Gascon’s Most Wanted #7: ShadowplayRed

This is ‘’Gascon’s Most Wanted’’, a series by Babyjosus where he sits down with fellow content creators and pro players within the Gwent community. Our favorite content creators and pro players tell us about themselves but also about the happy, the sad and the most memorable moments throughout their careers. In this edition, Babyjosus speaks with ShadowplayRed, who is the bossman for Team Leviathan Gaming. They talk about Gwent, the foundation of TLG, The Invitational II and TLG TV.

Babyjosus: Some of the readers might not know, but we go way back, I remember still being a part of Team Rankstar when we first met. And that team is no longer active. I believe you even streamed a little on Twitch back then. How has life been treating you lately?

ShadowplayRed: I started in Gwent right at the start of open beta. Heard about it in closed beta, started following content then got in at the start. Soon after I got very hooked, sunk so many hours into it on PS4 than 6 months into open beta I moved to PC…sunk even more time in. When I moved to PC, I began streaming and really getting more into the Twitch Community where I met loads of great people, content creators and streamers including you, ser. Lately, after years of being a chef in New Orleans. I moved home and have taken a job with the United States Postal Service. It has kept me extremely busy along with TLG duties like our expansion last year to Legends of Runeterra. Besides that, I am just hanging and creating with the team while praying to Brother Jams.

BJ: A busy bossman you are. I also noticed you started playing Gwent yourself again, and got featured in Ladder Leverage from DevilDriven as well. How are you enjoying the game these days?

SPR: Yep. I recently picked the game back up after nearly 4 months off. When I started my new job, it was the holidays and shipping was nonstop…so was work. Plus, we had our first major LoR event, so I just had no time to play anything including Gwent. I like to hang out with the Gwent team a lot in our private team TV. I saw the AQ Swarm deck Green-Knight was playing, so I just built something from memory of my own. Jammed some games starting at rank 12 and moved to pro rank in just under a week with an 83% win rate. Played it a few days in pro rank and really enjoyed it, so DevilDriven asked me back onto Ladder Leverage this last week. It was a lot of fun working with DD again. He’s a great friend and one of the OGs in content creation in the Gwent Community. He works hard and really does so much for the team with the LL Series. I look forward to being back on again one day. Who knows? I might try hard back to the pro ladder and actually play four factions this season haha.

BJ: DevilDriven is a great content creator indeed. Now I know you are the bossman for TLG, and in my opinion TLG has become one of the most, if not the most established team when it comes to Gwent right now, do you feel the same way?

SPR: Well first of all, thank you for the compliments. Next, yes I do think TLG is the best team in Gwent at the moment. Now, it might seem arrogant to boast that but, currently we hold the Season 2 title thanks to Paja and the bond we have as a team I believe is stronger than any around. After a slow start in Season 2, we caught fire and just ran with it. We already have our first teammate into the first Open of Season 3 and I could see us adding more to that Open these upcoming Qualifiers. The team is hungry and ready to clap some cheeks this season, so keep an eye out…we are eager to build on last season’s success and ready to repeat, if we are so fortunate. 

BJ: How did you start TLG to begin with? And what is it’s secret behind its latest success?

SPR: TLG was founded by myself, Beardybog and SeriousAdam (who is no longer with the team). Although, we wouldn’t be where we are today without the hard work by my current/former Partners including wusubi, CP_Money, WellMax along with the rest of the team. We are one big family that harass the hell out of each other and mald together on a daily basis. I attribute much of our success in that we are an incredibly tight knit group and all great friends (even when we pretend not to be). The latest success was due to dedication and borderline insanity by the pro team, those supporting them. It takes a truly dedicated yet crazy person to dedicate hours upon hours to Gwent… especially in certain metas. 

BJ: To me it sounds like you guys are a group of people it would be fun to drink some beers with in a bar. Maybe in July it would be possible again to go to a bar. Speaking of July, there will be the second edition of The Invitational. I remember participating in the first edition and it was awesome to play against some of the best players in Gwent. What goes into preparing for such a big event? And do you have any tips & tricks for us at Team Bandit Gang? Because we are planning to organize Duel of Dogs 2 later this year.

SPR: Preparation for an event of this magnitude is beyond comprehension. Last year’s inaugural event we tested the boundaries of what the Gwent world has witnessed from a community held event. In saying that, we had a lot of hiccups throughout the way and learned a lot from our mistakes. This year’s event will go over better and I feel it will top last year’s in many ways. Max already has much more time to produce the visual spectacle he provides while wusubi, myself and the other admins are preparing an even better tourney experience for the competitor compared to last year. If I can give you any advice, have a great support team like we do at TLG and the success will follow. I am only as strong as those that support me.

BJ: Duly noted. And not only that is happening over there at TLG, recently you guys introduced TLG TV. Could you elaborate what that is all about and what we can expect from it?

SPR: TLG TV is a brainchild of WellMax and myself. I had been wanting to bring back Faction Chat for a while, but didn’t have the means of producing it. When Max came on board he began to mention that we should work harder on monetizing our Twitch and Youtube channels, through that we conceived TLG TV. Spyro had been itching to do a podcast and Jaggerous was super eager to do more content as well. So Zwei Null was to be our flagship show for TLG TV then we built off that with loads of entertainment for both games we are involved in as well as variety shows. I am super excited for this more than anything we are doing this year, so make sure to follow our socials for each weekly schedule.

BJ: That does sound awesome! Is there anything else that we can expect from TLG this year?

SPR: TLG TV will continue to grow with new shows and entertainment. Not to mention we just partnered with QuillandLance to double his monthly prize pool for the QuillandCup tourney series to $200. We also have a couple things in the works for Legends of Runeterra and as always for our friends in the Gwent Community. I can leak that TLG Civil War will be coming at you later on in 2021, so STAY TUNED!!

BJ: Any final words that you want to say to the reader?

SPR: To the Gwent Community, thank you all so much for the support you give TLG. We might be a bunch of Toxic Lads(AND LASSES) Gamers, but we have a soft side too…even if wusubi doesn’t want to admit it. To you BJ, thanks for being a unique, cool dude and always being super chill to talk to. I appreciate you thinking of me in this interview. Lastly, to my team…you all are the fuckin best! I love each and every one of you, even if you StalinPing me more often than not. Hugs.