Difficult to play against heavy control decks

Core Cards:

Vandergrift’s Blade + Reynard Odo: If played in the same round, these cards can basically boost every unit played by 2 (blade will only work with Knights though). The extra boost can help a lot of your cards survive their first turn on the board while for some it can boost their removal capability!!

Prophet Lebioda: Each unit played next to Lebioda gets that well needed shield!!

Prince Anseis, Seltkirk & Vissegerd: Some excellent removal options (Anseis & Seltkirk) while Vissegerd can act as a last say card that will gain a lot of charges if most of your units are boosted.

Donimir: Very important to at least protect your units… The more your units remain alive (and boosted) the more you increase your chances on winning!!

Vandergrift: Like seriously… who expects this… from NR… in this meta?

Raffard’s Vengeance + Thaler + AA + Cintrian Envoy: Some good options to use for thinning and getting the cards you want… Use wisely!!!

Written by Pokkas88


It’s getting a bit chilly around here, let’s make sure our opponents are freezing too! I dont think I’ve ever seen anyone play a deck focused on Blizzard…probably because it’s a terrible idea. I thought to try it out in Monsters as our units should always be higher power than the opponents. Alissa back again to potentially play Blizzard twice! 


– Actual Blizzard value

– Chonky units

– Lots of Pew Pew 


– Low point output on our side

– Relies on opponents cards

Core Cards:

Blizzard: Destroys all lowest units (including ours) 

Alissa Henson: Double Blizzed fun

Saesenthessis Blaze, Ivo of Belhaven, Yennefer Conjurer, Nithral, & Myrgtabrakke: All these cards are used to damage the opponents units and set their power to be lower than any of ours 

Incubus: Pulls a high power bronzes from our graveyard and ideally a low power unit from the opponent 

Hideous Feast: Very useful card as it can damage opponents cards in range of Blizzard and boost our cards to safety

Written by Kalvino


When talking about SY, there is always one specific card that comes to mind for me… COLLUSION!!!!! I always felt that this impactful crime has great potential and loved experimenting with it. In this lore-friendly deck, we are trying to use collusion not once, but twice!!  It is a bit challenging to pull through, but when it does it feels so rewarding. Most people right now expect to face SY Jackpot, so this deck will definitely catch many people by surprise!


– Can use collusion in two different rounds or even in a single round for double the value

– Scenario can help in getting round control quickly

– Lots of different cards from different archetypes allow for a more flexible approach to each match up


-Heavy control decks will limit your potential to set up the board properly for Collusion

– Coin usage is very important as we do not have infinite coin generation

– Tricky to navigate correctly

Core Cards:

Collusion + Alissa + Ferko: The main concept of the deck. Play collusion once, use Alissa to return the card from your graveyard to your deck, then replay collusion once more via Ferko if needed. Ferko can be used in the same round as well if collusion and Alissa are both in hand!!

Passiflora Scenario: Can be used to gain round control, set up those engines and fill your pockets with very much needed coins.

Bloody Good Friends + Sea Jackal (Leader charges): Main source for 3 of the 5 tags needed to get a full value collusion. Always keep 1 BGF & 1 Sea Jackal for each time you are going to play collusion

Whoreson’s Freak Show: Can be used alongside payday and Kurt to remove targets that can be dangerous for you when setting up your board.

The Mushy Truffle + Sly Seductress: A very strong synergy with the Passiflora scenario, can be a good alternative for a R3 encounter where collusion has already been used in previous rounds

Jacques + Helveed: Your main source of Firesworn in this deck. Even if one of those tokens survive it will be enough to trigger collusion. Also can be your spenders if needed.

Written by Pokkas88

Becoming A Pro


This deck emerged from a shower thought that I had around the time when Ardal aep Dahy was released. It revolved around giving Cantarella to the opponent and having them play it to his disadvantage or discard it. So browsing across the deck builder, I came across three cards that caught my attention: Saer Quan (in combination with Amnesty), Curse of Corruption and Count Caldwell. Saer Quan turned out to be a bit clunky and CoC is often unsynergistic with Snowdrop, so I eventually picked Count Caldwell

Combo is easy: Play Cantarella, then in another round, play Leader and place Caldwell as the second card from the top. Then you play Ardal on Cantarella, while you draw the top card. Now your opponent has Cantarella in his hand while Count Caldwell is on top of your deck, and you have the tallest unit on the board. Will he play it? 


Punishes curious opponents for playing Cantarella. Most of them are curious. 

Tall units and tall removal support the strategy 

Operator with Nilfgaardian Knight enables a Shaelmaar target and gives great bonded value to Illusionists later on. 


