Wickedsyam’s First Interview | Welcome To Bandit Gang | Exclusive

Babyjosus: Welcome to BG Wickedsyam. What does it mean to you now that you are officially part of BG?

Wickedsyam: Thank you! It means a lot for me to be part of a team which has great pro players who I look up to and great content creators I enjoy watching.

BJ: Happy to hear that. What made you join team BG in the end?

WS: It was a no brainer for me when I got invited to join BG. The chance to be a part of one of the most competitive Gwent Esports team was too good to give up.

BJ: What can people expect from you now you are on BG?

WS: You can expect a consistent pro player, a supportive team member and more importantly a huge cheerleader for BG.

BJ: And how well suited do you think you are to the life of a competitive player for BG?

WS: My work and family commitments limits my ability to play a lot of games, but my aim is to improve my efficiency to secure a top 16/64 spot.

BJ: What message would you give to the supporters of BG?

WS: Keep cheering and supporting us.

You can find out more about Wickedsyam here.

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