Deck Guide: Devotion Precision Strike (80% winrate)

This guide was written by iancm1997, JSN991 and edited by Babyjosus.

This deck was created in tandem with BG Pro Team members JSN991 and gwentsonneillon.


The long-awaited Way Of The Witcher Expansion released, and it brought quite a few interesting new cards that bolster a few archetypes that were not as strong prior to release. One archetype that saw significant love was the Scoia’tael Movement archetype. Cards such as Cat Witcher, Gaetan, and Gezras of Leyda have significantly improved the Movement archetype. These cards used along with other cards such as Great Oak and Eithné have incredible point potential and can be used as heavy control options or solid engine options.

What Is The Deck About?

This deck has a fresh approach when it comes to the leader ability Precision Strike because it makes use of stacking your rows and cards that benefit from movement. Cards like Eithné, Mahakam Volunteers, Brokilon Sentinel and Oakcritters can help you stack your rows to benefit from cards like The Great Oak, Gezras of Leyda, Gaetan and Cat Witcher Mentor. Aside of that you play the Dol Blathanna Sentries who are amazing when you can pair them together with the order ability of Strygga Castle, Cat Witchers, Gaetan and Gezras of Leyda. Now you know the core of the deck, we can jump into the general gameplan.

What Is The General Gameplan?

Win Round 1 with movement engines or Gaetan combo-ed with Sentries, Cat Witchers, or Cat Mentors. In certain situations, its fine to play any of the golds in Round 1 except Eithne. You normally want to bleed in Round 2 as the deck can output a ridiculous number of points very quickly and going for the 2-0 should be considered if you have a suitable hand. However, the deck also has a solid long round so sometimes that is the better option. Theres no real plan of what to play in Round 2 and 3, as the deck is very flexible, and it depends on which cards you drew but bear in mind that you should always be row stacking ranged for Gezras and Oak (or melee if you have Gaetan/Stygga Castle to move everything to ranged). Ideally you want to have thinned down to approximately 5-7 cards for Round 3 so you can have the most optimal mulligans.

Strengths & Weaknesses Of The Deck

Strengths: Strong removal options, flexible game plan, powerful bleed/high 2-0 potential, high point ceiling, incredible thinning potential

Weaknesses: Awkward mulligans due to 4 bricks, hard to pilot as it requires knowledge of when to play removal and when to slam points, can struggle against hyper control decks


The Deck

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