Akaean’s First Interview | Welcome To Bandit Gang | Exclusive

Babyjosus: What does it mean to you now that you are officially part of BG?

Akaean: I am very excited about being a part of Bandit Gang because I can continue my borderline incoherent ramblings about Gwent and, I hope, other people will read them and even occasionally find them helpful. Bandit Gang is a better outlet for my obsessive energy than Reddit. As Bandit Gang grows, it will continue to be an excellent resource for people who want to learn about Gwent, and I am excited to be a part of that.

The other major thing is that it is exciting to be a part of a community that is as passionate about Gwent as I am. I remember when I made pro-rank for the first time, I was pretty stoked about it, but who could I share that accomplishment with?  My 65-year-old mother?  My buddy, who played through the tutorial and was done with it?   It just feels good to be a part of a community that shares the same passions and obsessions, and I’m looking forwards to becoming a contributing member.  

BJ: What made you join BG?

A: Honestly, a recruitment topic on the Gwent Subreddit is what pushed me to reach out to Bandit Gang. I am a pretty active poster there, and I was already frequently posting in the newcomer’s thread to help new players.  When I learned that Team Bandit Gang was looking for a content creator, I knew that I wanted to do this. I already liked spilling unnecessary amounts of ink about Gwent, and I brought with me some prior experience guest writing articles about other mobile games, such as Pokemon Masters.  In this case, I have the opportunity to pontificate endlessly about Gwent, and Bandit Gang gets to host my ramblings. All that said, that dope pink suit stirred something deep within my psyche, and it does a disservice to BabyJosus to not give credit where credit is due.  

BJ: What can people expect from you now you are on BG?

A: I think it is safe to say that people can expect me to write content about Gwent. My favorite topics generally involve theorising about strategy and giving advice to anyone willing to listen to me.  The focus of my articles will be on various decks, strategies, and guides aimed at helping new players learn some of the concepts of the game. In addition to writing, I am not opposed to contributing content in other ways as well.  Streaming, Podcasts, whatever projects Bandit Gang is working on – I am more than happy to pitch in and learn something new. 

BJ: How well suited do you think you are to the life of an article writer for BG?

A: I’m probably no better suited than anyone else, to be perfectly honest.  As a matter of philosophy, I don’t think anybody can be better suited to do anything than anybody else.  What makes the difference is the will and desire to be a part of something.  In that sense, my passion for analytical writing and Gwent itself will be exceptional assets for our journey ahead.  As Aelirenn would say, “WE SHALL DRIVE THE APE MEN INTO THE SEA!”

BJ: What message would you give to the supporters of BG?

A: Look at how far I’ve come, supporters of BG!  Look at me!  With hard work, dedication, and drive, you too can spend long hours producing quality content for free on the internet! In all seriousness, I think the best message I can give to supporters of Bandit Gang and Gwent is to remember that we all play this game, ostensibly, for fun, and that is something we should never forget. 

You can find out more about akaean here.

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