End of Year Interview 2020 ZigZak_Guy: ‘I actually hesitated when I joined the team’

At Bandit Gang, the end of the year means the end of year interviews. All members are put to the test one by one about the events of the past year that shaped them. Private as well as business. In these interviews in which no mince of words will be stated, no taboos exist, sometimes harsh words are used and where you get a nice insight into the soul life of the interviewee.

Babyjosus: Welcome, welcome ZZ. You are one of the first streamers that joined us and are the rap god of Team Bandit Gang. How have you experienced 2020?

ZigZak_Guy: For me 2020 was a very strange year. I don’t want to say it’s a bad year, but it’s also not that great either. A lot of things have happened in my life and some of them were affected by Covid-19. But I don’t really want to go deep into that topic. In terms of Gwent and streaming in general its kinda going slow for me this year. Even though I managed to reach some of the goals like, 1k Followers on Twitch, 1k Subs on Youtube and joining Gwent Partner etc, I still feel like I can do so much more on creating interesting content. Maybe I am just used to 4 expansions in 2019 for Gwent and this year that has changed and it just feels way too slow.

BJ: Yeah, I get you. I haven’t played for months this year because there was no new cards and they even skipped a month on patching the game. We will have to see what 2021 has in store for Gwent. Speaking of Gwent, you joined Team Bandit Gang as one of the first streamers for Gwent, how have you been enjoying the team so far? 

ZZ: I really enjoy watching this team grow and I think for 1 year this team has really grown so much. We have so many amazing and talented members and team managers. Everyone is so nice to each other and doing a very great job promoting and supporting the team. And just to be honest with you, I actually hesitated when I joined the team a year ago. It was when we only had 2-3 members, but since then I really feel proud to be a part of this team and I can see so much potential in this team for many years to come.

BJ: I am glad you did choose for BG in the end because you are one of our biggest streamers now which I love to see. And what was your funniest moment on stream this year ZZ?

ZZ: Not sure which one is my funniest moment on stream this year (Don’t really remember), but what I can share with you is my most epic moment of 2020, and it’s when I got featured in Dandelion Show #146 on my performance against KungfooRabbit on top 16 Gwent Partner Tournament. The clip is hilarious that’s all I can tell you.

BJ: I have seen that one and I would definitely recommend it to people. And on a more serious note. I know you are working hard to make Gwent in Thailand more popular, could you elaborate why you do that?

ZZ: The reason that I work on this project is I can see so much potential an opportunity for Gwent to be popular in Thailand. People really enjoy playing games on phone around here, one of the biggest game in Thai community right now is ROV and HS which are both Mobile game. I feel like if I can make Gwent more popular in Thailand it will be a big hit for my Streamer career and I can use this opportunity to grow my channel even more in the future as well.

BJ: You are being very candid about it haha. And you became a coach for the coaching program this year, what made you decide to become a coach and what would you like to achieve next year as a coach?

ZZ: I did not look into the coaching program that much so far this year due to the coaching session price is still a bit too high so it is a quite difficult to attract customer/new player, but what I would like to accomplish is be able to teach some new players who interested to be good at deck building, be able to make correct in-game decision and read each Meta by themselves.

BJ: Well, for anyone that wants to get some coaching from you they can check the coaching page on our website. And is there anything else that you would like to do next year?

ZZ: For me Gwent will still be my number one priority when comes to Streaming and Youtube contents, but I also would want to do more variety stream, learn about video editing and create more interesting Youtube contents. Cyberpunk 2077 will be one of them.

BJ: Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that I am eager to play as well. Do you have any new year’s resolutions?

ZZ: I’m not sure, not really have anything in my mine right now. Eat Healthy/Go to the Gym? Just kidding. Maybe arranging a successful Subathon or trying something new on stream. Making a successful Youtube video sounds pretty good too.

BJ: You could also do a Simpathon, KingDenpai knows all about that 😉 And is there anything that you want to say to the reader in anticipation of 2021?

ZZ: I know that 2020 is a very rough year for many people due to Covid-19 and other problem, but I’m sure that 2021 will be a better year for everyone as well. We managed to survive 2020 from the start to the end and what I want to say is don’t lose your hope.