Totally falls apart if you don’t have dominance during the combo 

Combo only works in the last round. Otherwise, Cantarella will just not be played (probably) 

Doesn’t necessarily have the strongest round 1 

Core Cards

Ardal aep Dahy, Cantarella, Count Caldwell (or another target card) and a few tactics. The rest of the deck should just revolve around the strategy.

Written by Escanbryt


This deck is incredibly fun and surprisingly strong (Got me to Pro this season with a 12-2-1 record). The core strategy you follow is to utilize Caravan Vanguards for filling your rows as much as possible, and then employ Cat Witcher Mentors and Gaetan to get payoff from the high amount of units. The deck also includes a carryover package with handbuff and Allgod, which works very well with your leader, as well as Harald Gord to help you in shorter rounds. 


– Very powerful, Cat Witcher Mentors can consistently reach over 20 points of value if used correctly.

– Decent both in control and proactive play.

– Capable of excelling in both short and long rounds. 


– Draw dependent to a degree, as it is easy to brick your hand and many of your cards are combo-based. 

– Vulnerable to wide punish (Lambert, Lacerate, the SK Rain Archetype). 

– The risk of overfilling is omnipresent and requires a lot of thinking ahead. 

Core Cards

Caravan Vanguard: A priceless card for this deck. They have a very nice value curve, starting at 7.5 (Unbonded + Bonded / 2) and growing for each additional trigger. You aim to play them always on the ranged row to get more units, rather than boost. In such a scenario, a bonded trigger can play for 9 points of raw value + 2 triggers on each Cat Witcher Mentor + 2 triggers on Gaetan. 

Teleportation: A surprisingly valuable combo card, which is intended to be used on Vanguards. Provided you have 2 Vanguards on the board (1 play), Teleportation on one of them will trigger bonded, thus resulting in 6 raw value points + 2 triggers on each subsequent Mentor + 2 triggers on Gaetan + 1 point on Harald Gord + potential healing/status removal. You can easily get over 10 points with this handy, cheap card! 

Cat Witcher Mentors + Gaetan: These are your payoff cards for row swarming. Always play Mentors after you swarm your row a bit, so that they couldn’t be removed by low damage and place them to the leftmost position for synergy with Gaetan later. Also, always calculate how many spots you need to preserve for Mentors and Gaetan (1-4). Once your row is filled with but one position left, play Gaetan which will not only trigger his ability, but also re-trigger Mentors’ abilities for every card moved provided you played them to the very left. This will also only work on Adrenaline 4. 

Written by Mercernn


The Skellige Rain Archetype should never be underestimated. It even was played in the last Masters, but we made some cheeky changes to it.
Obviously you try to overwhelm your opponent with the classic Discard Package, while using some of your Bronze Engines to secure a round. The core and idea of this deck though is, that you play your leader earlier than usual, but keep in mind that you want to play it with Gremist in hand or on board, so that you can purify Arnjolf. This way we make sure that you can replay it with Fucusya, so that you get 10 turns of rain, which your Messengers of the Sea and Rioghan can make use of.
Cards like Madman Lugos, Gigascorpion Decoction or Avallac’h give you some control options, while the Megascope might get you an additional Messenger.
Sequencing with this deck is key, so make sure to plan ahead to maximize your rain value!
Your last 3 plays, with Messengers on board, might look like this: Sigrdrifa’s Rite on another Messenger, Fucusya into Arnjolf and then Bride of the Sea replaying Sigrdrifa’s Rite into Rioghan.  


– Great mixture of consistency, control and engines

– Gives Madman Lugos a chance to shine 

– Makes use of the pointswing potential from Rioghan the Undying, Messengers and Rain

– Still viable even if your combo bricks


– Sequencing can get a bit itchy from time to time 

– Squirrel and especially Xavier Lemmens can ruin your day

– Kinda depends on drawing your bronze cards, especially your Messengers

– Not much Rain without the combo

Core Cards:

Fucusya: She is without a doubt one of the strongest card in game right now. You will need her to replay Arnjolf, while it is in Graveyard, to make use of the meme. Otherwise you are still able to play Little Havfrues, Messengers or something else with her, but it’s less fun. 

Rioghan the Undying: While never in your hand, you will need him together with your Messengers and Rain to get the maximum payoff. You will try to get him back with Sigrdrifa’s Rite. 

Messenger of the Sea: They are a strong bronze engine, helping you synergize and maximize your rain potential with Avallac’h, Little Havfrues and whatever you play with Fucusya. They are basically your points with this deck, therefore you want to use Freya’s Blessing and Megascopes on them as well. 


