Obzio’s First Interview | Welcome To Bandit Gang | Exclusive

Babyjosus: What does it mean to you now you are officially part of BG?
Obzio: It’s an honour. Validation is not something that I actively sought, but being accepted into a group of lovely individuals with a shared passion for gaming and content creation means a lot.
BJ: What made you join team BG?
O: First, the people. Whilst I was interested is learning more about what teams do I was still new and didn’t know much about most teams. Then I was approached and after pondering I was excited for the opportunity. But unfortunately my personal circumstances made me very busy initially to commit myself. But throughout the difficult time, the people in Team BG were not only patient, but checked up on me and helped me a lot. Huge shout out to Mercernn and Decode789 here for being all around awesome human beings. Second, I’m not the best player at Gwent since I’m still new. But I LOVE trying my hand at deck building to make something fun! Team BG was the obvious choice because of the focus on meme decks and theme snapshots. I hope to one day be able to make fun to play thematic or meme decks that will be viable for competitive play and team BG is the perfect place for that.

You can find out more about Obzio here.

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