xhanthiax’s First Interview | Welcome To Bandit Gang | Exclusive

Babyjosus: What does it mean to you now you’re officially a part of BG?

xhanthiax: I knew a few BG people before getting on the team and I’m really happy to join. It means a lot to be part of a team that does a stellar job both on the content and the competitive front.

BJ: What made you join BG?

X: I’ve always been playing Gwent on my own and I’ve been more and more eager to share knowledge and experience with the community, so when I was invited to join BG’s academy, I quickly said yes.

BJ: What can people expect of you now that you are with BG?

X: Good vibes, funny jokes, a lot of games on ladder and maybe even some sneaky streams from time to time :slight_smile:

BJ: How well suited do you think you are to the life of a competitive player for BG?

X: I’m honestly not really sure as I’ve never played any game at this competitive a level. It’s all a learning experience for me but I’m excited for it and I’ll do my best to succeed and proudly represent the BG name.

BJ: What message would you give to the supporters of BG?

X: Be true to yourself and don’t be afraid to stand for what you believe is right, such as playing Lippy or putting pineapple on pizza.

You can find out more about xanthiax here.

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