If you want to play safe, you can change some cards, like Megascope for a Pellar to be able to purify Arnjolf or Tears of Siren to secure yourself some Rain. You can change Avallac’h for Heatwave, but he secures you enough Rain to get your Messengers going. Madman Lugos and Decoction are not mandatory, as well as Spore, but they surely help you to control your opponent’s board.

Written by Sawyer


Mourntart got a very nice Provision change in the recent patch and finally feels pretty playable! The points just Pop onto the board! We would like to play into all 3 rounds and set up a giant graveyard for our Mourntart to feast on with last say. 


-Consistent game plan

-Plenty of points in all rounds

-Only cares about setting up graveyard


-Really needs last say 

-Needs the right cards early to ensure later combo

Core Cards:

Mourntart + Petri’s Philter: The perfect pay-off to your whole game of set up. Philter allows Mounrtart to be played last with zeal and dodge any removal 

Plague Maiden +  Yennefer of Vengerberg + Siegfried of Denesle: Great round 2 to slam points and intimidate the opponent and the purification of tokens means even more bodies for Mourntart 

Mushy Truffle + Caravan Vanguard + Lesser Witch + Celaeno Harpy: All of our bonded units spawn more and more units to fill up our graveyard

Written by Kalvino , Deck by Decode789

Honorable Mentions


The inspiration for this deck came from me having the idea of using Ancient Foglets as finishers, slamming them with a lot of weather effects on the enemy rows. Looking at row effects, rag nah rook popped in the list and I thought that I could add Madoc as well, even if it would not be that consistent as I intended to spawn fog frost and cataclysm. With the addition of Arachas Queen I could review the deck and even make it greedier! So, without further ado, I present you “She-Troll white and the 7 Madocs”.


-Fun meme deck with very good potential

-Utilizing Madoc in a fresh alternative way by using row effects to both damage AND produce points for our engines

-Massive points in a long round


-Susceptible to tall/row punish

-Initial hand is very important to get the maximum amount of Madocs possible (7)

-If AQ gets heatwaved, the entire plan falls through

Core Cards:

Arachas Queen + Madoc: The core of this deck, we need to spawn as many as possible in R1 in order to guarantee our engines will get the maximum value in later rounds

Abaya + Decoy + Witches Sabbath: Very important cards that can help in getting further value from the AQ+ Madoc combo

Whispess Tribute + Whispering Hillock: Excellent cards that act as tutors for the cards we will need

She-Troll + Vran Warrior + Ancient Foglets: Our faithful engines that will produce the majority of points for us. Every time that Madoc’s ability is used, we will trigger these engines concurrently as She-Troll & Vran buff themselves whenever a unit is destroyed and Ancient Foglets buff themselves whenever row effects are applied!!!

Moon Dust + Dimeritium Bomb + Red Haze + Northern Wind: Our bombs that will summon our Madoc from the deck or graveyard. Only 6 of them so use strategically!!!

*Note – A full guide for this deck is included in the PlayGwent database

Written by UngryNab

Our good friend MrRepek created this wholesome deck for the community to help celebrate MissLadyJay and Crozyr’s Wedding!

Mercernn helped out during the stream and suggested we include it. Be sure to click the Deck picture to read MrRepek’s full guide.

Deck by MrRepek


This was our fifth Meme Snapshot, we hope you enjoyed it! Hopefully we can all agree on the fact that there are plenty of decks included for all kinds of players that don’t want to contribute to the meta. For players that would like to have a good time, that want to role-play and want to go put their boot in the meta and claim their seats among the kings.

A big thank you to everyone providing us with their decks! Otherwise it would have been somewhat one-sided, with only decks from Bomblin, Kalvino, Pokkas and myself. We hope that we inspired you to create your own memes or own versions of the decks with this Meme Snapshot. But for now, Bomblin, Kalvino, Pokkas and I will fare thee well, and we’ll see you again in Meme Snapshot #6!

Now is the time to shine, oh memers of the Gwent community! Got a deck that’s so bad it’s good? One that’s kinda out there but still got you to pro, or one that’s lore friendly? Then please send an email to and we will consider putting it in our next Meme Snapshot!

Please consider checking out our article section where you can find plenty of articles. From member interviews to deck guides and more!

Neolink’s First Interview | Welcome To Bandit Gang | Exclusive

Babyjosus: What does it mean to you now you are officially part of BG?
Neolink: From all the other teams, BG was always the only one i wanted to join as per the enthusiasm you guys are showing on other discord channels.
BJ: What made you join team BG?
N: I got invited and was hoping to get it! 😄

You can find out more about Neolink here.