ZigZak_Guy's Top 10 Cards of 2020

10. Kerack Frigate – It’s just a boat! It’s can’t hurt you….right?

9. Endrega Larva – Best bronze in the game..cough cough..Koshchey LUL

8. Novigradian Justice – When is the last time you face ST that don’t run this card?

7. Jacques De Aldersberg – So good all around, very flexible and high tempo. “Good Card”

6. Amphibious Assault – A card that make Bronze turn to Gold? Who else can do that?

5. Harald The Cripple – SKOMEGALUL

4. Lippy Gudmund – Make one leader ability become Meta for more than Half a year? Well…OK!!

3. Masquerade Ball – “Carries Nilfgaard since January 2020”

2. Korathi Heatwave – I use to be called “That guy who run Heatwave LUL” before Bomb Heaver got nerf, well who’s laughing now LUL

1. Oneiromancy – Imagine not running this card in any Non-devotion decks. I mean what the hell you been doing?

KingDenpai Doing The Impossible, Jhugs’s First Tournament, ZigZak Hoping For More Next Time, OneChristo Making Mistakes, Bomblin Sharing His Thoughts


The swiss of the Gwent Open Partner Tournament #3 is over. And oh boy, what a roller coaster that was. We send five Gwent Partners from the team to participate in the tournament. And thus, I had a little talk with them about the tournament. Note: Most of their lineups didn’t surprise me because at BG we like to create memes. So, you have been warned and shouldn’t be surprised either.

KingDenpai's lineup:


Instantly download this deck to your client with the following link:



Instantly download this deck to your client with the following link:



Instantly download this deck to your client with the following link:


KingDenpai's road to top 8:

”This was my first proper tournament experience – and I have to say first and foremost that I have the upmost respect for people who do this for a living. I really tip my hat off to the pro boys and girls out there grinding day in and out to try and reach top of the ladder. Because doing this swiss, even though it was segmented over the last few days has been one of the most mentally taxing things I’ve ever done in terms of this game. Thinking of doing what I did this week all in one go gives me such a headache…

I play for fun. I don’t play for any reason other than I love memes and surprise factor. I love having weird ass cards and having to make em work. So going into this tourney, I expected to just have a few laughs and dork about a bit. Yet somehow, I’m in the top 8. To describe that feeling… just almost not real.

Day one was an interesting one, because I started with a 0-2 from Doberman. It was a rekt fest – and I thought. “Yeah, this is the reality of the meta I’m facing.” and that was it. Yet – as the days progressed, we started to get progressively more and more hype. 2-0’s a plenty and I started to feel this energy and rush unlike anything I’d had in this game. The pressure was insurmountable, and yeah, I know, it’s a card game yada yada – dude I play Hym for gods sake. I shouldn’t be up here, or so I thought to myself.

My favourite round was my face off against AlanitoBandito with SK vs SK, for sure. Because that was a real meta face down with my memes, no BS. I played an older style of SK that many have forsaken for easy drop and damage nonsense without setup of the current meta. I love self wound to death man, thinking about saving a card like protector for a possible Mork down the line or trying to keep bleed for Hym targets – or even manipulating GS for more points with Hym. It’s SO fun.

One thing that also got to me about this experience was watching everyone unite. Everyone showed a lot of love to all of us, and for the most part we all cheered each other on. It was lovely. I enjoyed watching our BG boys play and seeing them win and lose. I made new friends in my opponents, shoutout to Branca, Handreader, PiotrCNS, Sanxessss, Dobermann, and Alantito Bandito. CDPR even featured one of my plays, which is awesome because they could easily organise this and just leave it to finish on it’s own without bothering to check streams and stuff. But Repek for example, he was in every stream trying to ensure things went smoothly. In closing. This whole experience does not feel real to be honest, but I’m happy that I did it. I can’t sum it up any better than that.”

Jhugs's lineup:


Instantly download this deck to your client with the following link:



Instantly download this deck to your client with the following link:



Instantly download this deck to your client with the following link:


Jhugs's experience:

”This was my first Gwent Partner’s Open and going into it I was really excited but nervous at the same time. I wasn’t sure what to decks to bring, some people were bringing memes and others were bringing full on meta decks. I ended up just going what I was most comfortable with which ended up being SY congregate, NG Lockdown, and NR Shieldwall. I felt pretty confident in my SY and NG while I think NR was my weakest faction of the three. I think people were expecting a lot of Shieldwall because I even played against someone who used Tesham Mutna sword!

The faction I was most scared of in the tourney was Skellige. They have an insane amount of removal and control so I ended up banning SK in almost all of my match ups. In the match I didn’t ban SK I played against my own BG teammate Zig Zak and he absolutely crushed me! I didn’t want to play against anyone else from BG but it was bound to happen. I played against TheOneChristo and was able to beat him 2-0 but on the other end I lost to Ziggy 0-2. I’m proud of how all my teammates performed especially KingDenpai for making it to top 8!

Overall, I had lots of fun playing against great players and fun decks. I even got to play against the infamous Misterhabbla1 for my last match where he brought royal inspiration dun banners and devotion elves. I was able to beat him 2-1 but I think he got some unfortunate draws. I ended the Swiss phase with a 3-3 record so I did not qualify for top 8. There were definitely some games I could have played better and perhaps I could have made top 8 with a 4-2 record, but I will take it as a learning experience and train to do better in the next tournament.”

