Carrost’s First Interview | Welcome To Bandit Gang | Exclusive

Babyjosus: Welcome to Bandit Gang Carrost. What does it mean to you now that you are officially part of BG?

Carrost: Thank you so much. Well, I have found a place that is willing to put up with my bullshit. That alone is pretty grand. I have found a place where I can explore the off-meta and moreover a place full of goons who tend to share that way of thinking.

BJ: Was that what made you join team BG in the end?

C: Going off of my previous answer I was happy to find some people that not only create content for Gwent but they explore and allow me to explore the aspects of Gwent that aren’t constrained by “is this card good?”. That’s a win for me, so of course I signed on.

BJ: What can people expect from you now you are on BG?

C: Expect streams, weekly articles and even some videos as I work on my content-craft.

BJ: How well suited do you think you are to the life of a content creator?

C: I am creative by trade and by calling. Content creation is hardwired into me as I come up with new ideas, mostly in the shower or while I am pooping. Now I have an outlet for those ideas.

BJ: What message would you give to the supporters of BG?

C: Don’t be afraid to play what you want. In no way do I discourage netdecking, but if you’re like me and you get worn out by it after a while take some time to play the weird decks. Play YOUR ideas and you’ll be much happier if you take the time to play around and have  fun. You “play” Gwent; you don’t work it. Find the fun.

You can find out more about Carrost here.

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