ZigZak's lineup:


Instantly download this deck to your client with the following link:



Instantly download this deck to your client with the following link:



Instantly download this deck to your client with the following link:


ZigZak's hopes:

”The tournament was great and I enjoyed every minute of it. I’m glad that CDPR can make this type of tournament that allows Gwent Partners to show their style of playing Gwent and building their signature decks. And many of those decks also do very well, shout out to our team manager “KingDenpai” who managed to reach top 8 in this tournament with only meme decks. The only downside for me and many streamers that I’ve been talking to is Swiss mode with 6 rounds spread across 3 days might be a little bit too long. Maybe if they can squeeze it down to only 2 days it would already be much better. 

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to reach top 8 as I expected. This time due to my lack of focus during so many games and massive amount of misplays that I made. Got me to realize that next time I need to practice more before the tournament and be more cautious when it comes to making decisions during the match. I hope next time I won’t make the same mistakes and that I will make it to top 8!”

OneChristo's lineup:


Instantly download this deck to your client with the following link:



Instantly download this deck to your client with the following link:



Instantly download this deck to your client with the following link:


OneChristo's mistakes:

”I joined the Partners Open on a whim. I remember getting accepted into the program the day before the previous tournament and was bummed I couldn’t participate. I thought this was finally my chance! I figured it would be a fun opportunity to play against other content creators, but boy was I mistaken, the tournament didn’t go exactly as planned.

Part of this is my fault, since apparently, I struggle with time zones. I realized, after registering, that the tournament was going to be in the middle of my workday. Not only would I not be able to stream my games, but it turns out playing Gwent while on a zoom call was more difficult than anticipated. Nevertheless, I had my heart set on playing. A Partner’s Tournament should be fun right? I planned to bring some well intentioned non-meta decks that would at the very least be entertaining. I bothered my Bandit Gang brethren for whatever decks they had lying around and I finally decided on NR – Double Commando Draug, ST – BJ’s Double Schirru (because BJ puts Renew in everything) and iancm1997’s NG – Imposter Deck (which demolishes Shieldwall).

I had played the last two decks about 3 times each, but what could go wrong? NR is for blue coin, ST for red and NG to target Shieldwall. We discussed my first mistake being times zones, mistake number two was bringing decks I had basically never played, mistake number three was expecting my opponents to play fun decks as well. After having to choose between banning Rage or Shieldwall in my first three matchups, I had had enough. I probably came into this whole thing with the wrong mindset and after the first two losses it began to show.

Shout out to misterhabbla1 for bringing some fun stuff, but by the time I played against him at 0-3, I was just trying to make the biggest Renew Schirru possible. After the game I chatted with him a bit and told him what my goal with Renew was, his response was brilliantly simple “yeah but open decklist bro”. Plenty of mistakes, plenty to learn from and I would do it all again in a heartbeat, knowing that next time maybe I should take a day or two off…”

Bomblin's lineup:


Instantly download this deck to your client with the following link:



Instantly download this deck to your client with the following link:



Instantly download this deck to your client with the following link:


Bomblin's thoughts on the tournament:

”The organization aspect was very good. I knew exactly when and how to submit decks when my games start, what are the rules etc. I kind of hoped to test more the tournament platform made by CDPR, but Challonge was working pretty good as well. I love the idea of a community coming together and have fun. It promotes a friendly environment where people can watch unique players that compete on a bit different level of seriousness. I hope we will see more of it in the future. Also, I have to mention, everyone that I played was super nice, friendly and I did not have a single crap encounter. We all love Gwent I guess.

Date and time were actually ideal for me, but I heard some people couldn’t participate because of having to play in the middle of the day. I guess there is no way to make it perfect for everyone. It would be cool if we could see the game mode with half the timer for each turn. It was so annoying to wait 45 min for one pair roping every turn. But can I really blame someone for thinking in a game where you are supposed to think? Another thing that would be cool is if we had swiss cast as well. I believe some would be more than happy to do it. It might be a logistic nightmare though.

Also, I was hoping for more people in the tournament. We have around 250 partners in the discord and there were only 34 participants. I  know that not everyone can play but I expected twice as many to play. And another thing is the decks that have been played. So, there are some rewards for winning the tournament, but I do believe it was made mostly for fun and to promote the game. I do believe viewers that watch Gwent are a bit tired of looking at the same decks over and over. And this is the perfect occasion to show that Gwent can be played a bit differently and you still can have good results and have fun (like Kingdenpai). If viewers want to see the competitive environment, then they have regular Open every 2 months. I would love to see the next Partner have some bans decks, cards, or specific rules like you have to play x, etc.”

Final Remarks

We haven’t stopped laughing because we still can’t believe that KingDenpai was able to beat almost all of his opponents with memes. Its truly an amazing achievement by our General Manager to reach top 8 with that lineup. We will all be rooting for him on Saturday and hope you will do too! Note: Briberyplayer, MoriartyUK and TweedleDumdee got accepted to the Gwent Partner Program this week. Hopefully they will be representing us in the next tournament as well.